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  • 1. SPARK : LAB-rary as a physical drop-in space in the library that would serve as a legal issue think tank of sorts. I imagine having an issue or issues posted somewhere and people could drop in and share their ideas for solutions or projects that contribute to solving the legal issue. I thought that they could even, perhaps, incorporate practitioners somehow. Ron Wheelers LAB-rary concept described at AALS 2013 MODIFICATIONS: Create a contained universe of ideas in a format that ensures value from the experience Set time frame Honor a beloved professor who had passed away Host a conversation on a specific topic of current interest to the legal community student, faculty and practitioner. THE IDEA Logistics All graphics used in association with the LAB-rary event were designed by Jenny Watson, Head of Access Services. We used MyEmma, a proprietary service, to send two targeted emails before the event began and one after. MyEmma collects data like how many emails were opened and who clicked links in the emails body. A scrolling banner was added to the law school website that when clicked would bring them to the press release about the event. Once the event began a click on the banner would take the viewer to the event LibGuide. As the event was occurring a physical book display rotated to reflect the aspect of civility being discussed. The law schools Communications and Marketing Director, Brook Arbeitman, wrote a wonderful press release announcing the event and sent it to the campus population and Oklahoma legal community. Fliers were distributed and hung up on the law school campus. Dean Laurie Jones announced the event at the Oklahoma County Bar Association directors meeting An email was sent to the faculty asking them to discuss the event in their classes, recommend participation and maybe even provide some extra credit for attending and contributing to the discussion. Both law and pre law student organizations on campus were contacted via email about the event. Once the event began participants were encouraged after participating in the discussion, to take a sticker and wear it on their lapel. Marketing Morning Topic: Why civility matters Select Comments: Civility is just a small subset in the vast realm of professionalism. Author and law professor Stephen L. Carter said it best when he said, "Teaching civility is an obligation of the family." Whether this be one's biological family or professional family, civility is key to a successful and enjoyable career.- Jennifer Boerstler Ibarra Afternoon Topic: Social Media and Civility Select Comments: @OCULawLibrary If the lawyer can censor his thoughts in the courtroom, why can't he do it on social media as a matter of respect?!?-Thomas Schnieder Day 1 Images from the Panel Discussion Survey After the event librarians surveyed participants who had attended the panel or left comments on the LibGuide or Twitter. Below are the results of some of the survey questions. Some questions allowed participants to select more than one answer. Contact Information For further information on the Oklahoma City University Law Library 2013 LAB-rary Please contact: Kathleen Brown [email protected] Timothy Gatton [email protected] Lee Peoples [email protected] Jennifer Prilliman [email protected] Jenny Watson [email protected] Reference and Access Service Librarians would create a marketing plan and budgeting prior to the event and moderate and push the discussion in person and online during . Additionally, Select members of the Oklahoma legal community were invited to participate as panelist on the last day of the three day event. The 2013 LAB-rary was a three day discussion on several aspects of Civility in the legal profession. The discussion took place both online and in person. Online participants contributed through Twitter and a LibGuide designed for the event . In person participants left comments on a white board in the main lobby of the library. On the third day of the discussion, participants could attend a panel discussion on the topic of civility held in the library. LAB-Rary 2013 was 100% hosted and funded by the Oklahoma City University Law Library. Online discussion was fostered by librarians providing links to relevant articles and posing questions about civility through the Law Library Twitter feed and the civility LibGuide. Both were linked or embedded on the School of Laws website. The panel discussion on the last day occurred in the Native American wing of the law library. After a great deal of discussion, March was selected as the month for our annual LAB-rary event and we wanted the event in the first half prior to our schools spring break. As we began looking into the possibility of using the event to honor the late Professor William Conger we learned his Birthday was on March 6th and it only seemed fitting that this event should coincide with that day. THE 2013 LAB-rary Experience Do as adversaries do in law -- strive mightily, but eat and drink as friends. -Taming of the Shrew After discussing the matter with Dean Couch it was determined LAB-rary would be held and named in memory of Professor J. William Conger. The topic of civility was selected for the 2013 year because it was deeply important to him. Bill was the epitome of civility, said Dean Valerie K. Couch. He was kind and gracious, courteous and ethical. He was enthusiastic about teaching and enjoyed his students successes. Those who were fortunate enough to learn from Bill, learned much about life and how to be a great attorney and friend. It is a privilege to host this unique forum in his honor. Honoring Professor J. William Conger Day 2 Morning Topic: Civility in the courtroom Select Comments: Incivility has no place in the practice of law, especially not in the courtroom. Our justice system exists so that we can resolve disputes in a peaceful and reasonable manner. A lawyer who behaves uncivilly in the courtroom can do nothing but harm his/her client. Incivility is not persuasive to any judge or jury and will most likely turn them against the lawyer and client. See this video for commentary from judges and leading lawyers on how the most successful lawyers are civil: &vgAction=details&vgAID=610&vgPID=228 Lee Peoples Afternoon Topic: Enforcement Select Comments: "How should civility be enforced? All practicing attorneys and judges should be required to take civility CLEs, not just those who get caught behaving badly Official sanctions may be unnecessary since rudeness will negatively affect your business! I think sanctions are only appropriate in more serious situations of attorneys acting uncivilly Day3 Panel Discussion: On the third day at 1PM, Law Library Director Lee Peoples moderated a panel to discus all the topics and comments raised on Day1 and Day 2. Dean Valerie K. Couch was asked to serve as a panelist. From her previous work as a judge, Dean Couch knew local attorneys Tony Lacy and Andre Caldwell exemplified civility and would have helpful insights for people attending the panel. Approximately 40 people attended the discussion in person several also participated online by following the law library twitter account. Jenny Watson live tweeted the discussion while Jennifer Prilliman recorded key comments on a white board in the room. It's important to censor the things we post to social media sites, but often, it's our friends that are posting pictures, videos, etc. of us. Granted these can be removed in a timely fashion, the problem is not always entirely in our control. -Kimberley Miller