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Learning in 140 Characters... by @MandyVasek

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Learning in 140 Characters...

by @MandyVasek

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While you are waiting….Go to Twitter and log in. Using the hashtag #TweetOH2TX , introduce yourself by telling me what you do on your campus. Also...answer this question in that post…

What superhero reminds you most of yourself? Add an image if you know how. I have an example, which I have added using TweetDeck. I was able to pre-set this tweet to post at 8:00 AM today and again at 12:00 PM. How can you use this feature in your classroom?

5 mins.

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All About Me!

Flipagram @MandyVasek

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Today’s Meet…

Use this social platform to build collaboration into any experience during a classroom activity or a faculty meeting.

#TweetOH2TX Meeting Link

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Self-Branding/Professional Digiprint

Google your name and handle(s) to find out WHO you are in the virtual world...that’s more important today than the real world.

1)Click on all links at the top: images, videos, webpages, etc.

2)In a brief summary, describe who you are on Padlet using this link… (if you are comfortable with sharing)

3)Talk to someone around you about what you can do to enhance or clean up your digital footprint.

5-7 mins. Padlet Link: Digital Branding/#TweetOH2TX Link to Padlet

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Storify Your Story

Hashtag all your tweets if you want to make them into a story! This is a great way to capture events of your life or school. #Awesome

https://storify.com/Click on the link above to create an account, whichcan link to your Twitter account(s).

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More from Storify...

Let Them Be Little (Opt Out of Standardized Testing)

Washington D.C. National Trends (Mandy's Doc program)

Twitter Link- Directs to #EDThink chat from Oct. 19, 2015

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Fun, simple, yet highly engaging...

Bitmoji (App on ios mobile devices/ipad)

Page 10: Learning in 140 characters

Fun! Fun! Fun! #Engagement

Video Shortener (upload to YouTube) Perfect when you just need a small clip from a larger video

TellagamiEDU- TwitterPD Great for leaving sub plans, asking questions, reading, giving directions, etc.

ChatterPix providing information home, Covering rules on announcements, Another way to ask questions as a formative check

Mission Impossible- Periscope to YouTube #DigitalCitizenship- Persicope is a live web-based tool that allows for live streaming.

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Other Apps/Software/Links...

Staff Meetings Flipped w/ Screen-Cast-O-Matic- record yourself for teachers to view prior to faculty meetings. Instant flipped training!

Plickers - Great for quick checks

Kahoot! Use for quick, fun formative assessments or to increase faculty meeting engagements

Helpful Links from Google Doc created by @MandyVasek

Google Translate

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Parent Communication Tool/Student Project Tool on Social Platforms:

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All About Me!