pe scenario in india

Private Equity scenario in India . .

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Private Equity scenario in India . .

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IntroductionPE industry is about a decade old (1999) .

Benchmarks -2004 The total deal value crossed 1.45 bn USD. (for 1st


2007 Peak deal value of 14 bn USD.

2010 Overtook China (in terms of deal value) for a short while

2012 It currently ranks 6th.

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4 sequential steps in PE









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The million $ Q’s .

1.What determines the rate of return on Exit ?

2.Extent of influence of – Fund manager on the exit strategy.b. The sector on the exit strategy.c. Life of the fund.

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3. Which type of exit generates best return and why

4. Do ‘promoter preferences’ on Exit , matter ?

5. If yes , then how the conflict is resolved ?

6. Is there any connection between entry and exit type ?

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1. The factors that prevail in the system and are beyond our control.

2. Eg. Global economic slowdown in 2009 .


1. The choice of sector .

2. Selection of firm.

3. How much to invest.

4. Entry strategy .

5. Type of exit .

6. When to exit.


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How Indian market was Risky for PE funds ?

• Political and regulatory uncertainty

• Weak corporate governance

• Family owned businesses

• Difficulties in exiting through IPO

• Compliance issues

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Returns from Indian PE

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Sensex return v/s PE return


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PE returns across Asia and other countries

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Positives of PE

• PE helped mid market companies deliver professional services.

• Direct impact on – business model , corporate governance , professional talent management of portfolio companies.

• PE enhanced company’s reputation with banker’s and capital markets.

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• The PE industry in India is as old as the life span of a typical PE fund.

• Nearly 30% of PE deals likely end up generating negative returns.

• High cost of entry.

• Positive future.