travel photography tips & tricks by ron martinsen

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Travel Photography

Travel PhotographyRon Martinsen

GearPaid Shoot Everything needed to do the job rightPleasure Shoot AloneAs much as you want to carry you bought, bring itBusiness Trip (X-E2 / a6300)Keep it light unless you are going to take extra daysFamily Trip (iPhone & x30)Point & shoot, Minimal with one zoom, or just phone

Travel It doesnt have to be RAW vs JPEGWhy not both?JPEG for the snapshots so you can share with friends or family quicklyUse the raw as needed for the wow shotsI do bothThink about cards and storage before travelling

RAWs are Great InsuranceCorrect capture mistakes for exposure, etcSingle Exposure HDR

Single Exposure HDR

Workflow Tips

My WorkflowImport to LightroomTriage Leverage Collection Sets & CollectionsStorytelling images LightroomJPEG if possible, RAW if neededPortfolio Candidates Photoshop (sometimes both)RAW onlyPrint 4x6 for All + More for PortfolioBooks vs FotoMagico Slideshows

Triage TipsFilter by JPEG (if you did both)Flag any shot that makes you pause - trust your gutMove quickly and ignore imperfectionsDont forget you can crop only what you loveKeep technically wrong shots that speak to youSave only flagged items into a new collection in setSet rating to 1Clear flag & repeatAt least three passes Back to back isnt always best

Adjustments Before Exporting to Plug-InsLens Corrections (Profile & Transformations)Camera CalibrationAlignment NOT cropNoise Reduction (If Lightroom Only)Spot removal

Plug-ins as LayersThink of each Export with Lightroom Adjustments as a basic layerTakes space, but so do layers sometimes its still lessStacking or collections useful to keep edits togetherI like ProPhoto RGB color space and TIFF

Finish with a Virtual CopyFinal EditsFinal CropAlways 2nd to last stepUsing multiple Virtual CopiesDifferent CropsLightroom Presets (i.e., Color vs B&W)Export & SharpenSharpen last and after crop and resizeUsing Photoshop or other toolExport to PSD for Print

Dealing with CrowdsTips & Tricks

Blur the crowd using long exposure

Isolate your subject

Embrace The Crowd

Be Patient

Think Different

Other Tricksfor Dealing with PeopleMultiple ShotsSame concept as a pano, except tripod head doesnt moveMake sure each frame has part of the scene unobstructedManual aperture, shutter speed, white balance, ISO, etc Must match first shotErase ThemContent Aware Fill / PatchCloneHeal

TipsEnhancing Shots with Perfectly Clear

Dont think too hardTake the shotCapture the memoryExperiment after

Make your own tripod

Pay Attention to the Details

Experiment with Black & White

Special Offer for Perfectly Clear

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