pr do's and dont's for startups

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PR do's and dont's for startups


  • 1.PR dos and donts for Startups

2. Founded in 2009 Since August 2012 back at The Next Web Started as an Online Press release service Now becoming a full-featured PR toolkit PressDoc 3. Your online newsroom, fully customizable Press releases, optimized for SEO and Social Media Pressmarks, bookmark third-party articles Distribute to journalists with the Presslists feature Manage your Presskit with the Media library Real-time statistics on your campaigns PressDoc 4. 5 PR donts for startups 5. Getting coverage for a product that is not yet ready We are in pre-alpha, but we want everybody to sign up! Journalists and potential users will want to try your product Dont get coverage too early 6. Quality > quantity Journalists receive spam all day long Youll get a bad reputation with journalists Avoid distribution networks, it doesnt work that way Ive sent my press release to 5000 media contacts in BCC Dont spam journalists 7. I blogged about it, now they will write. Word-of-mouth is hard to measure Take initiative to get coverage on your news Dont rely on word-of-mouth 8. Most stories journalists receive isnt really news We 'exist', hurray! Can you write a post? Be sure what you wish to announce is news (ask yourself what you would want to read about other startups). Dont push a story that is not news 9. Journalist want an interesting story for their audience, not an ever-long pitch on how awesome your product is. Always point out why the news is interesting for the readers/journalists. Avoid exclamation marks behind each sentence!!! Dont make it a commercial story 10. 5 PR dos for Startups 11. PR = Personal Relations Give heads up about news Get to know them before you need them Do your homework Be a source Do form relationships with journalists 12. Dont rule out the lazy journalists, if its written properly theyll copy your paragraphs. It forces you to think about what is important for your and the journalists audience. Do write as if it where actual an article 13. Give favorite journalists early-access under Embargo Save your embargoes for journalists with a high chance to write about you. Be honest about it (who else got the embargo) Do make journalists feel special 14. There are more newsworthy stories to tell besides your launch, and acquisitions. You mightve broken a cool record in sign ups, social shares, revenue or a new feature. Keep the buzz going, dont fade to the background. Keep presskits, images, FAQs and other press related materials up-to-date! Do invest time in PR constantly 15. Build a great product that people love and care about! Journalists love to write about companies people like Do show it when people love your service 16. Any questions?