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    Primavera Consulting Services

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    Primavera Solutions


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    1.1 Primavera Solutions

    Faster adoption and return on investment The Dang Consulting team provides an end-to-end solution for Primavera project portfolio management success. We offer proven methodologies for accelerated software implementation. Dang Consulting provides implementation services directly to customers or in concert with partners and we are committed to providing you with best-of-breed, customer-focused project and process management solutions.

    Services by Product Dang Consulting experts deliver services across the entire Oracle Primavera product family.

    IT Strategy and Architecture Services IT strategy and architecture services deliver practical architecture plans, roadmaps, and implementation governance to help you maximize IT value, reduce data center complexity, and achieve agility for your business.

    Data Center and Technology

    Cloud environments for Evaluatoin, POC and DEV requirements

    Business and Application

    Information Management

    Implementation Services Implementation services help accelerate adoption of your Oracle Primavera Solution.

    Dedicated migration experts and flexible delivery model

    Proven methodology

    Automation and standardized tools

    Real-time project management and visibility

    Upgrades and Migrations Upgrade and migration services help you benefit quickly from the latest technologies with less cost and risk.

    Accelerate time to value with less risk

    Improve delivery efficiency

    Lower costs through automated processes

    Deliver faster adoption of the latest features and functionality

    Expert Services Expert services, such as advisory services and assessments, provide you with the flexibility to select specific services at the right time in your project lifecycle to meet your business needs.

    Advisory and Assessment

    Expert Services for Application Upgrades

    Rapid Start Services

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    Supported Primavera product lines:

    Primavera Prime

    Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

    Primavera P6 Professional Project Management

    Primavera Gateway

    Primavera Unifier

    Instantis EnterpriseTrack

    Primavera Analytics

    Primavera Contract Management

    Primavera Portfolio Management

    Other Primavera Product Lines:

    Contractor (v6.1)

    Earned Value Management (v6.2)

    P3 Project Planner (v3.1)

    Risk Analysis (v8.7 sp4)

    SureTrak (v3.0c)

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    1.2 Primavera Solution Packages

    The Dang PrimLaunch starter package helps set the foundation for Oracle Primavera solutions. We will help you maximize your software investment by conducting a readiness assessment which includes a rapid review of the functional requirements. The Dang PrimReview offering is designed to get you the maximum return on yoru software investment. Our team of highly qualified business and technical consultants are available to review, evaluate and help improve your implementation configuration, processes, procedures, technical environment and infrastructure. The Dang PrimUpgrade offering leads your company through a set of well-designed and integrated discovery and evaluation processes to unlock additional value from your existing Primavera solutions. It is designed to help customers understand the upgrade progress, provide installation assistance, assess hardware and software upgrade needs and evaluate new features of Primavera. Integration Services and Reporting Services are also available to complement your Primavera solution. Contact us for more information on EOS enterprise applications.

    1.3 PrimLaunch New Primavera Implementations

    PrimLaunch is a four-week jumpstart program developed to help customers understand the implementation process and assist with the installation and initial configuration of your Primavera solutions. PrimLaunch offers organisations the perfect combination of technical and business guidance to lay the foundation for a successful implementation. The PrimLaunch package includes serveral components including:

    Installation in a DEV and PROD environment o On-Premise, Private/Hybrid/Public Cloud

    Application and module selection o P6 Application, Web Services, Team Member, Progress Reporter

    Facilitation of configuration and mentoring workshops o For administrators or super-users

    Mentoring workshops for users o Tailored training, hands on workshops, provisioning of training and sandpit environments

    Business as Usual and Process Migration o MS Project schedule migration, replicate existing reports

    Optional Support and Maintenance

    o System Support / Maintenance

    PrimLaunch PrimReview PrimUpgrade Integration Reporting

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    1.4 PrimReview - Implementation Review

    Dang will provide consultants to participate in reviews and provide recommendations regarding your organisations IT and system requirements as needed.

    Application processes and procedures o Review Enterprise Project Structures (EPS) o Review Organisation Breakdown Structure (OBS) o Review Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) o Project and Activity coding structures (Global Enterprise Data)

    Technical Review o Review Database Server, Web Application Server and Desktop Clients o Ensure tested configurations and version match o Stability and Performance Tuning for Database and Application Tiers

    Interface Review (optional) o Review of system interfaces and integrations into third-party enterprise and be-spoke

    systems o Recommend best-practice solutions, methods and tools

    1.5 PrimUpgrade Technical Upgrade Assistance

    The PrimUpgrade package helps simplify the upgrade process and is designed to accelerate the time-to-value by providing installation assistance, hardware assessment, performance tuning and technical target upgrade assessment activities.

    Planning Workshop o Kick-off meeting and architecture planning discussion o Review of current interfaces o Review upgrade plans o Deployment Strategy for rollout of changes

    Upgrade Impact Assessment o Impact Analysis of Business Rule changes o Primavera Databases o Server and Client Applications o Hardware and Infrastructure Configuration

    Training and Support o Review of user-interface changes and new features o User training and workshops o Leverage and Explore New features and Enhancements

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    1.6 Primavera Applications

    Primavera solutions support the entire Primavera applications including:

    Oracle Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio (EPPM)

    Oracle Primavera P6 Professional Project Management (EPM)

    Oracle Primavera P6 Analytics

    Oracle Primavera Portfolio Management (PPM)

    Oracle Primavera Contract Management (CM)

    Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis (PRA)

    Oracle BI Publisher (OBIEE)

    Oracle Primavera Unifier

    Oracle Primavera Instantis

    1.7 Integration Services and Reporting Services

    We have successfully deployed Integration and Reporting solutions for customers including: NAB Australia (Melbourne), Vodafone Hutchison Australia (Sydney), UGL United Group Limited (Sydney/Perth), Transport Sydney Trains (Sydney) and Downer EDI Limited (Sydney).

    For further information visit: or email [email protected][email protected]

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    1.8 Primavera Consultation Sample Methodology:

    P1 Evaluate The goal of the UPGRADE - EVALUATE phase is to evaluate future core business requirements and explore new possibilities for the enterprise to improve effectiveness or competitive advantage. This phase focuses on improving business through upgrading existing software and / or hardware within environment. Areas of Focus:

    Upgrade Strategy (P6 EPPM Release 6.x, 7.x or 8.0 to Release 8.1)

    Review Product Enhancements

    Product Lifecycle

    Review Hardware and Third-Party Software

    Review Upgrade Paths

    Scope: Oracle's Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (P6 EPPM) applications have evolved over time, and Oracle's commitment to customers, this suite of applications, and creating best in-class products remains steadfast. The P6 EPPM product has expanded significantly in functionality, scalability, usability, and reduced cost of ownership over the past few releases, including dramatic leaps with the recent P6 EPPM 8.1 release. These upgrade pages will guide you through the major areas to consider in determining when an upgrade is appropriate for your organization as well as the steps necessary from moving the P6 EPPM release from 6.x, 7.x or 8.0 to 8.1. Schedule:

    Primavera P6 R8.1 EPPM vs. Primavera P6 R8.1 Professional

    Review Primavera P6 EPPM RCD (Release Content Document) o Assess new or changed capabilities and business benefits of latest release

    Oracle Primavera P6 Release 8.x (P6 R8.3) Feature Matrix o Compare feature matrix against current and desired project and resource management


    EPPM Performance and Sizing Guide o Determine deployment size (small, medium or large) based on guidelines

    Consulting for Primavera o DANG consulting team offers functional and technical experts who are committed to meeting

    your implementation requirements o They have the right mix