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Introduction to toefl® iBT Reading


EQuest Academy Joint Stock CompanyAdd: 44 Hang Chao, Dongda, Hanoi

Tel: 84-4-823 6151 Fax: 84-4-823 6151

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BEFORE WE STARTFill in the blank below

Today a________, tomorrow a

leader- Margaret Fuller

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OVERVIEWLength of Each

PassageNumber of

Passages and Questions


Approximately _____ words

• From _____ to _____ passages• From _____ to _____ questions per passage

From _____ to _____ minutes

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1. The Language2. The Questions3. General strategies

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The language• Read the 3 following passages.• Determine which one is TOEFL-level


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Roger Rosenblatt’s book Black Fiction, in attempt to apply literary rather than sociopolitical criteria to its subject, successfully alters the approach taken by most previous studies. As Rosenblatt notes, criticism of black writing has often served as a pretext for expounding on Black history. Addison Galye’s recent work, for example, judges the value of Black fictions by overtly political standards, rating each work according to the notions of Black identity which it propounds.

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After a few agonizing minutes of indecision I decided to abandon the car and take a taxi. But even the taxi took ages to get there because there was a terrible traffic jam. I eventually arrived, ten minutes late, hot, sweaty and really stressed. When I walked into the manager’s office, the first thing she asked me was, ‘Did you have a good journey?’ ‘Oh, yes,’ I said, ‘It was fine.’ But at least the story has a happy ending because I got the job!

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The response of most animals when suddenly faced with a predator is to flee. Natural selection has acted in a variety of ways in different species to enhance the efficacy of the behaviors, known as "flight behaviors" or escape behaviors that are used by prey in fleeing predators: Perhaps the most direct adaptation is enhanced flight speed and agility.Adaptations for speed, however, are likely to require sacrifices biter attributes, so we might expect only some species to adopt a simple fast flight strategy. Another way of enhancing the effectiveness of flight is to move in an erratic and unpredictable way. Many species, like ptarmigans, snipes, and various antelopes and gazelles, flee from predators in a characteristic zigzag fashion.

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1. The Language2. The Questions3. General strategies

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1. Factual Information Qs 3-6 Qs/set2. Negative Factual

Information Qs 0-2 Qs/set

3. Inference Qs 0-2 Qs/set4. Rhetorical Purpose Qs 0-2 Qs/set5. Vocabulary Qs 3-5 Qs/set6. Reference Qs 0-2 Qs/set7. Sentence Simplification Qs 0-1 Qs/set8. Insert Text Qs 0-1 Qs/set9. Prose Summary 1 Q/set10. Fill in a table 1 Q/set

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1. The Language2. The Questions3. General strategies

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– 1PLUS – 1 – 1 – 1– To find the main idea– To find the structure of the passage

• Deal with difficult vocabulary– By learning TOEFL words– By guessing from the contexts– By looking for explanation/examples

in the passage– By ignoring unnecessary new words

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GENERAL STRATEGIES• Deal with difficult grammar

structures– By identifying main components of the

sentence– By ignoring unnecessary parts

• Deal with different types of questions and the way ETS design them– Multiple-choice– Wrong answers always look very

tempting– Verbatim answers look correct, but

usually are wrong

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• Improve your vocabulary by learning flashcards

• Improve your reading speed and accuracy by PRACTICE– Official Guide– Longman – North Star Intermediate, High

Intermediate, Advanced– Delta’s Key– Barron

Page 16: Reading - ToEFL Ibt

practice• Dreaming and REM Sleep• 20 minutes

Page 17: Reading - ToEFL Ibt

homework• Finish the exercises in the handout

– Vocabulary and Reference Questions– Practice Set: The Rise of Marketing– Theme: Plants

• Learn the new words (flashcards)

Page 18: Reading - ToEFL Ibt

Official Guide

• Designed by ETS• General• Quite easy • Good to start with• 01 audio CD

Page 19: Reading - ToEFL Ibt

Cracking the TOEFL

• Excellent strategies for all sections

• Written from the perspective of the test designer

• Easy to understand• Excellent templates

for Speaking and Writing sections

• Quite few exercises• 01 audio CD

Page 20: Reading - ToEFL Ibt

Longman• Good overview of each

section • Appropriate strategies• A large number of skill-

based exercises• 08 Mini-tests and 02

complete tests• Easy level, suitable to

practice right after understanding the general format of the test

• 08 audio CDs• 01 CD-ROM for sample

iBT tests

Page 21: Reading - ToEFL Ibt

Delta Key• Appropriate

strategies• A lot of practice

exercises, also skill-based (similar to Longman) but more challenging

• A lot of practice tests

• 10 audio CDs• Pdf version


Page 22: Reading - ToEFL Ibt


• Study plan instruction• Study strategies &

academic strategies• Skill-based exercises• 2 Practice Tests in

book• 7 Practice Tests in

CD-ROM• Difficult vocabulary

Page 23: Reading - ToEFL Ibt

Barron• Clarify academic skills

that ETS want to test• 07 model tests with

explanations, esp. speaking and writing samples

• Very difficult, suitable after all other iBT books have been studied

• Particularly challenging listening passages compared with Longman or Delta Key

• 10 audio CDs

Page 24: Reading - ToEFL Ibt


• theme-based• few strategies• Challenging tests• 01 audio CD, 01

CD-ROM for iBT tests

• Available for purchase near the FTU

Page 25: Reading - ToEFL Ibt

North Star

• 2 levels: Intermediate and High Intermediate

• Theme-based• ETS practice tests• Quite easy, suitable

for beginners• 04 audio CDs

Page 26: Reading - ToEFL Ibt

The Michigan Guide• 300 words for the

TOEFL iBT• Best for teachers’


Page 27: Reading - ToEFL Ibt
Page 28: Reading - ToEFL Ibt

Over 20 more books are coming, including:

Page 29: Reading - ToEFL Ibt
Page 30: Reading - ToEFL Ibt

Along with more than 50 audio CDs and CD-ROMS

Page 31: Reading - ToEFL Ibt

TOEFL iBT Tests• Purchased directly from the United


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How to access these materials?

• EQuest has a library with all its materials accessible– 30,000 a year– A 3x4 photo – Equest Office

• Bookstores: 40B or 80B Ba Trieu Str.