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  • Worldwide Presence

    G.M. Interna onal with its subsidiaries and a lot of qualifi ed distributors may help you. Visit our website to fi nd an expert near you!

    Intrinsically Safe SIL Certifi ed Instrumentation for Hazardous Area

    SIL 2 / SIL 3 Power Supply Universal Input

    D1000 series

    General Features • More than 30 modules suitable for SIL 3 - SIL 2

    applica ons according to IEC61508, IEC61511 • Single and Mul channel versions available • Confi gura on via DIP switch for easy fi eld setup • Exia IIC worldwide cer fi ca ons • 12 or 24 Vdc and AC Power Supply • Opera ng temperature range: -20 / +60°C

    Advantages • Installa on also directly in Zone 2 • Available for specifi c applica on and with Universal

    Input • DIN rail or Termina on Boards Installa on

    99 mm

    114.5 mm

    22.5 mm

    PSX1200 series

    General Features • Supply 90 - 265 Vac • Output 24 Vdc, 50 A; regulated and adjustable from

    21 to 28 Vdc each module • Effi ciency be er than 89% at 230 Vac supply • Zone 2 / Div. 2 installa on • ATEX Category 3 for Zone 2 • Over voltage and Low Voltage protec ons • Wall/Rack moun ng • Hot swappable modules • Remote and local Alarm indica on

    Advantages • Hot Swapping Cer fi ed in Zone 2 • Installa on in Hazardous Area, close to the load;

    Less cables, lower voltage drop, lower costs • Two or more Units can be paralleled for Redundancy or

    addi onal power with automa c load sharing without the need of external high dissipa on diodes

    • Con nuous opera on also in case of short on the output thanks to the High Fuse Breaking Capacity feature

    • Marine Type Approval and G3 Coa ng

    Intrinsically Safe Isolators Suitable for SIL 2 and SIL 3 applica ons



    Headquarter: G.M. Interna onal s.r.l.

    Via G. Mameli, 53-55 I-20852 Villasanta (MB) ITALY

    Phone: +39 039 2325 038 ● [email protected] Forhandler:

    Torma c AS Tlf. +47 33 16 50 20 [email protected] www.torma

  • G.M. Interna onal was founded in 1993, but the core Management experience remarkably exceeds over 40 years of qualifi ed ac vity in Intrinsic Safety and industrial electronics. Our products have been successfully installed in plants all over the world.

    G.M. Interna onal’s products are installed on all wiring between safe and hazardous areas and represent a fundamental, yet o en under-es mated, layer of the instrumenta on package. Intrinsically Safe interfaces provide energy limita on to protect from risks of explosion; at the same me they must provide the highest grade of availability to guarantee both con nuous opera on and availability of the safety layer.

    G.M. Interna onal’s products have been granted IS cer fi cates from the most credited No fi ed Bodies in the world.

    G.M. Interna onal has obtained SIL 3 FSM approval by TÜV according to IEC 61508:2010 standard, and its products are cer fi ed up to SIL3, off ering the greatest levels of func onal safety for high integrity and cri cal applica ons.

    • SIL 3 according to IEC61508/61511

    • TUV cer fi ca on

    • 5-10-20 years T-proof test me intervals

    • Input from Zone 0, Division 1 for all products

    • Zone 2/ Division 2 installa on

    • Mari me Type Approval for off shore and ship applica ons

    • BUS op on installa on on standard DIN-Rail

    • Universal installa on op ons

    • Plug-in, hot swappable modules

    • 20 Years Life Time Cer fi ca on

    • Line Monitoring capabili es

    • Alarm Func ons

    • Transparent Line Monitoring

    • SIL 3 Relay with Line Monitoring

    • Completely independent Dual Channel units

    • Low Power Consump on

    • Permanent Laser Marking

    • Isola on

    • Automated Tests on 100% of produc ons

    • Standard G3 Conformal Coa ng

    • Highest Temperature Ra ng; -40/+70°C

    • 250 V Maximum Voltage allowed for associated instruments

    • Worldwide Cer fi ca ons

    • High Density

    • Special characteris cs

    • Wide Applica on range

    Our Product Advantages:

    100% designned, manufacturreedd aand tessteedd iin Itallyy

    120 mm

    123 mm

    12.5 mm

    D5000 and D6000 series

    General Features • More than 25 modules suitable for SIL 2 and SIL 3

    applica ons according to IEC61508, IEC61511 • Independent power supply circuits for each channel

    on most modules • Dual channel units are equivalent to two single units

    because of the absence of common circuitry on most modules

    • Single channel versions available when required, to provide single loop integrity

    • DIP switch confi gurab ility for easy fi eld setup • Modules accept DC power supply over a wide range

    for 24 Vdc (18-30 Vdc) applica ons • Wide opera ng temp. range: -40 to +70 °C • Cer fi ed for Off shore and Mari me applica ons

    Advantages • Installa on directly in Zone 2 - Division 2 • Cer fi ed for 20 years of useful life me • DIN rail , Power Bus or Custom Termina on Boards

    Installa on • Slim modules (12,5 mm width) Single or Dual channel • up to SIL 3 cer fi ca on • Marine Type Approval and G3 Coa ng

    D5000 and D5200 Safety Relays

    Applica ons The most common applica ons for a SIL 2 or SIL 3 relay are the controlling of:

    • Solenoid Valves (SOV) in ESD and F&G systems; • Beacons, Horns, and similar signaling devices; • Burner Management Systems (BMS); • AC or DC Motors.

    SIL cer fi ed relays are also used for feedback signals and as interposing relays between diff erent systems.

    Advantages • Compa ble with DO Card Line Monitoring Pulse

    Test • Complete line and load monitoring available on

    SMART RELAY • High AVAILABILITY and SAFETY both for NE and

    ND loads • SIL 2 cer fi ed Modbus RTU RS485 supported • Coil-to-contact SIL 3 -TUV Cer fi ed • Extended T-proof Times • Available for all Safety Func on ; ETS or DTS or


    Safety Relay Basic Principles:

    Using four relays in a custom confi gura on, SIL 3 for both Safety Func ons (ETS & DTS) is achieved while maintaining high availability for spurious trips.

    D2000 series

    Features • High density: 256 Analog Inputs (TC, RTD, mV) and 128 digital

    inputs (contact / proximity) • High accuracy 18 bit A/D converter • Robust Isola on (± 200 V test voltage channel to channel),

    provides high immunity against interference and ground loops • Intrinsically safe for installa on in Zone 1 or 2 • Redundant communica on lines • Programmable via PC (RS232) and Modbus (RS485) • Field unit temperature: - 40 to + 60 °C. • AISI 316 stainless steel enclosures are available for fi eld units

    (Series GM2300).

    Advantages • Field units can be placed up to 4 km from Gateway • Dras cally reduces fi eld wiring and installa on costs • Eliminates the need of PLC - DCS AI cards. • Gateway D2050M can be installed in Zone 1 / Div. 1 by using

    an explosion proof enclosure.

    Intrinsically Safe Mul plexer For Analog and Digital Inputs from Zone 0

    Intrinsically Safe Isolators and Barriers Suitable for SIL 2 and SIL 3 applica ons

    High Integrity Safety Relays Suitable for SIL 3 applica ons according to IEC61508.