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1:1 iPads in K- 12 Schools

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Beginning and ending of our SXSWedu presentation. Other slides with other presenters.


  • 1. 1:1 iPads in K-12 Schools

2. Demographics: Wealthy Community 7500 Students2700 High School Students 1000 Staff (650 Teachers) 1 High School 2 Middle Schools 6 Elementary Schools 3. The ImportanceofWhyFocus on students and learning 4. WhyHowWhat Source: How Great Leaders Inspire Change - Simon Sinek 5. WhyRelevance 6. Why Individualized 7. Why Personalized 8. WhyCustomized 9. Why HowPrior StepsSmall Pilot with tablet computers in Fall 2010Formation of WIFI PilotKey Stakeholders involved - Department Heads & Instructional Coaches 10. Why Buy-in from theHow community 11. WhyHowChangingTeaching and Learning 12. WhyHow RedefinitionModificationAugmentation SubstitutionSource: SAMR Model - 13. WhyHow Training Appy Hours after school toshare and showcase apps Lunch n Learns during theschool year for focus onparticular apps and integration Summer training (iPadImmersion and iPadpalooza) 14. WhyHow WhatDevice? 15. WhyHow Apps WhatSource: 16. WhyHow WhatManagementJuice Bar 17. WhyHow WhatCore apps listed in Self-ServiceUser use their own Apple IDDownloads directly from Self-ServiceWe load with spreadsheetsfrom VPPOne-off apps can be emaileddirectly to users 18. Why ProtectionHow WhatAll iPads branded with anEpilogue Laser EtcherPurchased our own as it wasmore cost effective than rentingiPads can be tracked viaCasper and our wirelessaccess pointsiCloud and iOS5 has built-inFind my iPad feature 19. Pre-launch Test RunExcerpts taken from original report: 20. Timeline for Implementation Proposal toTeacherAHA Moment BoardTrainingJan. 2011May 2011 Summer 2011KeyStudentInitial Pilot DistributionFall 2010 StakeholdersBackend Aug 24, 2011InvolvedInfrastructureMar 2011Summer 2011 21. iPad Launch Day 22. FormsWIFI Loan AgreementOptional BYOT FormWIFI iPad ManualWIFI Insurance Image Source: 23. Fall 2011 QuickTime and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.Policy Video shared with students 24. Student EngagementStudent Survey - Top 3Uses of the iPad Interacting with websites, appsand reading novels Communicating andorganizing/taking notes Collaborating with others;FaceTime, socialnetworks,teacher to student, student tostudent 25. Student EngagementIncreasing the quality of workRelevance of workCommunicationGreatest effects on learning: Motivation Engagement 26. Excerpts taken from original report - 27. In their own words 28. Carl HookerBrad SmithDirector of Instructional Technology Teacher - Westlake High [email protected]@[email protected] WilbanksDianne CarterStudent - Westlake High SchoolAsst. Principal - Westlake High School [email protected] [email protected]@svwilbanks 29. QuickTime and aMatrox MAX H.264 decompressor are needed to see this picture.