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quiz de unidades 9, 10, 11 y 12 - nivel uno


Touchstone Quiz Unit 9 - 12

I. Put the words in the correct order. Use can or cant.

1. Spanish Chinese and can speak I ________________________________________2. you burn CD can a ? __________________________________________3. cant she sing but she dance can __________________________________________4. can I yes ___________________________________________5. run 100 meters they can ? ___________________________________________6. can he piano play the and can sing he _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________7. we can ride a horse ? ___________________________________________8. we cant no ___________________________________________9. I ride car a can drive cant but I a bicycle ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________10. Cant play we a instrument musical ________________________________________

II. Write the nationalities of the next countries.






Puerto RicoBritain

III. Write sentences about things you can or cant do.

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.IV. Use simple past tense of verb to be, to complete the sentences. Use positive and negative forms.

1. My dad _________ at work, He ________ at home.2. My mum ________ in the garden, she _______ at the market.3. The boys ________ at the cinema, they ________ at the park.4. The baby ________ in the bed, he ________ in the kitchen.5. Manuel and Rebecca ________ at the mall, they ________ at the cinema.6. The girls _________ at the stadium, they _________ in the swimming pool.

V. Read and fill in the blanks the following text. Use simple past form. Use positive and negative form.Sick on Sunday.I _______ (have) a terrible day last Sunday. I ______ (be) so tired and I ______ (sleep) all day. My parents __________ (not believe) it. When I ________ (wake up), my head ______ (hurt) me, and my mom _______ (take) my temperature, but I _________ (not have) fever. My mom ________ (make) me a hot soup and I _______ (have) to eat in the bed. My father _______ (buy) an orange juice for me, so, I _______ (drink) it, to feel better. Then, I ________ (try) to read a book, but I _________ (not see) well. In the window, I _______ (see) my cousins play, I _________ (want) to play with them, but the Doctor _________ (say) I _________ (need) to stay in bed. So, my day _______ (be) horrible, I _________ (do) nothing.

VI. Match the next sentences with the correct responses.

1. How was Victorias party?Really?, anyway, I couldntI mean, was it good?go, I didnt have money.

2. Lets go camping togetherIt was good, anyway, I wanted tomorrow, were on vacations.to dance with you, I missed you.

3. We went to eat pizza yesterday, Yeah, I am. Anyway, lets go outWe really enjoyed it.And at the end of the day, I buymy medicine.

4. I really enjoyed the movie,it sounds great. Just tell me theIt was great, I loved it.time. Anyway, I have to goHome.

5. You have to stay at home,really? Anyway, did youYou are sick.Watch the Jurassic Parkmovie?

VII. Circle the correct words in the next sentences.

A: How much / many mangoes do you usually eat?B: Well, I eat mango / a mango a day. I eat babanas / banana every day.A: How often do you cook vegetable / vegetables?B: I dont cook. My mum always cooks a lot of / many potatoes.A: How much / many salt do you put on your soup?B: I put two spoons of / spoon salt on my soup.A: Do you eat meat / meats?B: Yeah, I eat a lot of / many of it.A: How much / many eggs do you cook for breakfast?B: I dont cook much / many. I only eat egg / an egg.VIII. Complete the questions and answers with some or any.

1. Im tired. Would you like to drink __________ energy drink?I just drank ________ before came school, but we can drink one more if you want.

2. Im hungry. Do you have __________ chocolate or anything like that?No, thanks. But I would like to eat _________ peanuts. Would you like ______?

3. How many bananas do you eat a week?Actually, my mum doesnt buy ________ bananas. We dont have _______ in the fridge.

4. I have ________ sodas in my backpack. Would you like ________?Yes, I would like __________.

IX. Write sentences about things you would like to do in the week.


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