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Dr. Bader Borgan BDS, MSc, MOrth RCSEd Consultant Orthodontist Mastering the Damon System in 2 days with Hands-on Become an Artist Orthodontist with Dr. Borgan in this Masterclass. THE LONDON MASTERCLASS October 18 -19th : 2019 | London UK

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    Dr. Bader BorganBDS, MSc, MOrth RCSEd

    Consultant Orthodontist

    Mastering the Damon System in 2 days with Hands-on

    Become an Artist Orthodontist with Dr. Borgan in this Masterclass.


    October 18-19th : 2019 | London UK

  • DAY 1

    Who needs orthodontic treatment?

    The Rewards and Limitations of the Orthodontic Profession

    Philosophy of the Damon SystemScience behind the Damon System

    Power of the System on Facial AestheticsSimplicity and efficiency of the System


    Damon System Essentials and Clinical Principles• When and How to start Treatment• The recipe for better Brackets Placement• Time to shift from Standard Torque to Variable Torques• Repositioning: CBCT Oriented Pano Repo• Early elastics, Deprogrammers, Wires sequence


    Simplified Protocols to treat severe crowding cases

    Simplified Protocols to treat periodontally drifted teeth Class II Malocclusion: Concept of A-P correction in Class II casesSimplified Protocols to treat SK Class II Malocclusions • Orthodontics and wisdom teeth • Head Gear effect of the Damon System• Management of Class II cases with proclined lower incisors • Non surgical approach of treating Skeletal Class II in Adults


    Class III Malocclusion:• Phases of treatment• Case selection & Timing of treatment• Modern Diagnosis & Classification

    Concept of A-P correction in Class III cases Simplified Protocols to treat SK Class III Malocclusions • Palatal expander effect of Damon System• Face Mask effect of Damon System• Distalizing effect on lower arch • Non surgical approach of treating Skeletal Class III in Adults

    Severe Class III variation:• Class III with open bite tendency• Class III with bimaxillary protrusion• Class III with upward rotation of occlusal plane


    Orthodontic Management of Bimaxillary Protrusion• Modern Classification of Bimaxillary Protrusion• Simplified Protocols to treat Mild Bimaxillary Protrusion /

    Non Extraction Approach• Simplified Protocols to treat Sever Bimaxillary Protrusion

    / Non Extraction Approach

    DAY 2

    Vertical Discrepancies … New Orthodontic Approach• Management of reduced incisal show and severe gummy

    smile with true skeletal vertical maxillary excess VME• Managment of deep bite and severe open bite• Treatment options to treat any case without the need for

    invasive procedures

    Orthodontic Management of open bite tendency

    Simplified Protocols to treat Skeletal Open Bite Cases • Non Surgical approach to treat severe open

    bite cases in Adults• Mechanisms to prevent upper molars flaring• Maxillodontics

    Orthodontic Management of Occlusal Canting and Facial Asymmetry in Adults • Facial maturation • Triangle of symmetry• Differential impaction / Non Surgical approach

    Orthodontic Management of Gummy Smile• Aetiology and management• Dentoalveolar extrusion / Non surgical approach• Vertical Maxillary Excess (VME) / Non surgical approach• Components of Beauty


    10 Keys to becoming a Damon Master Finisher

    The orthodontist vision of a Celebrity Smile!No Crowns, No Veneers, No Surgeries

    Guidelines for StabilityVertical RelapseAntero Posterior RelapseTransverse Relapse

    Day of Debonding

    Retention Strategy123 Rule after 1 year of debondingFabrication of active retainers

    What’s New in Orthodontic Treatment: 5 Current Trends to Watch



    Creating a Celebrity Smile … Step by StepA- Bracket placement hands-on


    Creating a Celebrity Smile … Step by StepB-Damon system wire bending and system essentials demonstration

  • It is the wealth of theoretical and practical knowledge doctors get from this course, it is an Intensive 2 days that will focus on the secrets of Macro, Mini and Micro aesthetics which guarantee a beautiful smile and face at the end of DAMON SYSTEM treatment.

    It also about how to integrate end technologies with modern orthodontic protocols. You will be able to apply all this next day in your practice.

    These protocols have been developed by testing and adjusting every aspect of using the Damon system, and have resulted in tips and tricks that maximise the facial aesthetics during treatment until we reached a phase where the patient says:

    If you want to become an ARTIST ORTHODONTIST join Dr. Borgan in this advance course.

    What is the secret you may ask?

    BDS (Jordan), MSc (Cairo), MOrth RCS(Ed.) Consultant Orthodontist.

    Dr. Borgan received his dental degree from the University of Jordan in 1994. Which was shortly followed by a master of orthodontics from Cairo university and a fellowship from the Royal College of Surgeons in UK. In addition to his orthodontic practice in JORDAN, Dr. Borgan moved with his family in 2015 to Cambridge – UK, where he founded his Academy. Dr. Borgan is a key opinion leader in the region of EMEAI (Europe, Middle East, Africa & India) for Ormco.

    He is part of the R&D team for Insignia, where recently Insignia has applied his modification in the design of the system. Dr. Borgan loves to share his passion towards creating beautiful smiles and faces, he believes that using the most advance§d technology in diagnosis and treatment can produce beautiful smiles without removing teeth or major surgeries.


    This advance Damon course with Dr. Borgan has been around the globe, from Munich, to Singapore, Honk Kong and Dubai. It has always been an immense success and the experience of 20 courses in the last year alone has made it even better.


    “WOW... I only thought you were going to get my

    teeth up and

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    The venue: Hilton London Tower Bridge | Fees for the course: £1200

    THE LONDON MASTERCLASSMastering the Damon System in 2 days with Hands-on

    Become an Artist Orthodontist with Dr. Borgan in this Masterclass.

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