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  • The Pimp My Tuk Tuk Challenge 2015 Sri Lanka

    Following on from the overwhelming success of The Pimp My Tuk Tuk 2013 Challenge - India, in

    September 2015 a group of 40 intrepid travellers will embark on the Pimp My Tuk Tuk 2015

    Challenge Sri Lanka. This is a gruelling drive around Sri Lanka in colourful custom designed Tuk Tuks

    (known locally as auto rickshaws) nearly 1200km through the beautiful Sri Lankan countryside

    from Jaffna to Colombo, 7 days and 20 fabulous Tuk Tuks its Colombo or bust!

    The key objective of the Pimp My Tuk Tuk (PMTT) team is to raise funds for our chosen charitable

    partners. As with last year, we are working with a local foundation in our destination country and

    also with a charity in Singapore (where many of the PMTT team live and work). In Sri Lanka we have

    elected to partner with the Foundation of Goodness, and in Singapore with Food from the Heart

    both very worthy causes that we are passionate about.

  • Charities

    Foundation of Goodness Sri Lank -

    Food from the Heart Singapore -

    In addition we will be collecting donations of clothing and school equipment from our companies to

    distribute locally at schools along the way last year we brought in 6 large boxes of excess baggage

    of around 120kg donated from various staff from International Banks and Brokerages in Singapore.

    As well as being an adventurous way for participants to experience some of the wonders of Sri

    Lanka, its people and to put lots of smiles on faces along the way, this is a fantastic chance for us all

    to give something back to those in Sri Lanka and Singapore who are not as fortunate as our own


    The PMTT team is now working hard to encourage donations from all directions. Corporate sponsors

    are especially welcome, and we have already received a number of early indications of interest. Last

    year for example, Subway Asia participated as a key sponsor, and the company was able to benefit

    from the exposure in India and around the Asian region that PMTT generated via international,

    regional and local press coverage delivered through television, online digital and print channels. We

    agreed to start and end our journey at Subway branches and our story was featured on the Subway

    global website. We will be using the same PMTT logo and branding (with small adjustments) as

    before for recognition and consistency.

    Please help the Pimp My Tuk Tuk team to maximise the funds we raise in 2013 we raised in the

    region of SGD 75,000 and we are expecting to comfortably exceed this total in 2015. The designs of

    the Tuk Tuks are yet to be finalised , but there are opportunities to sponsor PMTT 2015 through a

    variety of strategies for example through full branding of Tuk Tuks or advertising spaces, tour gear

    that will be worn / used on the journey and overall media exposure we are totally open to

    discussing any other sponsorship ideas. There is also the aspect of internal marketing to consider

    many of the PMTT team are senior executives at global multi-national companies and financial


    Corporate Sponsorship

    Please do visit our website at where you can find out more details, or

    contact the Corporate Sponsorship team to discuss partnership opportunities - Eamonn Ling

    [email protected] or Michael Phelps [email protected]

    Here are some details about our 2013 trip through India, together with some of the highlights and

    achievments that we are particularly proud of.

    In 2013 11 Tuk Tuks and 21 drivers started in Chennai and drove westwards across India before

    turning north to finish in Goa we stopped overnight in 7 cities along the way and covered in the

    region of 1200 km. The landscapes and roads we traversed were beautiful, very varied and at times

    rather challenging. There were plenty of fun times, moments that tested our nerve and resolve and

    some very emotional times. Along the way we stopped at a school for blind children, 2 orphanages,

    a home for orphaned kids who were HIV positive (and all under the age of 12) and we even played[email protected]:[email protected]

  • an impromptu game of cricket with a group of kids in the back streets of Mysore. At each venue we

    distirbuted the donated items and school paraphenalia we had brought with us, which were joyfully

    received. There were lumps in throats all around, but we brought many smiles to many faces, and

    hopefully some moments of hope and happiness.

    Our India Journey

    Day One involved collecting and becoming familiar with our custom designed and newly painted Tuk

    Tuks. The start of our journey was hosted by the Indian Round Table.

  • We generated much press coverage both in Chennai in the local press and further afield, with

    Subway Sandwich globally, Channel News Asia across the whole of Asia, and we even had local

    Mysore Radio wishing the Pimp My Tuk Tuk team best wishes for the Mysore Dasara (the famous

    annual festival).

  • Chennai Chronicle 6th Oct 2013 Channel News Asia Interview

    Along the way we stopped in many places and here are just a couple of pictures:

  • Sponsorship & Advertising

    With regards to advertising, in 2013 we had many smaller sponsors but our strategy for 2015 is to

    promote corporate fund raising via sponsorship of an entire Tuk Tuk (or Tuk Tuks) with fully

    customised designs and branding.

    For example: A possible design for a local beverage company.

  • Sponsorship costs for Sri Lanka 2015 are:

    FULL DECAL TUK TUK and Main Sponsor T-shirt Logo (Full Front Chest) USD 25,000 (Platinum x1)

    FULL DECAL TUK TUK and Standard T-Shirt Logo USD 20,000 (Gold x10)

    FULL DECAL SUPPORT TRUCK and Standard T-Shirt Logo USD 15,000 (Silver x1)

    COMPANY BANNERS (BACK - TWO SIDES) and Standard T-shirt Logo USD 10,000 (Bronze x18)

    Bronze sponsorship is shared. All sponsor logos will be on upright banners and visible at each hotel

    entrance and lobby that we stop at, and at all media events.

  • The image below shows the design on the back of the polo t-shirts worn on the India Challenge (each

    driver was issued with 2 shirts), which had all of our sponsors logos on the arms of each shirt. For

    the Sri Lanka Challenge we plan to sell the t-shirts which we will promote through constant

    marketing and the money raised will go to our charity partners, increasing exposure of the shirts

    generally (estimated volume at circa 200 pieces and popular with kids!).

  • On our return to Singapore our donations were split between the Singapore Childens Society for

    needy and desperate families at around USD 35,000 and USD 40,000 went to Round Table India for

    onward allocation to specific projects.

    The School that Pimp My Tuk Tuk built:

    The Pallikarnai School Chennai, with pride and courtesy of Pimp My Tuk Tuk.

  • In summary

    We are excited to discuss sponsorship opportunities in more detail and would be delighted to

    present, or just to talk further about, the Pimp My Tuk Tuk ethos and experience. Of course we also

    have an extensive archive of images and memories from our last expedition.

    Please support us in any way possible every little counts. As a team we look forward to your

    positive responses.

    Yours Sincerely and Thankfully,

    The team @ The Pimp My Tuk Tuk Challenge 2015 Sri Lanka.