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Its the image of your product in the consumers mind.Its the communication of characteristics, values, and attributes that clarify what your particular brand is and is not.Its a pull tactic.Brand is what the consumer buys in a perfect competition.

What is branding?

Good branding is at the heart of any good business

It is the emotion that customers and potential customers feelwhen they experience your product or service.

Everyone wants there business to be noticed. Branding does the job by making you stand out.

5 Tips to build up a nice brand.

Research!Research as much as you can.Who will buy your product?The demographics.Why will he buy it?What can be your positioning?Who are your competitors? Your USP.Competitors USP.

Know the wants.Ask yourself what do you want your customer to think of you / your product?Ask your potential customers what do they want from you / your product?Make sure your branding strategies fulfil these wants.

Think Like a CustomerYour brand is for the customers.Get into their shoes.Know what they want or what you can make them want? Get to know their likes, dislikes, expectations and demand.Build your brand around it.

Unique Selling Proposition.What is that quality of your product which can make your customers go mad about it?It can be more than one quality.Know why youre unique and tell this to your customers by building your brand around it.

Know Your Competition.Know how your competition brand their productConduct a research as intensely as you did on your product. Is your product better than theirs?If yes, position it that way.If no, find some other way to position it.

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