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William P. Gerardino Press Kit Where Today’s Vision becomes Tomorrow’s Reality http://jasonlayneenterprises.com /

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William P. Gerardino

Press Kit Where Today’s Vision becomes Tomorrow’s Reality


William P. Gerardinohttp://jasonlayneenterprises.com/

Welcome to Jason Layne Enterprises where today’s vision is tomorrow’s reality!

William is currently available to make your special event even that more special filled with the celebration of sound in multiple genres. Each performance will be specially tailored to your audience. Whether it be a calm and soothing sound that encourages positive conversation or a more intense collection of material to involve the audience rest assured your goals and desires as an event planner or venue owner will be met. BG can play in multiple genres such as blues, jazz, R&B, Punk, Electronic, and folk with equal versatility and quality. His extended background in theatre and music enhanced by his understanding of the business of entertainment render his shows memorable and will carry your own message well after all have left. This means your unique branding message will create future possibilities and business in whatever your personal and professional goals are.

Let us help you make your event one that will be enjoyed and remembered throughout time.

Contact William at (228) 424-3485 or by email at [email protected] for more details. We look forward to hearing from you.

Continued Success and may your today’s vision transform into your tomorrow’s reality!

Jason Layne Enterprises.

About William P. Gerardino

William Gerardino has been in the business of making music since his early teens. Actually, the first seeds were planted in his junior high school years where he was a member of various bands that played the usual sorts of gigs rehearsing in garages and basements. By high school he could typically be found listening to the liked of Bob Dylan, Beatles, Rolling Stones, and yes the Monkees. In high school his love and commitment to theatre blossomed working on and back-stage in a number of standard musicals including Fiddler on the Roof, Hello Dolly, Mame and more.

In his years at Suffolk County Community College he continued with his passions taking a keen interest in back-stage where he worked as a back stage manager for various productions. Throughout this time he continued to play as a solo act in local venues organizing several open mikes along the way.

Later he working Manhattan as a temporary on Wall Street while dividing his time between Manhattan, Long Island, and Boston, Massachusetts continuing his musical interest and expanding it into recorded performances. He also worked as a sound man for a one-act in Manhattan. His interest expanded into electronic and experimental music writing a piece that would be later used in a modern dance production also in Manhattan.

He elected to do more travelling in order to get greater exposure and experiences. Boulder, Colorado was one destination where he was active in the local arts of the town

William then moved down south where he is a regular feature in local venues specializing in open jam music. He completed his graduate work in Business Entertainment. The result was the creation of Jason Layne Enterprises that serves as an umbrella company for his various projects including performance, recording, emerging talent coaching, writing, and marketing.

Presently, he is putting together a new show including cover and original material from a broad spectrum of genres that will feature recordings and books that will be promoted by an extended tour of the east coast.

Samples: Double Click Below

Live at Castaways

Live at Castaways

Thanks for your time and Continued Success!

William P. Gerardino

[email protected]

(228) 424-3485