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WORKING MAGIC WITH MEASUREMENT MAKING “THE BUSINESS CASE FOR PUBLIC RELATIONS™” IN A HYPER-CONNECTED WORLD Presented at the PRSA 2012 International Conference October 16, 2012, San Francisco Shonali Burke, ABC (@shonali ) MSL Washington DC Image: duckunix via Flickr (CC) #prsaicon #measurepr

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  1. 1. Image: duckunix via Flickr (CC)Presented at the PRSA 2012 International ConferenceOctober 16, 2012, San Francisco#prsaiconShonali Burke, ABC (@shonali) #measureprMSL Washington DC
  2. 2. Cartoon: HubSpot via Flickr (CC)
  3. 3. Image: Jim Miles via Flickr (CC)
  4. 4. Image: argbx via Flickr (CC)
  5. 5. Image:
  6. 6. Raise revenue ImproveLowercustomer costs satisfactionCredit: Social Media Metrics, Jim Sterne (@jimsterne)
  7. 7. when impressions are the be-all & end-all AVE gasp, shudder and barf anyone remember research? not quantifiable or time bound not focusing on what were trying to achieve not using measurement to inform decisions not tying it to business outcomesImage: Matti Mattila via Flickr (CC)
  8. 8. Image: shareski via Flickr (CC) Image: Dave Dugdale via Flickr (CC) Image: adesigna via Flickr (CC)
  9. 9. The Case of the Portrait ArtistsSmithsonians National Portrait GalleryFirst-ever OutwinBoochever Portrait Competition (2005-2006)Used with permission from the National Portrait Gallery
  10. 10. What Was the Problem? Perceived as outdated Lack of connection Portraiture not cool or hip Aimed to reach emerging & mid-career artists 2,000 entries to be viableUsed with permission from the National Portrait Gallery, image via Tim Caynes Flickrstream (CC)
  11. 11. Image: saaby, Flickr (CC)
  12. 12. Listening Made a Difference Media outreach Media buy Direct mail Portrait of an ArtistUsed with permission from the National Portrait Gallery
  13. 13. Results Changed creative Impacted tactics &collateral Influenced media buy Influenced mediaoutreach Net-net: 4,000+entries (double goal)Used with permission from the National Portrait Gallery
  14. 14. The Case of the Blue KeyUsed with permission from USA for UNHCR
  15. 15. Goal: 6,000 Keys by Dec. 31, 2012Used with permission from USA for UNHCR
  16. 16. Bloggers aka Blue Key ChampionsTracking links were key (no pun intended) as well as from Facebook, Twitter, email newsletters, blog, etcUsed with permission from USA for UNHCR
  17. 17. June tweetathon:258 people/1,524 tweets with #bluekey 169% increase in web traffic led to >50% of key purchases that weekUsed with permission from USA for UNHCR
  18. 18. Analytics Tell StoriesOverall Traffic Campaign TrafficUsed with permission from USA for UNHCR
  19. 19. and Measurement Shapes Strategythe more you tell people what youre trying June tweetathon: 66 keys purchasedto do (and how youre measuring) Sept. tweetathon: 49 keys purchasedOct. tweetathon: 53 keys purchasedNov. tweetathon: 159 keys purchased!the more they will try to help you get there!Used with permission from USA for UNHCR
  20. 20. The Case of the Unempowered WomenUsed with permission from Oxfam America
  21. 21. The Core of the CampaignUsed with permission from Oxfam America
  22. 22. Multi-Pronged Outreach & Coverage
  23. 23. ResultseAward downloaded approx. >5K recipients got >2K eCards1K times (March 7-10) Oxfam America secured 752 new constituents via eCards (compared to 261 in 2011 for a similar initiative)Used with permission from Oxfam America
  24. 24. and More Results (thank you, Bloggers!)14.86% search traffic 38.35% email traffic46.61% referral traffic, with31.73% from external sitesUsed with permission from Oxfam America Of Note: 14 of 42 blog posts secured were among the top 28 (>5 visits) traffic sources thats half!Strong correlation between blog posts publishing and search traffic, particularly for keywords international womens day ecards, international womens day ecard, womens day ecard, etc.
  25. 25. Image: Samuel Maycock, Flickr (CC)
  26. 26. Step 1: Begin at the EndWhere do you want people togo? A website? A landing page?And what needs to happen? Direct people from yoursocial outposts to your hubImage: stacyjclinton via Flickr, CC
  27. 27. Image: Wonderlane via Flickr, CC
  28. 28. Image: edenpictures via Flickr (CC)Step 3: Track TrackTrack!
  29. 29. Image: Collin Anderson via Flickr(CC)
  30. 30. Tie It TogetherCourtesy: KD Paine & Partners
  31. 31. Three Books You Must [email protected] @kanter @kdpaine @leeodden
  32. 32. A Few Resources Bi-weekly #measurePR Twitter chat (every otherTues; 12-1 pm ET) measurement/measurePRcategories FateDenied via Flickr (CC)
  33. 33. Questions? Image: Hkan Dahlstrm via Flickr(CC) [email protected] @shonali Thank you!