5 enterpreneurship april2012

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  • 1. KLEANO MATIC..The self helplaundry service

2. Idea Marketing Implementinggeneration strategyplan External Mission Marketing analysisstatement budgetIdentify InternalresourcesEvaluatio analysis n method 3. Idea generation 4. Todays scenariodhobi Dry cleaners 5. student ITSmallprofessionals families 6. AnalysisExternal analysismacro marketExternalanalysisMico marketInternalanalysis 7. What differentiated benefits we areoffering to provide that others dont? 8. what evidence do you have that customerswill come to us?MONEY IS NOT A PROBLEM 9. What evidence do we have to showthat the target market grow? 10. Can you develop capabilities that aretransferable from one segment toanother? 11. AnalysisExternal analysismacro marketExternalanalysisMico marketInternalanalysis 12. Is the market large enough for you and competitors?Too manyBut we are differentchoices 13. What are the markets short term and long term growth rate? It is very high 14. Industry analysis:Porters 5 forces 15. Pestel analysis 16. AnalysisExternal analysismacro marketExternalanalysisMico marketInternalanalysis 17. Sustainable Competitive Advantage Automated Washing Machines Time Flexibility Variety of detergents as per convenience 18. What industry we arecompeting in? 19. quality Time convenienthygieneCritical success factors 20. The CSF we are not prepared to meet? 21. StrengthsWeaknesses . Quality washing ofclothesSWOT . no control on supply of electricity and water . High efficiency . Convience ANALYSIS . Continous maintaence is requried . Hygienic . Fast service . ironing homedelivery of ironedclothes . Variety ofSWdetergent as perconvenience.Opportunities ThreatsO T no distributors in Proprietors canthese service, we easily enter into thisdirectly cater this businessservice to customer The competition is as internationalintense as there willairport is coming up in be existing laundryKharghar we have high services and alsohope for the future cheap roadsideservices/dhobi 22. Washing m/c company &maintenance Electricity supplier Water SupplierDetergent supplier 23. Key ActivitiesProviding services for washing & ironing homedelivery of ironed clothes 24. Key ResourcesPlace = rented shopEquipment = Washing machinePeople = Skilled worker forironing, one person for regularmaintenanceFunds = loans from commercialbank or new investors 25. product placeprice promotion 26. Organizational structureLEVEL 1 LEVEL 2 LEVEL 3MAINTENANCEMANAGERIRON(CASHIER)CEO(US)IRONDELIVERY BOY 1MANAGER(DELIVERY)DELIVERY BOY 2 27. cashier He will hold the counter and collect the moneymaintenance maintenance & handling washing & drying worksguidance Guide the first time customersmanager Look after the daily operating of the store 28. 1 promotion2 bonus3 benefits 29. Fixed costwashing machine, 140000cycle, 6000 iron, 4000 dryer, 50000rent , 540000 30. Cost break up: Variable costdetergent, 8000waterlabour, 30000charges, 15000 electricty, 22000 31. BEP Analysis Per kg sales 21 Less variable cost11.5 contribution9.5 BEP =790000/9.5=83160 kg (approx..) Planned approximate washing per year= 78000 kg So, we will be earning profit after 14th month ofstarting the business 32. 14 1211.96 109.888.97 8Rs. in7.41lakh 6 5.9 4.94 4 2.9 2.47 2 0004 month 8 month12 month 16 monthfixed costvariable costcontribution 33. Price 15ContributionProfit before tax