a 4 th grade teaching unit created by shannon ralston the reconstruction era: 1865-1877

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The Reconstruction Era: 1865-1877

A 4th Grade Teaching Unit Created By Shannon Ralston The Reconstruction Era: 1865-1877The Reconstruction Era: An Overview End of the Civil War ushered in a 12 year long Reconstruction Era as the nation lay in ruins and needed a physical and political repair jobMajor Legislation: Freedmans Bureau, 13th, 14th, 15th Amendments, Civil Rights Act of 1865 (slavery banned, civil rights acknowledged, voting rights granted)Confederate states reintegrated, thereby forming a unionTension persisted despite government action emergence of KKK, discriminatory black codes, Jim Crow Laws, segregationWomen making moves Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. AnthonyIndustrial Revolution importance of Chinese (Transcontinental Railroad) and Irish workers (immigration wave) threat to religious and cultural belief systems in place

The Unit(I) Map & Globe Skills - Creating A New Nation Post-Civil War(II) Art The Statue of Liberty(III) Biography Susan B. Anthony: Activist & Reformer(IV) Inquiry The Price of Freedom: A Look at The Effects of Reconstruction

Reconstruction: Creating A New Nation Post- Civil WarStudents will illustrate effects of reconstructive policy on Union states and Confederate states by modeling rejoining of Confederates into the nationStudents will draw conclusions about what this rejoining might mean for future policy or what problems it may create

Reconstruction: Creating A New Nation Post- Civil War

Discussion of problems nation faced post-Civil War Read-aloud of The Civil War for Kids to hit on key issues and get them thinking about potential solutionsPrimary solution posited by Andrew Johnson (as inspired by Abraham Lincoln) was to readmit the states that seceded Show on classroom map how states were divided because of political views Reconstruction: Creating A New Nation Post- Civil WarStudents will model the physical reconstruction of the nationStudents receive blank mapsHalf the class colors the Union states in blueOther half colors the Confederate states in redStudents then reunite and work together to join their colored segments

Art The Statue of LibertyIf a monument should rise in the United States as a memorial to their independence, I should think it only natural if it were built by a united effort. Edouard Rene de LaboulageGoal is to link the first wave of immigration at the end of the Reconstruction Era with the relevance of the Statue of Libertys constructionStart with reading of Lynn Curlees book, LibertyShow students Peter Maxs painting of the Statue of Liberty Have students recreate the work of Peter Max using similar colors having designed personal symbols to include in the pictures background that best capture their personal understanding of liberty

Susan B. Anthony: Activist & ReformerMen, their rights and nothing more. Women, their rights and nothing less.Reading of Susan B. Anthony, Champion of Womens RightsDiscussion of her life, focusing on events in adulthood such as her arrest at a voting facility in the 1862 Presidential ElectionUsed mobility of rights for African American men to gain a voice and a platform for womens rightsPlay speech on Womens Right to VoteAnthony's SpeechShow advertisement for her trialStudents write letter to Anthony celebrating her efforts towards womens suffrage

Inquiry The Price of Freedom: A Look at the Effects of ReconstructionWe have, as well will agree, a free Government, where every man has a right to be equal with every other man. Abraham LincolnBy conducting research, students should understand that different groups of people in the United States were affected by the aftermath of war and the legislation that followedThe Reconstruction Era by Bettye Stroud implemented as a catalystStudents formulate 3 questions about a group that interests them the most (for example, African-American men or white males who were former slaveowners)Research via three main sourcesConstitutional Amendments 13, 14 and 15 as primary sourcesTeacher site that contains a plethora of documents as secondary sourcesJames Schoulers book History of the United States of America: 1865-1877 which is a compilation of material from the designated time period

Closing & Legacy Weve Come a Long Way!Crediting forefathers with their contributions in creating the America we live in today - Helps them relate to the ideals our country values and how it is we came to adopt this national perspectiveWithout the changes that took place in the Reconstruction Era, this country may not be the United States nor would it be characterized by diversity and equality Captures integration of blacks and whites, acknowledging them as equals, which is particularly relevant in a time which features classrooms with diverse student bodies

Rewards & ChallengesRewardsOpportunity to create a unit that I hope to implement when student teaching that will shake up the monotony of textbook-based instructionLearning to use mentor text as a catalyst to lessons, thereby making connections as a future instructor & bridging the gap between the various subjects

Rewards & ChallengesChallengesConcern for time Being able to implement these lessons in a timely fashion with an ever-expanding curriculumCreating a lesson that could realistically work in an inclusive classroom Practicum experience ESL Learners, ED & Special Ed Learners