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A round-up of news from Amana Living - WA aged and community services provider.



    Embracing opportunities to live betterCEO Ray Glickman considers the impact of changes to the way aged care is funded and regulated.

    Amana Livings slogan is Living the Second Half of Life. This embodies our belief that ageing is another stage in life to be embraced and enjoyed to the full.

    This message could be equally applied to the aged and community care sector at present. We have been waiting in nervous anticipation for the Coalition governments first budget. We have also been preparing Amana Living for the changes that flow to the sector from the Living Longer, Living Better legislation, much of which came into effect on 1 July. While the aged care sector was largely cushioned from the harsher impacts of the federal budget, the Coalition government has since cut the dementia

    supplement, inflicting serious damage to our budget and our capacity to support people living with dementia. Changes to aged care legislation and regulations will be testing for aged care organisations and their residents and clients alike. The users of our services will see a greater emphasis on consumer direction the opportunity for them to shape the care packages they receive in a more meaningful way.

    However, they will also experience a requirement to make greater financial contribution towards the cost of their care, as well as differences in the way the charges for some services are means-tested. At Amana Living, in line with our values, the contribution is based

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    In line with our values, no one is denied a service just because they are unable to manage the full co-payment. We have also expanded our free McCusker Nurse Service to support those living with dementia and their families. See page 3 for more information. Photo: Leon Shaffer



    on a persons ability to pay, and no one is denied a service just because they are unable to manage the full co-payment.

    Providers such as Amana Living will need to adjust to a period of greater uncertainty in the cash flows we will receive and more detailed regulation of some aspects of our operations.

    At Amana Living, we accept continuous change as a given and we thrive on it. We have prepared carefully for the legislative changes, so that we can manage the transition well while helping residents, clients and their families get to grips with what the changes entail.

    An important part of this preparation is the development of our new service entry. We are reaching the final stages of implementing a new one-stop front door, so that people can understand the options available to them, and easily access the full range of services.

    Ray Glickman, CEO

    Working in the gap between health and aged careAmana Living is expanding its services in the space between aged and health care, to help keep older people in their own homes for longer.

    There are a number of ways in which Amana Living helps older people to remain living in their own homes, said CEO Ray Glickman. Early intervention is the key.

    In the field of dementia care, Amana Living Patron, His Excellency Mr Malcolm McCusker, launched the McCusker Nurse South service in May. The new service, established with support from Perpetual Funding Trust, effectively doubles the reach of this award-winning program.

    The McCusker Nurse Service is an early intervention program supporting the carers of people living with dementia. By pointing the carer to appropriate resources and services, the McCusker Nurse can help to improve the quality of life for both carer and their loved one, and prevent unnecessary moves to hospital or residential care.

    Demand for the McCusker Nurse Service in the southern region of Perth alone is projected to top 13,000 by 2018, said Ray Glickman. We are thrilled to be able to appoint the McCusker Nurse South, and to build on the experience gained in the northern suburbs. While the capacity of one nurse doesnt stretch to anywhere near 13,000, this will go some way to alleviate crises for more carers.

    The Modified Carer Strain Index, a validated tool which measures carers perceptions of their wellbeing, has shown a significant improvement in the overall wellbeing of the carers accessing the service. Over 60% said that their sense of wellbeing had improved.

    We know that the McCusker Nurse Service is having a significant positive impact, said Amana Living Chief Operating Officer Suzi Cowcher.

    Carers have reported a marked reduction in the strain of caring

    and in the upsetting behaviours often displayed by those living with dementia. The customer service satisfaction results from June 2013 show a very high rate of satisfaction overall, with over 97% of respondents demonstrating that they are very satisfied with the service.

    The first of its kind in Australia, the McCusker Nurse North Service was established by Amana Living in 2011, with generous support from the McCusker Charitable Foundation. The new McCusker Nurse South will

    At the McCusker Nurse South Launch are (L to R) CEO Ray Glickman, His Excellency Malcolm McCusker, McCusker Nurse North Liz Scott, McCusker Nurse South Karen Malone, Tonya McCusker and Amana Living Chairman Steve Scudamore. Photo: Leon Shaffer

  • be based at Amana Living Bull Creek, as part of a suite of dementia services.

    The Bull Creek facility currently offers residential, respite and day care for people living with dementia. The centre is currently being extended to provide transition care beds as part of a jointly funded State and Commonwealth scheme. This program assists people who are transitioning from a hospital stay and need more time to restore their abilities or find long-term care options.

    Planning is underway to establish a similar dementia services hub at Amana Living Kinross, due to open in 2016.

    These two dementia-specific hubs will be the first of their kind in WA, said Ms Cowcher.

    Thanks to funding from the Commonwealth government and the McCusker Charitable Foundation, we have been able to develop these services more quickly than we had anticipated, yet they are still long overdue, given the rapidly growing need.

    Amana Living has been awarded 65 transition care places catering for a mix of frail-aged, older adult mental health and dementia clients. Amana Living Mosman Park the former Dorothy Genders Hostel will house 28 of those places. Changes in the way aged care is funded had rendered this facility unviable due to the small number of beds, and it was therefore closed earlier this year. However, transition care is funded differently, which means a facility of this size can be viable for this type of care.

    Transition care provides an interesting career development opportunity for those working in aged care and geriatric services. The new service has meant employing around 120 new staff.

    Amana Living Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Development Manager, Pam Deans, is playing a key role in the delivery of transition care, coordinating a multi-disciplinary team.

    Pam already supports staff across all sites with training and up-skilling, so that they are better able to manage the increase in acute clinical needs we are experiencing among our residents.

    Pam also coordinated Amana Livings involvement in the Wicking Project a four-year research study with

    the University of Western Australia investigating the potential for nursing intervention to prevent unnecessary hospitalisation.

    Amana Living has a very strong clinical care division, with lots of experience in delivering high care in our nursing homes, said Ray Glickman. Our Home Care team is also expanding rapidly, to meet the personal and clinical needs of older people at home. In addition, our dementia services have been established for many years, and have recently expanded to create a specialist management team.

    Keeping older people in their own homes fits with our belief in maintaining health and independence at every age and stage. It therefore makes perfect sense to expand into the gap between health and aged care, an area of growing need.

    Nurse Practitioner Pam Deans, pictured here with Enrolled Nurse Sue Angwin, is playing a key role in the delivery of transition care, which aims to optimise the health and inde-pendence of older people after a stay in hospital. Photo: Leon Shaffer


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