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  • 1. Carla Ferreira Community Manager. GivenGain Foundation.

2. Facebook & Twitter: Tips for integration with campaigns 3. Integrate your social media plan into your communications and marketing plans The basics 4. Important things to think about: Your brand (e.g. charity: water) What are my goals? How am I integrating this campaign with other marketing and communications strategies Before starting a campaign... 5. Plan Plan Plan! Content creation Key messages What connects fans to my Cause? Keep it fresh, interesting and creative Make a strong visual impact, especially on Facebook Campaign tips 6. Use a social media management tool, e.g. Hootsuite Schedule content in advance Monitor brand mentions Monitor keywords Analytics Monitor brand mentions 7. Trends and hashtags 8. Capitalise on memes 9. Capitalise on memes 10. Capitalise on memes 11. Capitalise on memes 12. Capitalise on memes 13. Capitalise on memes 14. Integrate online with offline elements 15. Activists. Tools. 16. Thank You. @GivenGain @carlaferreira1