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2. Class At a GlanceA Poor Mans ClassThis years class appears to be lighter interms of overall talent and potential. Thereare a few gems sprinkled throughout thegroup, but a lot of players have questionmarks as to how high their ceiling is. This is not the year to try and tank for the first overall pick.CLASS STRENGTH: 3. NCAA Season RecapChampionship Score: Duke 61 Florida 53AP Player of the Year: Randy Winter, PurdueFIRST TEAM ALL-AMERICANSPG Jerome DAngelo | Freshman | USC*SG Michael Davenport | Junior | Texas TechSF Zachary Forte | Freshman | VanderbiltPF Randy Winter | Sophomore | PurdueCNorman Payne | Senior | UNLVSECOND TEAM ALL-AMERICANSPG Jacobi Cash | Junior | FloridaSG Lamar Higgins | Freshman | MissouriSF Byron Rodman | Freshman | Xavier*PF Timothy Galloway | Senior | NC StateCSimon Warrick | Sophomore | Notre Dame *Did not declare for draft 4. Top 20 Prospects1 PF Randy Winter, Purdue, So2 PG Jacobi Cash, Florida, Jr3 SF Zachary Forte, Vanderbilt, Fr4 C Simon Warrick, Notre Dame, So5 PF Leif Wolfe, Germany, Intl6 SF David Teague, Syracuse, Jr7 PG Wendell Oakley, Louisville, So8 - SG Lamar Higgins, Missouri, Fr9 - SF Shelden Mullin, UCLA, So10 - C Norman Payne, UNLV, Jr11 SG Michael Davenport, Texas Tech, Jr12 - PG Austin Carlson, Oklahoma, So13 PF Marcel Valentine, France, Intl14 SF Taylor Gadson, Connecticut, So15 SF Dean Pollard, Indiana, Sr16 PG Magnus Kersey, Holy Cross, Fr17 C Nando Saramago, Congo, Intl18 C Leonard Pulley, Arkansas, Sr19 - PG Wade Vaughn, Duke, Jr20 SF Jamal De La Cruz, USC, Fr 5. AGE: 20COLLEGE STATS:PurduePOS: PFPPG: 22.8HEIGHT: 69 APG: 3.9 SPG: 0.3WEIGHT: 243 TO: 2.7CLASS: Sophomore RPG: 6.9 BIOAP Player of the Year Randy Winter will provide a nice spark of offense to the teamthat scoops him up in this years draft. Hes a versatile player with a penchant forknocking down smooth 15 and 20 foot jumpers like hes shooting in his own backyard. Scouts cant decide who the #1 overall pick should be in this yearsclass, with Winter and Cash jockeying one another for top position, but one thingsfor sure: Randy will provide an NBA team with a strong shot in the arm movingforward. Winter was recently quoted saying, a lot of people think I model mygame after Lamar OdomI mean that makes sense. Except I dont date fatwomen. The young Boilermaker said he was just joking at the time, but has sinceregretted his sarcastic comments. Ive received numerous cease and desistletters from the Kardashian family. Im legally obligated to avoid talking about thementirely, unless I literally say, I love them to pieces. Wheres my agent with all ofthis going on? 6. AGE: 20 COLLEGE STATS: Purdue POS: PF PPG: 22.8 HEIGHT: 69APG: 3.9 SPG: 0.3 WEIGHT: 243 TO: 2.7 CLASS: SophomoreRPG: 6.9STRENGTHS: Possesses the sharpest mid range jumper in the draft classis an excellent FTshootershows great patience and intelligence on offenseefficient making moves from the lowposthandles the rock well for his positionmakes wise decisions and shows maturity on the floorWEAKNESSES: Fairly slow, even for his sizenot a particularly strong rebounderdoesntattack the rim with passion or hustle enough on defensea weak motornot the best athlete in theworld, will be outmatched by Blake Griffin-type playersNBA COMPARISON: Lamar OdomHNDL SHOT MED CONSACCURATE FACTS:738340 7. AGE: 21COLLEGE STATS: POS: PGPPG: 20.2 Florida HEIGHT: 62 APG: 5.1SPG: 0.8 WEIGHT: 185TO: 2.8 CLASS: JuniorRPG: 3.3BIOSelf-professed Christian rapper Jacobi Cash is fully aware of the paradox his lastname brings to the table: I mean, I get that Im a black rapper, right, and my lastname is Cashthats funny, like a stereotype know what I mean? But Im aChristian rapperlike Im actually not about the Cash at all. During his three years inGainsville, Cash utilized his connection with the team to fuel his music. I found thebest times to write rhymes was after we played a gameso I would take a pen andpad with me on the bus rides ready to create pure gold. In addition to hishobby, Jacobi has played well enough at Florida to draw the attention of fans acrossthe country, who are entertained endlessly with his slick mid range game andoffensive weaponry at his disposal. Just dont call him the Black Tim Tebow.Look, Im not like Tim. Hes doing the whole V-card thing until marriagethats notmeI gotta admit, I get weak in the knees for Irish women. Cha feel me? 8. AGE: 21 COLLEGE STATS: POS: PG PPG: 20.2 Florida HEIGHT: 62APG: 5.1 SPG: 0.8 WEIGHT: 185 TO: 2.8 CLASS: Junior RPG: 3.3STRENGTHS:Pulls off a nice step-back jumper from mid-rangehas a quick first step to blow past defendersand attack the basketcomfortable creating his own shot and shooting off the dribbleseems tohave iron lungs that allow him to play almost the entire gamehas good handsWEAKNESSES:Has erratic consistency, will be hot one minute and ice cold the nexthas mental lapses ondefensedoesnt attack the basket enough, settles for too many jumpersneeds to apply morepressure on defensewont impress you with his passing skills or court visionNBA COMPARISON: Kemba WalkerOFFQUICK3PTACCURATE FACTS: AWR7790 78 9. AGE: 19 COLLEGE STATS:POS: SF PPG: 24.2APG: 3.0 VanderbiltHEIGHT: 67SPG: 1.2WEIGHT: 221TO: 3.7CLASS: Freshman RPG: 2.6 BIOZachary Fire Ball Forte skyrocketed up the draft boards after his sensational freshmanyear at Vanderbilt. Before the collegiate season began, he didnt even show up on mostmock drafts. But give credit where credit is due; Fortes ability to consistently keep thepedal down and hit shot after shot gave him both nationwide recognition and a newnickname. They call me Fire Ball cuz nobody has the ability to slow me down once I getgoing. Once Im on fire, theres no putting me out, your best bet is to just move out of theway unless you wanna get burned. An awkward poster by Vanderbilts sports marketingteam unfortunately depicted this idea in an embarrassing context; Fortes poster hung upoutside of the court for two weeks with him holding a basketball below his abdomen, withflames bursting out of his crotch and the caption FIRE BALLS written below. I got a textone day after practice was over and Im told I gotta check out my new posterso what doI see? Flames comin out of my junk. Yo, thats not what I meant when I said I was onfire! Seriously man! Lets hope theres no confusion over on the NBAs side. 10. AGE: 19COLLEGE STATS: POS: SFPPG: 24.2APG: 3.0Vanderbilt HEIGHT: 67SPG: 1.2 WEIGHT: 221TO: 3.7 CLASS: FreshmanRPG: 2.6STRENGTHS:Catches fire quickly and pours in quick bucketsan extremely efficient scorer close to thebasketled the nation in minutes per game at Vanderbilt (38.7)a strong finisher at the basketwith a nice set of dunks and creative layupscan score from almost anywhereWEAKNESSES:Not a strong catch and shoot type playerneeds the ball in his hands but tends to over-dribble andturn it over too oftena poor passer who doesnt see open teammatesdefensive mechanicsneed workneeds to get strongerforces too many tough shotsNBA COMPARISON: Paul PiercePASS SIG SKILLSPEEDACCURATE FACTS:49Anti-Freeze80 11. AGE: 20COLLEGE STATS:POS: C PPG: 13.2HEIGHT: 70 BPG: 2.1Notre Dame SPG: 0.3WEIGHT: 275 TO: 1.0CLASS: Sophomore RPG: 8.9BIOIf Simon Warrick could arm wrestle an alligator, he would. His enormous biceps werestrong enough to curl seventy pounds twelve (12) times before exhaustion at the annualLuke Longley Rookie Invitation Summit in Las Vegas. Scouts on the scene say that heapparently responded by growling, Can I get a real challenge, like anybody want to seeme lift Luke Longley over my head? Unfortunately, Simon never got that opportunity,but his efforts at the Summit paid off immensely, locking him into place as a solid top 5prospect in this years draft class. When asked what his biggest strength was, Warrickhad this to offer: My biggest strength is THAT exactlyI am the BIGGESTSTRENGTH. I can wear just about anybody downput me on the low block withanyone, big Al Jefferson, LeBron, the GasolsI dont caretheyre gonna needGatorade by the time Im done with them. Warrick appears to be one of the safer picksin the draft, showing enough expertise around the basket to warrant a highbasementbut a few scouts point out his ceiling may be pretty low. 12. AGE: 20 COLLEGE STATS:POS: CPPG: 13.2HEIGHT: 70BPG: 2.1Notre DameSPG: 0.3WEIGHT: 275TO: 1.0CLASS: SophomoreRPG: 8.9STRENGTHS:One of the strongest players to come out of the draft since Shaqa bruiser who wears downopponents without mercyshows nice touch close to the baskethas great stamina forhis sizeprotects the rim well with good hustleWEAKNESSES:Slower than Shawn Bradleys grandfatheris not the most intelligent playera pitiful free throwshooterloses confidence outside of close rangemisses too many layups and dunksnot a veryagile or athletic playerNBA COMPARISON: Al JeffersonVERT SIG SKILLBLOCKACCURATE FACTS:48Bruiser75 13. AGE: 21 INTL STATS: POS: PF PPG: 19.7 HEIGHT: 68BPG: 2.1Germany SPG: 1.1 WEIGHT: 234 TO: 2.8 CLASS: Intl RPG: 6.3 BIOThe fans over in Germany call Leif Wolfe Bombenschtze based on his distinct rangeaway from the hoop. The big German shot over 41% from beyond the arc throughouthis career overseas and is looking to carry over his game to the states. If he is able toproperly adjust to American competition, his unique set of skills should benefit justabout any team in the league. Just dont ask him what his biggest goal is; his translatormisunderstood this question when asked at a public Q and A, and Leif Wolfe answered,Biggest hole is pit I dug for brother Harbert to hide from landlord, Helga...this was BIGHOLE...Harbert is big boy. While Wolfe has a lot of promise, fortunately for him, heshouldnt end up on Letterman his first year in the league; so there should be plenty oftime for him to round out his English. One thing is for sure, however; Leifs basketballtalents transcend any language barriers...and he appears poised for his first season inthe NBA. 14. AGE: 21 INTL STATS: POS: PF PPG: 19.7 HEIGHT: 68BPG: 2.1 Germany SPG: 1.1 WEIGHT: 234 TO: 2.8 CLASS: Intl RPG: 6.3STRENGTHS:Has excellent range for a biga consistent free throw shooterpossesses a rare gift for blockingshots extremely wellhas nice speed for a four, runs the court well and gets in position for accurateshotsexcels in draining the corner 3does a good job staying out of foul troubleWEAKNESSES:Hasnt stayed as healthy as one would hope durability could be an issuegets lost on screens andpick-and-rolls on defensedoesnt hustle after enough loose balls doesnt have the energy to bea crowd favoritewill need to bulk up and pack on some muscle to adjust to the athleticism of the proscould improve his work on the glassNBA COMPARISON: Markieff Morris DUNKQUICKSTAMACCURATE FACTS:939093 15. AGE: 21COLLEGE STATS:POS: SFPPG: 14.1 APG: 2.4 SyracuseHEIGHT: 67 SPG: 1.4WEIGHT: 238 TO: 2.5CLASS: JuniorRPG: 7.2 BIOSyracuse Junior David Teague has been labeled a gym rat since junior high, pouringin hour after hour of working out and sharpening his skills. Teague already has anchiseled frame and work ethic ready-made for the next level. Scouts criticize his jumpshot and point out that his biggest weakness may very well be his lack of range.Syracuse blogger Norm Hutchins has made this abundantly clear: Ok, we have a guythat spends every waking minute in the gymand yet his jumpshot sucks. Why?Why doesnt he just spend less time bench pressing and more time learning how toshoot the damn ball? But settling for jumpers just doesnt seem to fit Davids game;the young man earned the nickname Marmot for this gym-rat mentality, as well as histendency to burrow his way inside for tough buckets in traffic. If Teague ever wraps hismind around shooting the ball the same way he applies it to rebounding and defense,he could blossom into a franchises key building block moving forward. 16. AGE: 21COLLEGE STATS: POS: SFPPG: 14.1APG: 2.4 Syracuse HEIGHT: 67SPG: 1.4 WEIGHT: 238TO: 2.5 CLASS: JuniorRPG: 7.2STRENGTHS:Practically lives in the gym, excellent stamina and willingness to give 100% at any given momentexplosive quickness gets him out in transition for easy bucketshas the ability to blow past slowerSFs trying to stay with hima strong defensive rebounder for his positionfast hands create plentyof turnoversWEAKNESSES:Unable to knock down the 10-15 foot jumper with any sort of consistencyjust not a go-to optionon offensestill has a long way to go with understanding his role on offenseseems lost in half courtsetshas stayed relatively healthy throughout college, but a collection of minor injuries might comeback to haunt himNBA COMPARISON: Michael Kidd-GilchristSTAM STEAL DEF REBACCURATE FACTS: 94 79 76 17. AGE: 20COLLEGE STATS:POS: PGPPG: 5.8 APG: 10.6LouisvilleHEIGHT: 63 SPG: 1.0WEIGHT: 225 TO: 2.5CLASS: Sophomore RPG: 2.6 BIOWendell Oakley plays with an extreme pass-first mentality that allowed him to lead theNCAAs in assists per game but rank close to the bottom of the barrel in points pergame during his two years at Louisville. When asked why he doesnt become moreaggressive and selfish on offense, Oakley had this to say, Its not my job to score thepointsmy job is to setup the other guys and dictate the offensetoss in a few goodlooking alley oops from time to time. While prepared to simply facilitate as a pointguard, coaches and scouts agree he could have been a top five pick had he shownthe capacity to attack the basket more often under Rick Pitino. Pitino disagrees:Wendells a really good kidthese same people that praise his unselfishness end upcriticizing him for passing too much. Well guess what? He makes sure the ball gets inthe hoop. Isnt that why we play the game? Oakley grew up with nine brothers andsisters, so perhaps sharing is simply ingrained in his nature. 18. AGE: 20 COLLEGE STATS:POS: PG PPG: 5.8APG: 10.6LouisvilleHEIGHT: 63SPG: 1.0WEIGHT: 225TO: 2.5CLASS: SophomoreRPG: 2.6STRENGTHS:Sees the court well and hits players with pinpoint passesdictates the offense with confidence andswagger for a 20-year-old kidhas a nice first step that gets him past defenders in one-on-onesituationsa fantastic free throw shooterhas improved his pick and roll jumpshot vastlyWEAKNESSES:Health is a major concern missed the entire second half of his senior yearmany scouts question the translation of his skills to the prosdoesnt domuch of anything on defensea lousy three point shooterBilas Says:NBA COMPARISON: Kendall Marshall To me, hes moreKendall Marshall than Jason Kidd. OFF3PTSODACCURATE FACTS:AWR 806175 19. AGE: 19COLLEGE STATS: POS: SGPPG: 15.2 HEIGHT: 65 APG: 2.1 MissouriSPG: 1.9 WEIGHT: 192TO: 1.7 CLASS: FreshmanRPG: 4.1 BIOMissouri Freshman Lamar Higgins simply oozes athleticism. Responsible for perhaps themost breathtaking play of the year that involved Higgins bobbling an alley-oop off thebackboard, hanging on the rim for balance with one hand, and then finishing the dunk withthe other hand, Lamar has never ceased to amaze. 18-year fan Brucie Chiklis had this tosay about him, I try to show up for each and every game these Tigers playand when Istarted watching this kid Higgins play, he inspired me to take my fandom to the next level.I now wear full-body black and gold paint each and every gameand every practice too. Itry to get his attention by screaming, LAMAR STAY IN COLLEGE OR WELL SUCKNEXT YEAR! I get a few looks. Unfortunately for Chiklis, Higgins is going pro,possessing a wealth of talent and potential too seductive to pass up. However, Higginsclearly has as lot of polish necessary to become a routine piece of a teams lineup 20. AGE: 19 COLLEGE STATS: POS: SG PPG: 15.2 HEIGHT: 65APG: 2.1Missouri SPG: 1.9 WEIGHT: 192 TO: 1.7 CLASS: Freshman RPG: 4.1STRENGTHS:Knocks down threes with a smooth jump shotexcellent hands create chaos with plenty of stealsand deflectionshas superb speed for a shooting guarda high-flying athlete who attacks the basketwith creative finishesa great free throw shootercreates his own shot off the dribble with natural easeWEAKNESSES:Doesnt have the hustle or the heart to play strong defensean immenselyStreaky shooter who can get cold easilyneeds to knock down closerange shots with more consistencyneeds to pack on weight (too Bilas Says:skinny as of now)Has the potential to beNBA COMPARISON: J.R. Smitha top three pick needs to improve his 3 PTSTEALDURAdefense first.ACCURATE FACTS: 808070 21. AGE: 20 COLLEGE STATS:POS: SF PPG: 16.7HEIGHT: 68APG: 2.3 UCLASPG: 0.9WEIGHT: 214TO: 1.8CLASS: SophomoreRPG: 3.9BIOShelden Mullin has no problem with breaking down complex theories and algorithmsduring his time off the basketball court. A natural genius, Shelden only recentlydiscovered his love of basketball sophomore year of high school.and came out ofnowhere to be recruited by UCLA. This recent understanding of how the game workshas certainly affected his development scouts are frustrated by Mullins inability tofind himself in the right spots on the floor. But coach Ben Howland thinks otherwise:This kid comes to me, day one, and says, I understand thermonuclear engineering, butthis whole pick and roll thing is confusing the dickens outta me, coach. But where he wouldnt believe the progress. I think hes going to keep getting better andbetterbut I mean, I gotta say that. Im his coach, ya know? Scouts are all over themap with Mullins potentialthere seems to be no majority consensus. 22. AGE: 20COLLEGE STATS: POS: SFPPG: 16.7 HEIGHT: 68 APG: 2.3UCLASPG: 0.9 WEIGHT: 214TO: 1.8 CLASS: Sophomore RPG: 3.9STRENGTHS:Played each game his sophomore season no injury concernsin great shape with solid staminascores from a variety of places around the court as a spot up shootertakes good care of the ballfor a small forward by limiting mistakesWEAKNESSES:A very poor rebounder for his size doesnt show enough understanding of the mechanics of workingthe glassfouls too often and for unnecessary reasonsdoesnt seem to have the mental focus orkiller instinct in clutch momentsstruggles shooting in trafficNBA COMPARISON: Keith BogansOFF AWRDEF AWRMEDACCURATE FACTS: 666675 23. AGE: 21COLLEGE STATS:POS: C PPG: 14.3HEIGHT: 67 BPG: 1.0 UNLV SPG: 0.8WEIGHT: 260 TO: 1.7CLASS: JuniorRPG: 12.3BIONorman Mister Payne has brought UNLV a toughness and tenacity unseen in recentyears. The 21 year old big man established himself as a nice choice for teams lookingto improve their low post defense by hustling, rebounding, and scrapping for loose ballson a consistent basis. Many scouts point out his lack of height might be an issue, butPayne shows an elevated understanding of his predecessors: I mean, yeah Im notseven feet tall, man. Im only six-seven. But theres guys like DeJuan Blair and ChuckHayes getting out there and earning a living doing thisso I plan on doing it myself. Atwo-way player, Norman played defensive end for UNLVs football team all three yearsin college and excelled at both sports. When asked why he chose not to pursuefootball instead of basketball, Payne said this: Hey, I gotta admit something. Bring thecamera closerclosercloseryeahlook at my face. Look at it. Im a good lookindude. Im sexy as hell. I cant hide perfection under a football helmet. Now back thatcamera off me, fool. Hopefully Paynes vanity doesnt catch up to him. 24. AGE: 21COLLEGE STATS: POS: C PPG: 14.3 HEIGHT: 67 BPG: 1.0 UNLVSPG: 0.8 WEIGHT: 260TO: 1.7 CLASS: JuniorRPG: 12.3STRENGTHS:A great defensive rebounder uses his bulk and strength to push around other big mena passionateplayer who wears his heart on his sleeve and out-hustles manydefends the basket well with solidawarenessscored a healthy amount of points off offensive rebounds at UNLVWEAKNESSES:Slow as molassesstill has a ton of work to do understanding the offensive side of the courttoo slowto stay with faster playerswill get burned out on the perimeter every single timeneeds to improve hisshot blocking and athleticismnot very comfortable operating out of the postan abysmal free throwshooterNBA COMPARISON: Chuck HayesLOW POST D SHOT INS DREBACCURATE FACTS: 84 77 91 25. AGE: 21 COLLEGE STATS:POS: SG PPG: 23.8Texas TechHEIGHT: 64APG: 1.9SPG: 0.4WEIGHT: 194TO: 2.0CLASS: Junior RPG: 2.8BIOGunslinger Michael Davenport is no stranger to pressure. He hit three of four shotshis Junior year with the game on the line at Texas Tech and created a habit of finishingoff opponents at the buzzer. His shooting ability led the Red Raiders to the Final Fourthis past year before falling to Duke in overtime. The 21 year old sharpshooter facedperhaps an unfair level of criticism after the loss, enduring the blame of critics acrossthe nation for missing a game-tying layup with a few seconds remaining. After thegame, Davenport had this to say: You could spend your whole life beating yourself upafter a mistake like thatbut thats not me. Im picking myself up, declaring for thedraft, and Im going to rebuild myself in the pros. Dont care about the past anymore.While Davenport is unconcerned with past history, it should be noted that he was anarchaeology major at Texas Tech. Ironic, isnt it? 26. AGE: 21 COLLEGE STATS: POS: SG PPG: 23.8Texas Tech HEIGHT: 64APG: 1.9 SPG: 0.4 WEIGHT: 194 TO: 2.0 CLASS: Junior RPG: 2.8STRENGTHS:A consistent shooter who gets into a groove and shoots a high percentage from deep, absolutelydeadly from 3 point rangehas shown the ability to create shots for himselfknocks down thecorner 3 with great accuracycapable of handling the ball when necessaryWEAKNESSES:Makes too many mistakes on defense and is out of position too oftendoesnt show enough savvydefending players on the perimeterturns the ball over too muchstruggles from close rangesettlesfor too many jumpers and doesnt attack the basket enoughwont work hard enough to get the ballinto his hands on offenseNBA COMPARISON: Kevin Martin SHOT 3PT OFF AWR CONSACCURATE FACTS:85 69 45 27. AGE: 20COLLEGE STATS:POS: PGPPG: 13.8HEIGHT: 63 APG: 4.9 Oklahoma SPG: 1.2WEIGHT: 216 TO: 2.8CLASS: Sophomore RPG: 2.6 BIOOklahoma sophomore Austin Carlson brings a rowdy attitude to each appearance onthe court, citing his biggest influence in former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis.Similar to Lewis mastery over the defensive end of the field, Carlson possesses a highlevel of understanding when it comes to shutting down opposing point guards. Herecently told a few members of the media, I look up to Ray Lewis because he brings itevery game. Thats exactly what I want to do when Im on the court I want people toremember who I am. While Austin certainly has the emotional edge, critics bring uphis lack of shooting and passing attributes as a concern moving forward. The pointguard only averaged a little less than 14 points per game and dished out only about 5assists in each contest. Coach Lon Kruger had this to offer in his defense: Austin maynot have put up the best numbers here at OU, but Ill be damned! He pushes himselfharder and harder each play. You couldnt ask for a better player. We shall see who isright after hes drafted. 28. AGE: 20 COLLEGE STATS: POS: PG PPG: 13.8 HEIGHT: 63APG: 4.9Oklahoma SPG: 1.2 WEIGHT: 216 TO: 2.8 CLASS: SophomoreRPG: 2.6STRENGTHS:A solid defender who puts in effort out on the perimeterable to contain high quality point guardswith strong defensive instinctshustles throughout the game and doesnt fatigue easilyhas anice quickness and intelligence that allows him to draw chargesWEAKNESSES:Struggles mightily from close range (shot less than 35% from within 6 feet of the basket at OUstruggles finishing with contact or in trafficturnover prone with a tendency of making too manycostly mistakesnot a very accurate passerNBA COMPARISON: Eric Bledsoe DEF AWRSHOT INSQUICKACCURATE FACTS:76 6391 29. AGE: 24 INTL STATS:POS: PF PPG: 18.2RPG: 8.1FranceHEIGHT: 69SPG: 0.5WEIGHT: 241TO: 1.1CLASS: Intl BPG: 0.5BIOComing from France means adjusting to a different world for Marcel Valentine. Afterbattling LeBron James in the 2012 Olympics, Valentine felt unwelcomed by Americanplayers. Following a loss to USA, he had this to say, I told LeBron I was going to theNBA and he shrugged his shoulders and said, maybe I should stay in France becauseI suck. I took tremendous offense to this reasoning, and I have vowed to make myimpact in the states felt. I shall beat him in the playoffs. That is, unless, the Heat draftme. Then I will have no choice but to become his ally. Although USA conqueredFrance in the Olympics, perhaps James was a bit too hasty in his description ofValentines talents. Possessing an old school post game and throwback mentality toscoring, Marcel brings many unique talents to the table. If he is to indeed conquer KingJames, he must rely on his playmaking from the low block to carry him to victory. 30. AGE: 24 INTL STATS: POS: PF PPG: 18.2 RPG: 8.1 France HEIGHT: 69 SPG: 0.5 WEIGHT: 241 TO: 1.1 CLASS: Intl BPG: 0.5STRENGTHS:A skilled post player who hits fadeaways and hook shots with poiseseems to be completely injury-free - has not endured a single injury during his time in Franceconfident operating from the lowblock and teams will have to respect his fundamentals with his back to the basketWEAKNESSES:Not particularly athleticdoesnt have the speed, strength, or agility to match up physically withother big menhas a low motor and doesnt get after it on defensea decent rebounder but wontimpress you with his production off the glassnot comfortable outside of 10 feet from the basketNBA COMPARISON: Elton Brand POST FADE DEF AWR DURAACCURATE FACTS: 77 6790 31. AGE: 20 COLLEGE STATS:POS: SF/SGPPG: 17.7HEIGHT: 66APG: 1.2 UCONNSPG: 2.4WEIGHT: 225TO: 1.9CLASS: SophomoreRPG: 6.4BIOTaylor Gadson has been on a tear throughout much of his basketball journey toexact revenge on his naysayers. Dating back to his junior year in high school, Taylorheard plenty of criticism coming his way. I got cut from the first team I tried out for.That hurt a lot made me dig deep for why I wanted to play basketball. Coach toldme basketball wasnt my sport, that I was too big and that I should play footballinstead. But I looked up to Michael Jordan and how he went through somethingsimilar. And I told myself, if he can do it, I can do it. So next year I tried out, madethe team, cracked the starting lineup, averaged nearly 30 points a game, and thenrode the pine in Connecticut for a year before coach gave me a shot therethe restis history. If the third time is the charm for Gadson, it would appear that giving himan opportunity from the beginning would be the suggested route. Capable of usingtremendous athleticism to outplay opponents, Gadson surely will have a place on anNBA team. The question is: how long will he remain unseen until he can no longertolerate it? 32. AGE: 20 COLLEGE STATS: POS: SF/SGPPG: 17.7 HEIGHT: 66APG: 1.2UCONN SPG: 2.4 WEIGHT: 225 TO: 1.9 CLASS: SophomoreRPG: 6.4STRENGTHS:Athletic and capable of guarding both the 3 and 2 spotsquick hands create plenty of turnoversfinishes strong at the hoop with high accuracy on dunks and layupshas plenty of hopsscoopsup a good amount of buckets within close rangeWEAKNESSES:Will need to enhance his jump shot not accurate enough from the outsidedoes a poor job oftaking care of the basketball runs into problems when he over-dribblesneeds to use his headmore when executing on offensea streaky shooter who struggles getting into rhythmNBA COMPARISON: Shawn MarionVERT LAYUPQUICKACCURATE FACTS:8786 83 33. AGE: 22COLLEGE STATS: POS: SFPPG: 19.8 HEIGHT: 68 APG: 3.1IndianaSPG: 0.5 WEIGHT: 215TO: 2.7 CLASS: SeniorRPG: 1.7BIOWho could have predicted Indiana Senior Dean Pollard would be going pro? After threeunder the radar seasons in college, Pollard continued building on his strengths andturned in a memorable performance this past year. A self-proclaimed Protector ondefense, Pollard earns respect by pushing himself on D each and every possession.Before falling to Florida in the sweet sixteen, Dean held his matchups to less than 12points per game in the tourney an impressive feat indeed. A fan of the DaveMatthews Band, Kendrick Lamar, and Justin Bieber, Pollard is a strange guy. Whenasked why he has such an eclectic taste in music, he replied with, There is no suchthing as a taste in music. I like all types of music, all types of sounds. I would listen to amix tape of dudes sneakers squeaking on the floor if I could. Doesnt matter. Theresno telling what the 22 year old will be listening to during his pre-game warmups. 34. AGE: 22COLLEGE STATS: POS: SFPPG: 19.8 HEIGHT: 68 APG: 3.1 IndianaSPG: 0.5 WEIGHT: 215TO: 2.7 CLASS: SeniorRPG: 1.7STRENGTHS:Can knock down the 3 at a nice clip (shot 38% from deep his senior year)defends well with anexcellent work ethica master on the defensive end of the court and showed great leadershipat IU quarterbacking the Ddoesnt seem to wear down easilynice quickness for a SFWEAKNESSES:Not the person to draft if you want a scorer struggles shooting from mostplaces inside the 3 pt linewill be an after-thought on the offensive endfor any team that drafts him until he improves his offensive IQ Bilas Says:a mediocre free throw shooterA very risky pick his workNBA COMPARISON: Bruce Bowenethic could make him a true asset, but its hard to tell.OFF AWRSTAMQUICKACCURATE FACTS: 469279 35. AGE: 19COLLEGE STATS:POS: PGPPG: 23.8 Holy CrossHEIGHT: 60 APG: 7.1 SPG: 0.5WEIGHT: 206 TO: 1.5CLASS: FreshmanRPG: 2.2 BIOIf there is anyone special enough to earn a lasting nickname nationwide during college,its Magnus Little General Kersey. Taking Holy Cross back to relevance for the firsttime since 1977, Magnus transformed himself into a symbol of courage in a very Davidvs Goliath type fashion. Encouraging fans and students to show up for the games increative ways, Magnus influenced a rebirth of Holy Cross basketball in a major way:people began dressing up with helmets, plastic shields, and swords to cheer for theCrusaders. With the 6 foot point guards tremendous play and boisterous crowd, homegames in Worcester became a national event. Unable to move the Crusaders past the2nd round in the NCAA tourney, many hoped Kersey would come back for hissophomore year to build upon the teams progress. However, Magnus has declared forthe draft, already exciting many scouts with his playmaking abilities and high ceiling.While undoubtedly still raw in many areas, the 19 year old freshman sensation shouldfind himself a home with an NBA team without any difficulty. 36. AGE: 19 COLLEGE STATS: POS: PG PPG: 23.8Holy Cross HEIGHT: 60APG: 7.1 SPG: 0.5 WEIGHT: 206 TO: 1.5 CLASS: Freshman RPG: 2.2STRENGTHS:Great brute strength allows him to muscle his way to the hoop for high quality shotsdominatesfrom close rangeran the team at Holy Cross with unprecedented leadershipan intelligentplayer who gets teammates involved and setup in good spots to scoretakes great care of the ballWEAKNESSES:Not quite fast enough to stay with his assignments will be a step slower thanmost NBA point guardsgets burned on too many quick cuts to thebasketfor as emotional as he is, he needs to boost up his motor Bilas Says:wont make nearly enough hustle plays in a gameI would draft him, stashNBA COMPARISON: Deron Williams him away for a few years,and let him develop. PASSSHOT INSEMOTIONACCURATE FACTS: 84 8799 37. AGE: 20INTL STATS: POS: C PPG: 9.8RPG: 9.7 Congo HEIGHT: 76SPG: 0.6 WEIGHT: 237TO: 2.2 CLASS: International BPG: 3.8 BIOYou would be hard pressed to find a taller dude coming into the NBA draft in recenthistory than Nando Saramago. Standing 7 foot 6 inches, Nando towers over mosteveryone he comes up against. Speaking very little English, Saramago still understandswhat his role will be with the team that drafts him: I will be hustle, I will be man whostops man from scoring. You cant explain it any simpler than that. Thanks to hisridiculous height, Saramago is an outright blocking machine, erasing shots that come hisway faster than industrial strength white-out. By searching for him on youtube, the topclip brings back a play earlier this year that had him swatting a ball so hard it becamelodged in the rafters above the court. Because the budget for basketball isnt quite ashigh as it is in America, Nando had no choice but to climb up and retrieve the ball tocontinue the game. He had this to say about the experience, I do not regret my blocks.I will block the ball even more in the NBA. The team that ends up drafting him will nodoubt see an abundance of swats this season. 38. AGE: 20 INTL STATS:POS: CPPG: 9.8RPG: 9.7 CongoHEIGHT: 76SPG: 0.6WEIGHT: 237TO: 2.2CLASS: InternationalBPG: 3.8STRENGTHS:A ruthless shot-blocker with a knack for catching everything that comes his wayexcellent handsgood instincts on defense allow him to be in the right position most of the time to make playsa strong defensive rebounderdefends the low-post nicelyWEAKNESSES:Injury concerns are extremely high; with such a tall stature, we might belooking at the next Yao Ming health-wiseuncomfortable scoring onoffense, will need tons of polishlacks the hunger to dominate the Bilas Says:boards on offensegets the ball stolen from him by quicker playerstoo often An extremely risky pick his defense is veryNBA COMPARISON: Bismack Biyombo intriguing but his healthis a major concern.SIG SKILLDEF AWRBLOCKACCURATE FACTS: Eraser78 93 39. AGE: 22 COLLEGE STATS: POS: C/PF PPG: 14.2 HEIGHT: 610 RPG: 7.1 Arkansas SPG: 1.6 WEIGHT: 285 TO: 1.3 CLASS: Senior BPG: 1.1 BIOLeonard Tuggy Pulley has a few interesting pre-game rituals. Before each game,Pulley eats two plates of nachos, shaves his beard, dances to Tone Locs FunkyCold Medina, and pledges allegiance to the United States of America. An unusuallyquiet person, when asked about his unique ritual, Pulley just said, I dont know,man. I just do stuff before the game. Equally as interesting as his pre-game ritual,Leonards style of play turns heads with his ability to rack up steals at a quick rate.If Pulley can improve his strength and ability to finish at the basket, he will make for anice addition to the team that ends up selecting him. 40. AGE: 22 COLLEGE STATS:POS: C/PF PPG: 14.2HEIGHT: 610 RPG: 7.1ArkansasSPG: 1.6WEIGHT: 285TO: 1.3CLASS: Senior BPG: 1.1STRENGTHS:Able to spread the floor by knocking down mid range jumpersa solid free throw shooter for hispositiona pesky thief on defense, racks up plenty of stealsplays with his brain first on defenseby anticipating plays before they happenexcellent quickness for a bigWEAKNESSES:Durability is a concern, suffered injuries throughout his career at Arkansasnot an adequatepost-up player just too uncomfortable with his back to the basketneeds to get stronger finishingat the rimmust develop strength to truly excel at the next levelNBA COMPARISON: Joakim NoahOFF AWR SHOT MEDSTRENGTHACCURATE FACTS:67 77 70 41. AGE: 21COLLEGE STATS: POS: PG/SG PPG: 18.4APG: 7.0 Duke HEIGHT: 66SPG: 0.8 WEIGHT: 210TO: 2.3 CLASS: JuniorRPG: 1.1BIODuke Point Guard Wade Vaughn has taken offense to following after former star KennyCaballeros footsteps. A reporter for Duke basketball ran into a landmine by bringingthis up. Heres what Wade responded with, I dont give two sh*ts about what anyonedid here before I got here. Im sorry. Im not into the whole legacy thing. This is aboutour season right now. If Larry flippin Bird played here thirty years ago, I wouldnt care.Im all about winning. And yeah, you can quote me on that. What a clown question,bro. Perhaps Vaughn was expressing some jealousy about Caballeros skills; he wontbe drafted as high in the first round and in a worst case scenario situation, might evenslip to the second round. But Vaughn remains hopeful, showcasing a rare talent foroperating out of the post. When being tasked with comparing him to current or formerNBA players, scouts have a difficult time with the assignment. He truly plays differentlythan most every other point guard in the history of the league. While Gary Payton,Mark Jackson, and Magic Johnson all utilized the post game, Vaughn doesnt appear fitto be compared to them; hes just not as diverse in his skillset. 42. AGE: 21COLLEGE STATS: POS: PG/SG PPG: 18.4APG: 7.0Duke HEIGHT: 66SPG: 0.8 WEIGHT: 210TO: 2.3 CLASS: JuniorRPG: 1.1STRENGTHS:Plays extremely well with his back to the basket has a beautiful go-to move with a postfadeawaywell coached and polished on offensea smooth finisher at the basketa consistentscorer who doesnt fall out of rhythm easilyWEAKNESSES:Needs to improve 3 point shooting if he wants to become a true two position playernot the mostaccurate passer in his class doesnt always hit players in the best spotsdefensive consistencyis a bit lackingplays too passivelyterrible rebounderNBA COMPARISON: Tyreke Evans PASSLOW POST OFF OFF AWRACCURATE FACTS: 70 80 80 43. AGE: 19COLLEGE STATS:POS: SFPPG: 13.8HEIGHT: 68 RPG: 6.3USC SPG: 0.5WEIGHT: 215 TO: 1.6CLASS: FreshmanBPG: 1.0 BIOSpeedster Jamal De La Cruz is hoping to bank on his athleticism to move him up thedraft board before a team selects him. Spending just one year at USC, De La Cruzreceived a lot of preseason hype based on his upside. However, as the yearprogressed, Jamal slipped out of the public consciousness in favor of more impactfulplayers. Similar to Austin Rivers decision to go pro, many critics questioned Jamalsdecision and suggested that he stay an extra year or two to polish his skills. The teamthat ends up drafting him will surely do so based on his potential and will need to bepatient with developing him. Heres what Jamal had to say about his choice to leaveUSC: I thought about this long and hard. I thought, man would I rather get more of aneducation and help my team here, or would I rather feed my family and give them anicer place to live? That was a heck of a tough choice. I decided to go pro because Ifelt it was the best option. Now I just need someone to take a chance on me. No oneknows for sure what to make of Jamals future lets just hope he made the rightdecision. 44. AGE: 19COLLEGE STATS: POS: SFPPG: 13.8 HEIGHT: 68 RPG: 6.3 USCSPG: 0.5 WEIGHT: 215TO: 1.6 CLASS: FreshmanBPG: 1.0STRENGTHS:Nice speed and agility for his heighta great athlete who gets out into transition quicklyuseshis height to his advantage with interior scoringa good offensive rebounder for his positionWEAKNESSES:A pitiful three point shooternot disciplined enough to put in much effort on defensegets beatoff the dribble far too oftenneeds to improve his strength to make a lasting impact at the nextlevelNBA COMPARISON: Alonzo Gee SHOT CLOSE SPEED QUICKACCURATE FACTS:78 8785 45. CLASS PRO TIP:Dont draft players from this class based on team needs think long termpotentialand listen to Bilas Tips!Class brought to you by