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Magic of the Ancients Fantasy emerging from reality

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Page 1: Fictional Setting

Magic of the AncientsFantasy emerging from reality

Page 2: Fictional Setting

Project OverviewI have some ideas for a fictional world (ie Middle

Earth, Star Wars galaxy, etc.)At this point, no specific plot, storyline or

characters would be developed, only a world, its history, and its general contents

The project would be dynamic, taking the shape of the contributors interests and building off each others ideas to create new ones

The following is just to introduce the general concept, and throw some ideas in the pot to get you thinking. Everything is just a draft, nothing is set in stone yet.

Page 3: Fictional Setting

General TimelineI. A technologically advanced civilization

existsII. The civilization is wiped outIII. New forms of life emerge, evolving with

the technological remnants in the environment

IV. Some kind of intelligent societies form which do not understand the technology which proceeded them, but learn to use it and revere it as “magic”

Page 4: Fictional Setting

Imagine time as an hourglass, the past at the top, flowing into the future. This scenario tips the hour glass upside down. What we consider to be futuristic (technology) is in the past, and what we associate with the past (village life, belief in “magic”, etc) is this world’s present/future.

•Natural evolution•Moss-covered ruins•Ancient artifacts•Mummies•Stone huts•Mythology

•Arcologies/future cities•Genetic engineering•Nanotechnology•Cryonic freezing•Nuclear waste/mutagens

•Mutagen/engineering-influenced evolution•Symbiotic nano-life•Moss-covered arcologies•Cryo-freezed “mummies”

•Nano-material huts•Nanotech artifacts•Mythology based on “ancients”, robots, etc.•Genetically enhanced tribes and villages





Great catastrophe turns back the clock

Page 5: Fictional Setting

Possible SettingsHere’s a few options we have on how our world

will relate to Earth:The intelligent, ancient race is us humans on

EarthHumans settle another planet (maybe one of

multiple), and the catastrophe and following evolution occurs there, not necessarily wiping the advanced civilization out completely

This all occurs on a planet separate from Earth, with a species that are not human (though likely similar)

Page 6: Fictional Setting

Proposed PositionsBlase: Chief of DevelopmentRyan: Chief of Space & GeographyPetemos: Chief of Time and History

Page 7: Fictional Setting

“The Ancients”Our world is preceded by a

technologically advanced civilization

Page 8: Fictional Setting

Possible “Ancient” Technology Genetic engineering DNA computing Molecular nanotechnology

DNA nanotechnology Artificial intelligence Self-assembling machines Preferably no time travel Preferably no alien contact

Page 9: Fictional Setting

“Ancient” Cities We can create the history and political

geography of the technological civilization which will influence the future, leaving behind its remnants as ancient ruins

Ideas:• Highly populated superstructures (arcologies)• Biological/genetic architecture (houses that live &

grow)• High-speed rail systems• Post-scarcity society• Some images to get your imagination going…

Page 10: Fictional Setting
Page 11: Fictional Setting

Intelligent Beings Human enhancement

• Clones, genetic enhancements• Life extension

Artificial intelligence• Robots

Combinations• Uploaded consciousness, human minds in robot

bodies• Cyborgs, AI enhanced humans

Remnants, preserved into post-doomsday world• Cryonics

Page 12: Fictional Setting

Interaction with New Intelligence Think about how any of the previous beings may

react with run-of-the-mill humans (Wiki) They may attempt to destroy humans, being the

very cause of the apocalypse (ie Cybernetic revolt) They may be superior in intelligence to humans,

but benevolent, creating the technologies which we previously mentions and serving as guardians of humanity

Some of these technologies (cloning, genetic engineering, robots) may be illegal in certain countries/regions, leading to one country being clone-based and the other robot-based for example

Page 13: Fictional Setting


The ancients are wiped out, but their technology stays behind

Page 14: Fictional Setting

Doomsday Event

Either naturally or social caused Preferably destroying civilization, but

not totally destroying the structures and technology

Fate of humans Possibly wiped out, leaving behind the

seeds for new intelligent life Possibly a few remaining, restarting

primitive civilizations Either already enhanced, or using

enhancements to survive and evolve

Page 15: Fictional Setting

Possible Catastrophes

Ecological, either man-made or naturally occurring Must not be so catastrophic as to destroy the

biosphere Nuclear, chemical or biological

war/terrorism/accident Pandemic, possibly natural or engineered Rebellion of non-human intelligence (ie

Cybernetic revolt) Etc, there’s plenty of possible scenarios

Page 16: Fictional Setting


The remaining technology is integrated into the natural process of evolution, producing “supernatural” creatures

Page 17: Fictional Setting


Old, contained genetic experiments escape and intermix and evolve with natural life

Remnant genetic implants stumbled upon by plants & animals and fused together

DNA nanotechnology, DNA computing mutates and evolves on its own

Radiation, nuclear waste and other mutagens may influence evolution

Life evolves in accordance with its technological environment, with symbiotic relationships and ecologies made up of interacting life and machines

Page 18: Fictional Setting

This time the cradle is filled with ancient “magic”

Civilization Starts Anew

Page 19: Fictional Setting

The ancient cities remain to be seen by the new civilization

They may consider them cursed, witnessing people dying or mutating from technologies they don’t understand

They may re-inhabit them, using them as resources and shelter for their new civilization

Recently evolved monsters and beasts may inhabit them

They may be holy sites, where the gods (robots, cyborgs, whatever) rest

Ruins, Temples, Dungeons

Page 20: Fictional Setting

The new people may find “magic” items left by the ancients

They may use genetic or cybernetic implants to survive or gain power

Nanotech smart materials, or seeds for biological architecture may be gathered for building

Nanotech utility fog may serve as tools, weapons and armor which can change shape and transform, possibly even directed by the will of the user

Medical nanobots may be used by shamans for healing

Magic/Holy Relics

Page 21: Fictional Setting

The mythologies of the new peoples will likely revolve around the mysterious structures, technologies, and possibly other intelligent beings that exist in their world

AIs may remain and take a role as the “caretakers” of the humans and/or post-humans, possibly being seen as gods

Mythology and Religion

Page 22: Fictional Setting

Whatever post-humans or intelligence making up this new civilization had to survive alongside genetically enhanced and/or mutated beasts, so they too may have natural extraordinary “magic” abilities encoded into their DNA

Perhaps the “magic abilities” that helped people to survive are not passed down genetically, but implanted by some means. The ones fortunate enough to find these ancient magical implants may serve as guardians of society to protect them from the beasts outside

Magic Powers