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Genetically Modified Organisms in Portugal

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Genetically Modified. Organisms in Portugal. It is understood by genetically modified organism (GMO) any organism which genetic material , by biotechnology techniques , was altered to encourage some characteristic desired , so it does not occurs naturally . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Page 1: Genetically Modified

GeneticallyModifiedOrganisms in Portugal

Page 2: Genetically Modified

It is understood by genetically modified organism (GMO) any organism which

genetic material, by biotechnology techniques, was altered to encourage some

characteristic desired, so it does not occurs naturally.

Page 3: Genetically Modified

Desired objectives with the GOM

Possibility to control:

The introduced genes;

The form of expression of genes;

Assign a form or a desired feature.

Page 4: Genetically Modified

Action Insecticide

Herbicide Resistance

Pigmentation changes

Improvement of Quality


Increased Productivity

Characteristics mostly desired to obtain

Page 5: Genetically Modified

Footer text here5 July 22, 2012

Most genetically modified organisms are transgenic food, however, these two concepts

are not synonymous.

GMO foods GMO

Organismo que

possui uma

sequência de ADN,

ou parte do ADN de

outro organismo.

Organismo que foi


geneticamente, mas

que não recebeu

nenhuma parte de

outro organismo.

Page 6: Genetically Modified

1983First GMO cultivation (United States / France)


First crop commercialized (Flavr Savr tomato)


First GMO cultivation in Portugal (Tomato / Potato)


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Page 8: Genetically Modified

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AdvantagesTolerance to Herbicides- Increased Productivity

Tolerance to Insects - Reduction of Chemicals Used

Reduction of use of Fertilizer

Improving the Quality of Food

Ending the World Hunger

Page 9: Genetically Modified

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Pollution of the Environment

Reduction of Biodiversity

Increased of Allergy

Risk of genetic pollution of soils


Page 10: Genetically Modified

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Probability of Occurrence of


Effect of altered DNA


July 22, 2012

Risks to Human Health

Page 11: Genetically Modified

Footer text here11 July 22, 2012

ToxicityTendency to

cause allergic


Components suspected of

having toxic properties.

Stability of

inserted gene.

Adverse effects

related to genetic


The safety study of GMO products usually investigates the:

Page 12: Genetically Modified

Footer text here12

Soil disturbance

Herbicide resistance Pests

July 22, 2012

Risks to the Environment

Page 13: Genetically Modified

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Productivity Equal or Lower

Possible cases of failed crops

July 22, 2012

Socioeconomic impacts

Page 14: Genetically Modified

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LabellingIn order to be marketed, the GOM should be, initially, subjected to a very rigorous

evaluation process and then, labeled, respecting the rules on labeling and traceability of


All food products containing more

than 0.9 percent of GMOs in its

composition, must include this

information on the label.

Page 15: Genetically Modified

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Worldwide Cultivation

Soybean Potato Tomato Rice Corn Squash

Page 16: Genetically Modified



Page 17: Genetically Modified

Areas of Cultivation of

GMOs in Portugal

Page 18: Genetically Modified

Portugal is at position 22 in countries with transgenic crops in 2012,

with 5 million ha planted.

In Portugal the cultivation of GMOs are only of transgenic corn.

Page 19: Genetically Modified

The corn crops have a transformation named as: MON810

Genetically modified with a gene to survive pests.

Page 20: Genetically Modified

The main reason for the cultivation of transgenic corn by portuguese farmers are resistance to

attack by the borer, a pest that can reach serious proportions, affecting crops.

Page 21: Genetically Modified

Cultivation of Transgenic Corn Number of Notifications Total Area (ha)

North 29 164,5

Center 55 774,2

Lisbon 54 2.322,1

Alentejo 120 5.796,2

Algarve 1 12,9

Azores (S. Miguel) 19 208,2

The National Total 278 9.278,1 Data Relating to a 23-08-2012

Page 22: Genetically Modified

Example of products consumed

Page 23: Genetically Modified

23 July 22, 2012

The Portuguese Environment Agency is

the competent authority in Portugal, this


Page 24: Genetically Modified

In order to ensure the process sustainable

and safe use of GMOs, the European Union

has established a regulatory framework.

The basic legislation is

Directive 2001/18 / EC

of 12 March, which

entered into force on

17 October 2002.



Directive through

Decree. No.

72/2003 of 10



Page 25: Genetically Modified

It is essential increase the information available on this topic and transmit it to society to understand what GMOs are, and so express your freedom to choose, even though many technical aspects are complex, one has to know!

Page 26: Genetically Modified

Thank you for your attention!