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Genetically Modified Organisms What that Means and What that Means to You

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  • 1. Genetically Modified OrganismsWhat that Meansand What thatMeans to You

2. Enhancement CorruptionFuture 3. Norman BorlaugThe man who saved a billionlives 4. PlasmidPart of the work of Biochemists is to insert new sets of sequences intoexisting sequences, causing new proteins to be created. This is much thesame as hybridization, only it opens up more possibilities. 5. Statistics GMOs are now present in 75 to 80 percent of conventional processedfood in the U.S., according to the Grocery Manufacturers Association. "Non-GMO" is the fastest-growing health and wellness claim on store-brand food labels, up 67 percent in 2009, according to Nielsen Co. The FDA does not require food with GMOs to be labeled as such, soavoiding them is hard to do. GMOs are banned or significantly restricted in 30 other countries aroundthe world, including Australia, Japan and all of the nations in the EuropeanUnion. Unfortunately, due to cross-contamination and pollen drift, very fewproducts in the U.S. are completely free of GMOs.The Non-GMO Projectstandard is a process-based standard that avoids the intentional use ofGMO ingredients by providing suppliers with procedures and bestpractices for minimizing the presence of GMO ingredients. 6. Golden Rice0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%Series 3Series 2Series 1 7. Starving ChildrenTear jerker Rip your heart out 8. Rat TumorsRats fed GMO foods develop large tumors 9. Is it Ethical?