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  1. 1. TNS Jon Puleston VP Innovation Lightspeed GMI Amy Cashman MD Technology & Finance TNS Its not business Its personal
  2. 2. TNS Todays session coverage A new approach to survey design Our SME survey The story the survey told 2
  3. 3. TNS Survey design seen as a functional process Surveys by and large are simply a long list of things we want to know Evolved out of spoken interview methods We use a set of rules to write them ? 3
  4. 4. TNS We forget Whether or not anyone wants to read the questions we write ....and if anyone want to answer them? 4
  5. 5. TNS What can advertising teach us?
  6. 6. TNS A survey question This is a message I want you to read and think about and respond to And I want you to read this bit And this bit And this bit And this bit And this bit And this bit too 6
  7. 7. TNS An advert This is a message I want you to read and think about and respond to And I want you to read this bit And this bit And this bit And this bit And this bit And this bit too 7
  8. 8. TNS Same challenge but Their focus is on motivating you to consume their messages They reward you for consuming them by making the process pleasurable /fun /intriguing /surprising 8
  9. 9. TNS We take pleasure from looking at this ad Visual reward 9
  10. 10. TNS Humour I am entertained by reading this ad 10
  11. 11. TNS Titillation = mild sexual pleasure Double entendre = mental puzzle Sexual and intellectual rewards for reading this ad 11
  12. 12. TNS Mental challenge Intellectual reward for reading the copy 12
  13. 13. TNS Surprise 13
  14. 14. TNS Wallpaper 14
  15. 15. TNS Learning from what advertisers do? The art of copywriting is all about making a connection with the consumer Understanding who you are talking to and adapting the message 15
  16. 16. TNS 16
  17. 17. TNS Learning from what advertiser do? Ads fail when advertisers focus purely on what they want to tell you 17
  18. 18. TNS 18
  19. 19. TNS What can we learn from advertising? A change of mind-set about a survey Focus on making it pleasurable Using visuals more effectively To communicate question content To help motivate people to think Reworking questions: More surprising and challenging Using a language that connects with the consumer 19
  20. 20. TNS Here is how a typical survey might start 20
  21. 21. TNS Think about the first page of a survey as the ad for that survey
  22. 22. TNS Treat the opening page as the ad for the survey 22
  23. 23. TNS Be more surprising: Please rate your bank?
  24. 24. TNS Is your bank perfect? YES NO 24
  25. 25. TNS How close to perfect is it? No where near Close to perfect Perfect Bank 25
  26. 26. TNS Making better use of visuals
  27. 27. TNS Think of icons as ads for the options! 27
  28. 28. TNS Think of icons as ads for the options! 28
  29. 29. TNS Average option selection rate 29
  30. 30. TNS Making the whole survey a pleasurable experience 30
  31. 31. TNS The challenges we face as researchers are in many ways more complex than the challenges of advertising We have to hold peoples attention not for 30 seconds but for several minutes 31
  32. 32. TNS Film makers manage to keep our attention for hours So what can we learn from them? 32
  33. 33. TNS What can we learn from what script writers do? Good scripts grab your attention from the off by posing a great question Narrative structure is key They construct Heros through which the story is told 33
  34. 34. TNS Recommended reading matter
  35. 35. TNS At the heart of a good film script is a really good question What if every day was the same? Groundhog day What if a nun was made to be a nanny? The sound of music What if a really smart innocent person went to prison? Shawshank redemption What if dreams and reality were inter-changeable? Matrix 1 2 3 4 34
  36. 36. TNS A survey can be built around a really good question
  37. 37. TNS What is the secret of a really great shampoo?
  38. 38. TNS A life of hair washing what have you learnt?
  39. 39. TNS Learning from script writers Narrative structure is the key to good surveys 39
  40. 40. TNS The trial narrative 40
  41. 41. TNS The trial narrative Case for the prosecution Case for the defence Jury discussion Verdict 41
  42. 42. TNS Learning from publishers The techniques of mix advertising and editorial content 42
  43. 43. TNS Content readers want to look at Content publishers want you to look at 43
  44. 44. TNS Survey questions researchers want respondents to answer What brands of toothpaste are you aware of? Survey questions respondents want to answer Your nominations for the toothpaste of the year awards 44
  45. 45. TNS The challenge of survey design more complex than film making too Not asking people to passively consume but actively think and respond This is where understanding game play becomes important and we have taken a huge number of learnings from the computer gaming industry 45
  46. 46. TNS What we learn from what game designers do? They challenge us by asking really difficult questions! - forcing us to think really hard They deliver rewards 46
  47. 47. TNS Prediction games This is an example of how this betting approach is being used in practice to copy- test book cover designs 47
  48. 48. TNS Improved enjoyment 48
  49. 49. TNS Less sample to get stable answer 60 v 40 49
  50. 50. TNS Tests/quizzes 50
  51. 51. TNS Tests/quizzes 51
  52. 52. TNS Test/quiz 52
  53. 53. TNS Personality tests A repetitive set of attitude statements can be transformed into a more rewarding experience for respondents by positioning it as a personality test. This technique can be applied in virtually any survey but does require some setup and thought. 53
  54. 54. TNS Key Learnings Think like an advertiser Structure your story like a film marker Suspend your agenda about what you want to know Think like a gamer and make things more fun! 1 2 3 4 35
  55. 55. TNS Treat them like a human being
  56. 56. TNS Our SME survey
  57. 57. TNS A survey built around a really good question 57
  58. 58. TNS A more visual approach 58
  59. 59. TNS The respondents became the hero of their own story
  60. 60. TNS Built around a strong narrative structure 59
  61. 61. TNS Injecting some fun: thinking about these business people as human beings! 60
  62. 62. TNS The fact it was all about me and my life! ;-) I felt the person who wrote this survey really understood me and my business concerns It challenged me to really think about me and my business objectively What did you like about this survey? 61
  63. 63. TNS And the results speak for themselves highest B2B survey score enjoyment score of 8.25 in the top 10% of all surveys 62
  64. 64. TNS The story our survey told
  65. 65. TNS In the beginning 24% To earn money 24% To be my own boss 17% Saw an opportunity/gap in the market 16% Broader social purpose 13% Control of my future 65
  66. 66. TNS People are seen as critical drivers to achieving their ambitions 22% Business employees 15% Personal/family contribution 15% Business improvement 18% Business reputation 66
  67. 67. TNS Business is personal: 85% see themselves, their family, friends or employees as the biggest contributors to success % 62 23 Me and my family Staff Business improvement Clients/customers Bank /Gov 19 16 9 6 Myself Determination Family Friends 67
  68. 68. TNS Family/friends are seen to play a more important role than any professional body in their business success 16 22 20 56 69 43 44 35 22 18 9 6 Family / friends Bank Accountant Govt agency Non-bank lender Solicitor Large role No role % 68
  69. 69. TNS Whilst family/friends are important for all SMEs, they are of greatest importance to Micros Role played by Family/friends 44 67 43 46 37 Whole sample 1 to 10 11 to 50 51 to 100 101 to 250 16 9 16 18 22 Large role No role % 69
  70. 70. TNS Introducing Micro Managers and Bullish Builders
  71. 71. TNS Micro Managers & Bullish Builders show diverging characteristics Bullish BuildersMicro Managers Spontaneous and chance taking Practical and affirmed in their ways Empathetic and affable Organised and systematic Creative and curious for innovation Calculated and goal- driven 71
  72. 72. TNS Snapshot of Micro Managers Numerically important 1 million Motivated by independence 47%Be my own boss Friends and family are key Technology not seen as main success driver 72
  73. 73. TNS For micros, family/ friends play a broader strategic role in terms of 55% Idea generation 52% Financial support 48% Networking 73
  74. 74. TNS 74
  75. 75. TNS Snapshot of Bullish Builders 33% High potential/high growth companies Investing heavily in their businesses Equally motivated by opportunity and money invest over 100k 21% To earn money 20% Saw a gap in the market +65% +79%time put in effort made 75
  76. 76. TNS They are intent on growth +55% Productivity +33% New products +38% New customer acquisitions 76
  77. 77. TNS I want to be the dominant force in English wine. 77
  78. 78. TNS The story of our survey told us SMEs want to be the same is true of respondents, be they consumers or business people RecognisedValuedUnderstood 78
  79. 79. Business Personality Tests Access at:
  80. 80. Copyright 2014 Lightspeed, LLC. Proprietary and Confidential. All rights reserved. THE AVERAGE SMALL BUSINESS IS: 65% Creative 49% Gambler 60% Socialite 30% Business Tycoon 55% Micro Manager
  81. 81. Copyright 2014 Lightspeed, LLC. Proprietary and Confidential. All rights reserved. SMALL BUSINESS v RESEARCH BUSINESS: 65% 49% 60% 30% 55%55% 41% 51% 35% 49% Creative Gambler Socialite Business Tycoon Micro-Manager SME's Research companies
  82. 82. Copyright 2014 Lightspeed, LLC. Proprietary and Confidential. All rights reserved. THE AVERAGE RESEARCHER SEE THEMSELVES AS: 60% Artist 40% Scientist 50% Rock N Roll 40% Classical
  83. 83. TNS Thank you Jon Puleston VP Innovation Lightspeed GMI Amy Cashman MD Technology & Finance TNS