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THE MONEY WEEKEND !! Don’t try this at home !! :P ;)

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1. THE MONEY WEEKEND !! Dont try this at home !! :P ;) 2. My brother and me used to travel every weekend to play in on of the three Moroccan Casino, whether the Movampic Casino in Tanger or Mazagan Casino in El Jadida ; but this time we chose to go to Marrakech for Essaadi Casino !!!!!!! :D 3. While we were in the process of taking the road , my brothersfriend called him to tell him that he want to go with us . We took the train and there we called a friend who came to drive us to the HOTEL ESSAADIE . 4. I used to go out after playing poker in the Casino but this time I told them that we should have a good time before going to do what we have to do; bring money of this place that people call it Casino . 5. I called several friends to join us, when I was smoking my Chicha! 6. While I was waiting my friends , my brother told me that its timeto go to the Casino . 7. I began with playing the Roulette , While my brother was playing the Blackjack with his friends . 8. I used to play very softly bat this time I ran and I lost 1700 dh ! While I was putting other tickets monies in the machine , I called My lucky friend to tell which number I have to choose . I did what he toldme to do ! 9. I won lot of money , then I decided to play Poker . While I was playing , my brother joined me in the table . For us it was two against all other person at the table . 10. After two hours of play , I won 12000 DH and my brother won 9700 DH ! It was a lucky night ! We used to go to the hotel after the casino but now FIESTA LOCA at the THEATRO !!! 11. We spent all this money in less than six hours :O ! It was one ofthe best night that I hadnt done before ! 12. While my brother was in the process of storing the bag, I went to Jamaa Lafna to take pictures with an old friend (monkey ) Before we went back to Fes ! 13. It was a good weekend and We Will do it again !