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jewelry & metalwok & others from 2013~2016


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    ForewordThis portfolio records my work during the years from 2013 to 2015.Despite not presenting all my works,it will be enough for you to

    understanding my creative characteristic and research direction.During this period, I tried a lot of things that I am interested in,and

    these I am showing you are some representative parts of them.

    I am a person with a unique personality,which is strongly reflected by my works.I am obsessed with western modern art,especially

    Dadaism and minimalism,meanwhile I always have tremendous passion of eastern art.Thus my works somewhat contain elements

    of both western and easter culture.It is my general creation method that adopts the rational way of western art and the eastern

    philosophical spirit to express my ideas.In the future,I will definitely extend my sense of art creation,but my national attribute and the

    implicit charm of my country's culture will always be the ladder which lead me to another level.

    The fusion and conflict of different cultures will be displayed in a more harmonious way through my future works,and this portfolio is

    a new step of my creation journey.

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    Education Background

    09/2011-06/2015 BA in Jewelry Design at China University of Geosciencesaverage 88.2

    honors:'Exellent Graduate'1national scholarship(8000RMB)3Choutaifok' scholarship(5000RMB)

    09/2015Admitted to MA Jewelry Design programme exempted from entrance examination by China University of Geosciences

    honors:MA Entrance Sholarship(14000RMB)

    Curtis Yin jewelry designer,hiphop MC

    wall painting artist,graffiti writertatto designer


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    Contents Faces 1

    indifference`7 panic8 fake smile9

    Silent Beat Trilogy 10

    graphic rhythm12

    sculpture of audio24

    play it!33

    Knee Jerk 44

    Frame and Express 54

    stablization and diversification57

    the bottle64

    Others 71

  • Vfaces

  • 1Facesseries of brooches,2015

    sterling silverhand engraved

  • 2When I was watching the music video of only by Nicki Minaj,I was impressed by the scene Chris Brown singing after a piece of a tightened white cloth,with his face and body rubbing and touching the cloth.


    'Only' mv screenshot

  • 3Question

    Then I started to think about the relationship between the performer and the cloth:which is meant to be displayed,the singer or the cloth?

    If the performer wants to show himself,he can do it better without a piece of cloth covered;If it is the cloth which is planned to be shown,is it really necessaryto display it in this way?


  • 4So I tried to switch my view of the scene,I began to focus on the relationship itself.As the picture shows,the person and the cloth have an invisible connect that can protect the persons real statement from others,which means the person can show the emotion or attitude he wants people to see if he leans his face or other body parts on the cloth;on the other side, its also safe for him to just stay behind the cloth,doing ulterior things.

  • 5Discovery

    Its a marvelous metaphor of peoples seeming expressions and their real feelings.Sometimes people cry with happiness and smile with tears in thier heart;sometimes people play the role of a backstabber with blessings in their mouth,which is what everybody experiencing directly or indirectly in daily life.

    We pretend to be nice because we dont want to lose friendsWe pretend to be indifferent to evade troublesWe pretend to act like we dont care to protect ourselves from heartbreak

    So I made my final decision of the series main idea: the face and the heart.

  • 6Production Process

    I chose the unpolished silver pieces to imitate the texture of the white cloth.

    cut down the required shape and draw the

    zonesto be hammered

    burry the piece in the sealing wax,then hammer and engrave the silver piece step by step as designed

    finish engraving the main part of the brooch,and begin to produce the

    accessories as planned

    finish all the decorative parts of the brooch,mark

    the places need to be better finished

    weld all parts together make the pin for wearing and weld it to the back of

    the brooch

    polish the brooch as designed and finish

  • 7Indifferencebrooch,2015sterling silver,hand engraved'I chose squares to delicate the frame around the face to convey the feeling of indifference,which seems calm and quite on the outside but tough and unloving inside. '

  • 8Panicbrooch,2015sterling silver,hand engraved'I dont think people can always pretend to be wise and calm in any situation,especially when horrible stuff happens.So I selected lozenges to be both the main shape and decorations,just to show the sharp feeling of acute panic.'

  • 9Fake smilebrooch,2015sterling silver,hand engraved'I think this maybe the most difficult one to finish in this series,because it is really hard to show an audio statement and moving action of a 'fake smile'in a silent moment by doing it with metal.I put 4 triangles in the corner of the square piece to show my idea of a silent fake smile,which always contains the opposite information of good meanings as it looks.'

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    silent Beat Trilogy

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    Cultural Background of the Project

    Cultural BackgroundIn Song dynasty,when the Song poetry was the most popular genre of poetry,people invented revolutionally different rhymes along with its matching regulation of rhyming so that poets could make their own style of poems using the new regulaition,which absolutely boosted the level of ancient Chines poetry art on the whole.The most significant feature of the Song poetry is that every song has two parts,and the two parts are similar to each other but always a little different.The two parts have similar word numbers,similar rhythm and similar formats,but it is the very little variety between them that makes the Song poetry extremely facsinating.

    The Rhyme System of the Song PoetryThe regulaiton of the Song poetry rhymes is not as strict as poetry art before it,like the Tang poetry,it is relatively free and more melodious,so the Song poetry is more fun to read or sing. However, there are still some firm rules of making a Song poem,as a result of the correspondingly loose rhyme system,the poets at that time invented 'Ci Pai 'name according to the certain types of rhymes in the Song poetry,so that it is easier to create their own works. In fact,most of the Song poems are sung along with their macthing music,poems sung in the same or the similar melody are in the same category,which is known as 'Ci Pai 'name.

    The Base of the ProjectThis project,'Silent Beats',is based on the Song poetry rhyme system.I try to express the spirit of 3 'Ci Pai' names,which is mainly expressed via the symbolization and visualization of the 3 different rhymes methods in 3 sub-projects.These 3 sub-projects are not isolated,they have some inner connections which means they gradually become more high-end,so I also call it 'the Trilogy of Rhymes'.

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    Graphic Rhythm

  • 13

    Zhe Gu Tian 1brroch/ring,2015,sterling silver,hand fabricated

    'To show the rhyme of the poem by making it visible and symbolic.The only fabricated polished silver piecemake it the focus of the whole work,

    providing a different rythem in the limited area of shape,which is also the spirit of the Song Poetry art.'

  • 14

    The Ci Pai name of Zhe GuTian,of which the rhyme format is called 'double flat rhyme',the first and the second section of the peom is nearly the same with only a slight difference .Now let's break the eaxmple poem down.

    We can see the change in the second section ,the highlighted 2 sentences of the second part is made up of only 6 words,which makes itself both the visual and vocal focus of the whole poem.Visually,the difference of the word number is apparent;vocally,the two 3-word sentences provide an acute pause when we read the poem,and that is what I decide to emphasize in the afterwards design.That is to say,this point is the symbol of the Ci Pai name of 'Zhe Gu Tian'.

    Inspiration and Analysis


  • 15

    Selection of Material

    Why paper?Because people in Song dynasty already began to write on paper no exception for the poets.Why not paper?Paper is not durable,but silver is,and silver is more wearable .

    the comparison between silver and paperpics via Fang Longhuizi




    I chose unpolished annealed silver piece to simulate the texture of white paper.

  • 16

    I choose the above patent on page 16 as the basic visual form of the work and then I pick oval as the shape for each element to mke up the whole piece of work.

    Design Process

    As I analized before, the main method of designing the whole series is to symbolize and visualize the vocal features of different rhymes(page12 underlined) according to the result of the analysis above.

    the reason why I chose oval is here:the gentle curve can coney the spirit of the traditional chinese poetry culturethe shape of oval express the Taoism idea of being peaceful and calmcompared to circleoval is longer and slimmerso it is more suitable to imitate the form of a Song poem.

    the whole process can be transferred to the graph below

    visualize & symbolize

  • 17

    Sketches & Drafts

    3D rendering of the work

  • 18

    Production Process

    cut down 16 silver pieces as designed burry 8 silver pieces in the wax and engrave them as designed