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Building a Professional Portfolio by Dr. Aikyna Finch

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  • 1. Building a Professional PortfoliobyDr. Aikyna Finch

2. Agenda What is a Professional Portfolio Types of Professional Portfolios What will go into the Portfolio Build the Portfolio 3. What is a Professional PortfolioA professional portfolio provides a complete picture of aindividual by displayingexperiences, accomplishments, skills, education, interests, and professional goals and objectives. 4. Types of Professional Portfolios Digital Visual CV PDF Resume Links Hard-Copy Master Presentation Sample 5. What will go into the Portfolio Cover Art Overview/Table of Contents Tab 1 Experience Cover Letter Resume Reference Letters Tab 2 Education Diploma School Acceptance Letters Transcripts Training Certifications Tab 3 Skills Writing Samples Publication Tab 4 Projects/Volunteer Overview Pictures Networks Tab 5 Outcomes Awards Recognition Performance Evaluations 6. Maintaining the Portfolio Update regularly Make revisions Fill voids Make generic samples Make Copies Distribution Emergency Polished look Remember this is YOUR Brand! 7. Any Questions?