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  • Project type: Construction (Team Projects) Program Used: Revit and Room Sketcher. Objective: we were to create a house for a family of four that lives in Sweden considering the square footage, number of rooms, and location. Solution: my partner and I worked within the confinements of the site to come up with the best exterior shape and interior room configuration that fit two kids bedrooms, one master bedroom, and one guest bedroom as well as the bathrooms, living room, kitchen, and storage facilities within 11,000 square feet

    Site Plan

    Part One

  • Process: Our two story house took into consideration the best view, sound barriers within the site and the vertical circulation and function of the spaces within. The use of Andersen windows provided a sustainable focus and provided the best view which in our case was the lake. The two childrens bedrooms are on the first floor sharing the half bathroom with the living room. The master bedroom and the guest bedroom are located on the second floor sharing the family bathroom. In the second phase we created constructional drawings of the floor plans, elevations, and sections, as well as a 3d model.

    Front Elevation

    Side Elevation

    Stairs Prespective

    Part Two

  • Part Three

    A google sketch up model was made for the house to show how the foundation, trusses, headers, sheathing, and over all structure of the house was built.

  • Floor Plan

    Part One

    Bedroom Bathroom Meditation Room




    Project type: Residential and Site Planning (individual) Program Used: Revit, Photoshop . Objective: I was to create a Lake house for a couple. The views and the connection with nature was a prime consideration. Solution: The entire home is divided into two zones. The bedroom wing connects to nature with the secluded views of the landscape which provided an extremely quiet and relaxing area. The social area is an open concept providing the open view of the outside and allowing the couple to generate a feeling of outdoors while they enjoy the living, dining and kitchen spaces.


  • Part Two

    Front View Rendering

  • Part Three

    Meditation Room Rendering

  • Part One Project type: Commercial (Group Project) Program Used: Revit, Photoshop . Objective: We were to create a mid century modern themed hotel design for our client in the remodeling of the Nacogdoches landmark Hotel Fredonia in Nacogdoches, Texas. Solution: My part in the project was designing the bar area, bar ADA restrooms, lounge area, old terrace rooms, and outdoor area in front of old terrace rooms. Restaurants, other bars, gift shops, and other spaces were assigned to my partners in the project. Lobby, offices, cafe and other spaces were designed in a collaborative way where my two partners and I gathered and discussed the best furniture layouts/selections , fabric, function, price, and design options for the spaces. Visiting the site was our main focus to understand the nature of the building and come up with the best design solutions that offers safety, comfort, creativity, and function.


  • Camera A1

    Camera A2

    The sink was moved outside of the bathroom to minimize the usage of walls, as well as to give more space for the water closet and bath tub.

    Big tall three mirrors were added above the sink to give the guest the feel that the room is bigger than it really is when they enter by noticing their reflection and getting their attention drawn up.

    Antique mirrors were added on top of headboard to also give the feeling that the room is bigger.

    Closet space, storage, safe, and mini refrigerator were added to the wood cabinets around the TV to save more space in the room.

    The paint was picked from the variety of colors that Sherwin-William paint company offers, mixed with patterned wallpaper to give the guests a sense of relaxation.

  • Part One

    Wood floors Art and lighting add a sense of drama and interest. Wallpaper on the wall behind the sofa adds interest and a feel of the

    mid century modern style. Big frames were used in tight hallway to make it look wider.

    Exposed beer lines on glass panel, and a curved soffit above the bar to personalize and highlight it.

    Tile was added to the windows sill and frame. Bar mirrored the brick wall in front of it to emphasize the structure and add

    unity to the space The bar shape defines the circulation and wayfinding in the space.

  • Part One

    Cushions, canopy, and pillows made of durable Sunrella Fabrics that is maintainable and reliable.

    Iron work was used through out the space.

    Fences and walls were designed to secure the space and unblock the view from the rooms at the same time.

    Space can be multitask, and furniture could be moved.

    Different furniture to please different minds, and functions.

    Greenery were added to reduce noise and provide a more relaxed area.

  • Project type: Commercial, Next Design Competition (individual) Program Used: Revit, Photoshop . Objective: Starting with an empty shell, the goal of the project was to create Coworking spaces foster a sense of community; where ideas are shared, collaboration flourishes and relationships are built, allowing entrepreneurs, freelancers and businesses to be flexible, collaborative and focused on end results using Steelcase furniture and space dividers. Solution: the first step to achieve the best design is to create a block diagram that indicates the zoning and square footage of each area. After zoning each area, choosing the furniture was the second step, my concept was to create a playful, colorful , and the most important connective work space, that will be appealing to everybody.

    Part One

    Bubble diagram First Level Floor Plan

    Bubble diagram Second Level Floor Plan

  • Part Two

    First Level Floor Plan


    Process: I divided my space considering two main functions . 1- Public : where there is more noise and the workspaces are more open and free. 2- Private : where there is less noise and the workspaces are more enclosed and isolated. My main goal was to design a workspace that provides opportunities for high level of concentration as well as collaboration, and allow individuals to choose when and how they use them. Creating these two major spaces enables members control perceived noise and privacy by providing access to rooms with a door and acoustical separation when needed. That being said members would feel more in control of the space which increases their productivity and reduces stress. To achieve connectivity and communication between different members in the workspace I used angled walls that provided visual connection and diverse exchange of viewpoints, which drives acceptance and understanding, leading to a richer perspective.

    Second Level Floor Plan

    NF1 NF2


  • Part Three

    Perspective NF1. Open Office Perspective NF2. Open Office

  • Part Four

    Interior Elevations


    Interior Elevations


  • Project type: Lighting Project (Team Project) Skill Used: Revit, Photoshop. Objective: we were to design the interior of a retails store and incorporate lighting to create an interesting experience for the stores costumers. Solution: generating multifunctional lighting that enhanced products within the store was a primary function. My partner and I created an industrial atmosphere that highlighted the jewelry, clothing and accessories emphasized within the design. Fiber optics dresses added a sense of interest and attraction replaced on the merchandize tables in front of the main glass doors. The general light switches were located at the main entrances to allow employees visual access through the space till they reach the main control area of the accent lighting.

    Reflected Ceiling Plan

    Part One

  • Design concept: We created a curved cove in the ceiling that contains LED lights put on one side of the cove creating a shining light path to direct the costumers from the entrance of the space to the stairs that leads to the upper level of the merchandize store, giving them a great experience and feeling of classiness and royalty as well as marketing the second level merchandize. The stairs were designed with LED strip accent lighting to add a sense of drama to the space, and also help directing the costumers to the upper level of the store.

    Light Installation Detail Drawing

    Stair Light Installation Detail Drawing Part Two

  • Project type: Residential and Site Planning (individual) Skill Used: Hand Model Building. Objective: I was to create a weekend getaway house for a family. Location was the prime concern of this project as it was built in Jordan with concrete walls and floors. Solution: The house was designed with maximum usage of glass and sunroofs to maximize natural lighting, and of course let the family enjoy the views around them, a site analysis was made to determine the best views, noise, wind, and traffic, to design the house accordingly.

    Part One

    The usage of wood added more color to the house, as well as blending it in with the nature around.

    Stone walls, as it is a material that is common in the region, as wells to create a strong, protective structure.

    Stained concrete was used in the interior flooring, with several patterns and shapes.

    Glass was used in all elevations to add more interest, and a sense of transparency.

  • Project type: Commercial, structural (individual) Skill Used: Hand Model Building. Objective: The bus stop design allowed us as a class to be creative and exceed the limits, thinking outside the box was major in this project, however, functionality played a big role as well. Solution:. I wanted to create an original and unique bus stop that we do not see usually. First I mixed the major shapes (triangle, square, and circle) on a grid, then I designed the bus stop by going over certain lines in the grid, shaping a volume, then I applied the grid again and broke up the main volume into smaller shapes forming the bus stops walls , ceiling and seats.

    Part One


  • Finish Selection: I chose the colors according to the clients preference and incorporated them in a way that serves the idea of a traditional office space. The browns and navy blues gave the room some richness, then the crme in the carpet ,drapery added a pop of color, as I have a majority of solid colors, I decided to add different patterns to add a sense of movement and interest.

    Throw Pillows and Sham


    Sofa And Chair


    Drapery Flooring Guest Chair Planting

  • Bedding was chose for its warm colors that blends in different values and hues. Green pillow was picked to match the bedding, the patterned white and black pillow was needed

    to bring out the solid color, and give the space a fun feeling. A mid century modern chair, furry bench, and TV station were added to the space to give the

    space a contemporary look.

    3 Bedding

    Chair Fabric Chair Pillow

    Bed Pillows

    5 Rug



    4 Drapery

    Bed Pillows



    3 4



    2 Bench



    3 4



    1 Chair

  • In addition of my interest in Interior Design, I am passionate about fashion design, and have participated in Stephen F. Austin State Universitys annual recyclable fashion show (green is the new black) twice, in 2013 and 2015.

    2013, the dress won third place 2015, the dress won First place

    Inspiration Inspiration