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1. AN UNFORGETTABLE WEEK By Oumaima Baladi 2. 3 years ago 3. Well! what do you think happened 3 years ago? 4. I had an accident? Or I traveled to Japan? Any idea?Can you guess? 5. Well Ill tell you 6. I went to Egypt. I know it seems nice but its not. Wait until the end of the story to know why. . 7. So 3 years ago I went to Egypt with my parents, for a whole week. I was so excited. We stayed in Alexandria 3 nights. 8. Then we went to Cairo. 9. Yes we saw the pyramids how cool is that? 10. But you know whats even better? We went to the museum and I had the opportunity to see several mummies. Mummies???? Mommy Im scared 11. No, thats not scary at all Im just trying to be funny because its such a boring story. 12. So we visited Cairo, we bought many souvenirs and I met some famous Egyptian actors. Everything was fabulous until now. 13. Well guess whatits already the end of the trip Or at least thats what I thought. And because it was our last day in Egypt I wanted to have fun so I asked my dad to take me to dream park. 14. And thats exactly what he did .We played all 3 of us it was really fun and we were all happy. 15. But 16. yes there is always a but that ruins everything . at the end of the day there was a revolution, the smell of tear gas was unbelievable and people were running everywhere 17. my dad took my hand and my mom was running behind us what a horror movie!!! 18. It gets better. We lost our way to the hotel and I was really scared. 19. Enough drama 20. Eventually we found our way and we went back to the hotel but not to morocco because our flight was canceled so we had to spend another whole week in Egypt 21. But I m alive isnt that great?I will never forget this amazing trip. 22. The end