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    1. Site Proposal........................................................,.............52. Request for Proposal...........................................,............73. Site Plan.............................................................................84. Redevelopment Proposal..............................................115. Landscape Design and Work........................................136. Writing Sample-Staff Report..............................................147. Pedestrian Study.................................................................15


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    TRANSPORTATION PLANNING INTERN | CATHY SWEETAPPLE & ASSOCIATES | FORT LAUDERDALE, FL | JUNE 2015-PRESENT Conduct parking studies using technical documents and design graphics to represent parking data for

    zoning amendments Gather, assemble, and organize AADT data and pedestrian/bike counts for multi billion-dollar commercial

    development projects

    Generate spreadsheets using formulas from the ITE Trip Generation Manual Draft graphics for Transportation Improvement Plans (TIP), Long Range Transportation Plans (LRTP), and

    Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Amendments to submit to Broward and Miami-Dade County regarding planned and programmed infrastructure projects

    ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT | BUDGET BLINDS OF NORTHEAST BROWARD | OAKLAND PARK, FL | JUNE 2015-PRESENT Played role in expanding business territory and relocating office space to an award-winning Oakland Park

    industrial revitalization area off of NE 6th Avenue

    Responsibilities include billing, shipping and receiving, managing the schedule of design consultants and customer service

    Manage website design and upload media content

    DATA CONSULTANT | FLORIDA LEADERSHIP MAGAZINE | FORT LAUDERDALE, FL | JUNE 2015-AUGUST 2015 Assisted with the launch of Florida Leadership Magazine which unites Government Officials and Corporate

    Leaders throughout Florida Created inventory database of over 12,000 private sector CEOs, Presidents, Entrepreneurs, and Directors who

    contribute significantly to Floridas economic growth


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    FLORIDA ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY | BACHELOR OF URBAN AND REGIONAL PLANNING | BOCA RATON, FL Expected Graduation: July 2016Organizations: Planning Society, Institute of Transportation EngineersCumulative GPA: 3.75 Related Coursework: Capital Facilities Planning, GIS and Visual Planning Technology, Public Policy and Implementation Strategies

    UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA ASHEVILLE| BACHELOR OF SCIENCE-MARKETING MANAGEMENT| ASHEVILLE, NCAttended: May 2013-December 2014 Minor: SociologyOrganization: University Honors ProgramMajor GPA: 3.7Related Coursework: Micro/Macro Economics, Marketing and the Consumer, Organizational Behavior, International Political Relations


    WATERWAY CLEANUP | FAU PLANNING SOCIETY | FORT LAUDERDALE, FL | NOVEMBER 2015Ongoing biannual community revitalization project in the Sistrunk Neighborhood of Fort Lauderdale

    KESSLER CARES COMMITTEE| GRAND BOHEMIAN HOTEL | ASHEVILLE, NC | MAY 2014-AUGUST2014Appointed as the Front Office representative for the Kessler Cares Committee at the Grand Bohemian Hotel and became responsible for delegating the company's employee assistance fund by regulating and distributing loans or grants accordingly

    VOLUNTEER | BUNCOMBE COUNTY DETENTION CENTER | ASHEVILLE, NC | AUGUST 2011-MARCH2012Mentored female inmates through active listening


    [email protected]

    (860) 916-7210

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    Course: Visual Planning Technology, Spring 2015

    Project Location: Pembroke Pines, Florida

    Description of Project: The Blue Ridge Coffee House is a conceptual plan for an empty parcel of land in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Research was performed to examine the parcel in terms of zoning, land use, proximity to adjacent roadways and surrounding neighborhoods. Data was collected from American Legal Publishing, ArcGIS, MuniCode, Broward County Property Appraiser, and the City of Pembroke Pines.

    I. Concept Site Proposal Blue Ridge Coffee House

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    Erin Ladd| Adam Chapman | Marie LeScaonURP 4343: 001 Plan, Making and Design | Prof. Sherryl Muriente | Spring 2014

    School of Urban and Regional Planning | Florida Atlantic University

    Improving quality of life through employment and education. Recycling donated clothes and turning them into haute

    couture by the talented hands of Sistrunk locals. Fashion

    shows, competitions and sales in the heart of Sistrunk

    Boulevard.Local models in local clothes made by local talent.Source: Swagger on the Boulevards July 4th Fashion Attack Weekend

    The Sistrunk neighborhood, outlined above in red, is the heart of the project area. Source: Google Earth


    This project is creating professionals skilled

    in design, fashion, management and

    business systems. The professionals are

    growing the business organically to

    properly attract community members in

    the Sistrunk neighborhood. By combining

    personal skill development with

    community fashion shows, events and

    celebrations, this project is growing the

    neighborhood at the individual,

    community and regional levels.

    Focusing on a well rounded skill sets that are employable in any field will give the participants leg up in employment in what ever field they want to be in.



    STEP 1:Acquire gently used clothing, shoes, accessories.

    STEP 2: Create current, cutting edge fashion byintroducing motivated residents to a premium setof skill sets in fashion and business by partneringwith local businesses, professionals and educators

    STEP 3: Create talented residents withtransferable, in demand skills sets,who happen to make dazzlingfashion items.

    Retail location BEFORE Retail location AFTER









    II. Request for Proposal Sistrunk Community Redevelopment

    Course: Plan Making and Design, Spring 2015

    Project location: Sistrunk Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Description of Project: The purpose of this projectwas to develop a RFP for a community redevelopmentagency to promote community engagement usingsome form of art. My team won the judging panel atthe end of the semester based on our project ideaand design. Our conceptual company name wasSwagger on the Boulevard and the general scope ofthe project involved up-cycling donated/used clothingto encourage residents to engage with one anotherwhile altering the fabrics to represent their personalstyle. The fictional storefront was called Fashion forCompassion and planned to utilize empty buildingspace on Sistrunk Boulevard to set up a small retailshop, where all profits will get re-invested back into thecommunity

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    III. Site Plan West Palm BeachProject location: Loftin District, West Palm Beach, FL

    Course: Site Planning, Fall 2015

    Description of Project: The purpose of this project was to develop a site plan that proposed mixed-use development on three vacant commercial parcels located in the Loftin District (LD) of West Palm Beach Florida. The Loftin District was designated to serve as a transitionary node between the Residential and Government Center district in accordance with West Palms most recent Development Master Plan (DMP). The district is currently zoned to encourage live/work/play developments, with several projects for 10-20 story apartment complexes currently underway on neighboring parcels.


    Site B

    Site A

    Site C


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    Site A

    Site B

    Site C

  • IV. Redevelopment Proposal Plantation Midtown

    Course: City Structure & Change, Fall 2015


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    INTRODUCTION The City of Plantation was incorporated as a Broward County municipality in 1953 and covers approximately 22.8 square miles. (Duplaga & Guise, 2003) The objective behind Plantations establishment was to provide residents with a warrant to formulate long range plans for future land developments. This commitment to long range planning foreshadows the City of Plantations philosophy of Research, Plan, and Do it right the first time. (Keith & Schnars; City of Plantation, 2002)

    Figure 2: City of Plantation Timeline

    Graphics | Plantation Midtown

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    V. Landscape Design and Work

    From 2011-2014, I lived on 8 acres of underutilized property located at the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville, NC. After growing bored with the pile of dirt in my backyard, I decided to turn the space into a garden. I single-handedly crafted the stairs and rock wall using nothing but 10 planks of spare plywood, one shovel and one old, rusted saw.




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    August 31, 2015City of Rivertown Commissioners

    RE: Biltmore Farmstead Site Concept

    Staff recommends that the City Council approve the draft for the development of a Business Incubation Center as well as a facility To Be Determined (TBD) via community Charrette on Biltmore Farmstead, a vacant double frontage lot, located along Raymond Street, Cartwright Avenue, and Madison Street.

    On August 31st, 2015, Erin Ladd submitted a site concept that vertically divided the Biltmore Farmstead parcel creating a eastern facing lot towards Madison Street, and a western facing lot towards Raymond street. The development of the western half of the lot will be determined by the residents of Rivertown following a scheduled Charrette. A business incubator facility is proposed for the eastern half of the site. The Biltmore Farmstead site is currently zoned as a Low Density Single Family Residential District (R-1A), however the sites centralized location and proposed use would serve in the communitys best interest based on the following Staff recommendations: Business Incubator is to remain in compliance with program policies set forth by the The International Business Innovation Association The wooded area along the northern edge of the lot bordering Cartwright Avenue will remain untouched in compliance with gross acreage required as per code 106.1 (A) Divide the lot to avoid a zoning compliance permit due to double frontage Each lot site will provide (ONE) two-lane ingress/egress along the designated front street. Ingress/Egress must be adjacent to an intersection. (i.e. neighborhood road) The limit of (ONE) two-lane ingress/egress per side road will limit traffic combustion Erect a traffic light and pedestrian crosswalk at the intersection of Biltmore Avenue and Raymond Street, as well as a traffic light and crosswalk at the intersection of

    Biltmore Avenue and Madison Street. This will encourage pedestrian traffic flow to the Central Business District All new structures are to be architecturally consistent with the Central Business DistrictStaff supports this project, as a Business Incubator concept will fall along the City of Rivertowns future land use goal to encourage quality industrial, office, and commercial development to provide employment opportunities for residents to diversify the tax base. This is sound reasoning based on the fact that research has shown that for every $1 of estimated public operating subsidy provided the incubator, clients and graduates of The International Business Innovation Association (INBIA) member incubators generate approximately $30 in local tax revenue alone. (International Business Innovation Association, 2015) Additionally, research shows that over 84% of incubated businesses stay within their community, therefore providing opportunity to renovate and fill vacant space within the Central Business District.

    Development and occupancy for the western half of the site will be determined by the residents of the City of Rivertown following a community Charrette, which falls along Section 3 in the City of Rivertowns Comprehensive Plan for the future land-use goal to preserve and enhance community character through the creation of design guidelines and regulations for architecture, signs, lighting, pedestrian amenities, and traffic/access management. Businessman Nipsy More and the Rivertown Merchants Association have volunteered their time to promote the Business Incubator concept, while Ima Peoples, Delores Lemma, and Clara Story have taken on the initiative to promote a Charrette event for community members. 14

    VI. Writing Sample Staff Report

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    VII. Pedestrian StudySunrise Blvd + Federal Hwy Corridor

    Project location: Intersection of Sunrise Blvd + Federal Hwy in Fort Lauderdale

    Course: Planning Project, Spring 2016

    Description of Project: The purpose of this study was to analyze arterial corridors that create high-risk situations for pedestrians and bicyclists. Fort Lauderdale has the 2ndhighest pedestrian fatality rate in the country, so a plan was proposed to address a solution for the area with the highest number of pedestrian fatalities.

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    N F


    l H


    W Sunrise Blvd/S Federal Hwy

    Proposal: Narrow all lanes to 10 wide for traffic calming.

    Reduce speed limit < 30 MPH per Complete Streets



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    Erin Ladd is graduating in July 2016 with a Bachelorsdegree in Urban & Regional Planning from FloridaAtlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. Her coreacademic and professional interests include Planning forMixed-use Developments, Commercial Real-Estate andTransportation Planning. She finds Site Planning the mostchallenging and rewarding and enjoys analyzing zoningcodes, market data, and socioeconomic indicators todevelop realistic site plans that positively impact allstakeholders in the community.

    Erin currently interns for an independent and well-respected Transportation Planning Firm in FortLauderdale where she is responsible for determining theimpacts that future mixed-use developments will have onvehicular/pedestrian/bicycle traffic in specified studyareas. She also generates spreadsheets using formulasfrom the ITE Trip Generation Manual and drafts graphicsfor Transportation Improvement Plans (TIP), Long RangeTransportation Plans (LRTP), and Capital ImprovementPlan (CIP) Amendments to submit to Broward and Miami-Dade County regarding planned and programmedinfrastructure projects.

    She is passionate about the environment and spent 2008-2010 living in Alaska & Colorado working in theEcotourism industry. Erin grew up skiing competitively inVermont and was an Athlete on Vermonts A-TeamMogul circuit.