open badges adoption announcements at the 2014 open badges summit to reconnect learning

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Major badge adoption announcements at the 2014 Open Badges Summit to Reconnect Learning on February 13, 2014 at NestGSV in Silicon Valley. Several learning companies, including the Afterschool Alliance,, Pearson, Educational Testing Service, edX, the Professional Examination Service, and the Council for Aid to Educators announce the adoption of Mozilla Open Badges into existing platforms for certifying and acknowledging learning achievement.



2. JEN RINEHART VICE PRESIDENT, RESEARCH & POLICY AFTERSCHOOL ALLIANCE @jmrinehart 3. PLEDGE: Increase access to Open Badges in afterschool and summer prog[email protected] Alliance pledges to work with Mozilla Foundation and five Statewide Afterschool Networks to offer badges to youth and adult workforce in afterschool and summer programs by the end of 2014. A PARTNERSHIP BETWEENAFTERSCHOOL ALLIANCE + MOZILLA FOUNDATION + STATEWIDE AFTERSCHOOL [email protected] 4. JOHN DILLOW CO-FOUNDER WORKFORCE.IO @jdwio 5. PLEDGE: Create a common language between employers, job seekers and [email protected] pledges to create an online platform that utilizes job skill badges & video content as a new common language for the entry level & middle skill jobs to connect the employer, job seeker and trainer with this new language and re-align todays workforce. A PARTNERSHIP BETWEENWORKFORCE.IO + WK KELLOG FOUNDATION + LIVING CLASSROOMS [email protected] 6. MARK JOHNSON VP, CAREER & CREDENTIALING PLATFORMS PEARSON @pearsonplc 7. PLEDGE: Support the Worlds Leading Certification and Academic Organizations with Open [email protected] has launched Acclaim, an enterprise-class Open Badge platform built to support the worlds most prestigious credentialing organizations and postsecondary academic [email protected] 8. ERIN KNIGHT SENIOR DIRECTOR OF LEARNING MOZILLA @eknight 9. PLEDGE: Add Open Badges as a tool for measuring student learning [email protected] has introduced Certificates of Achievement and Mozilla Open Badges to give students more ways to provide evidence of their skills to academia and [email protected] 10. PLEDGE: Integrate Open edX with Open Badges to serve a global community of students and [email protected] pledges to work with its open-source community and Mozilla to implement a badges system for the approximately 2 million edX students to showcase their completion of edX [email protected] 11. PLEDGE: Issue Badges for Collegiate Learning Assessment using ProExam [email protected] Examination Service will partner with the Council for Aid to Education to issue Open Badges for the Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA+) and College and Work Readiness Assessment (CWRA+). A PARTNERSHIP BETWEENPROFESSIONAL EXAMINATION SERVICE + COUNCIL FOR AID TO EDUCATION 12. @Badges4Learning#ReconnectLearning