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Awards for Open Web enthusiasts.Technical details for geeks.Practical definition of the Open Web for the mass.


  • 1.What is the Open Web?

2. Defining it with words" The open web is made up of four primary ingredients: Freedom: built with technology and content thatanyone can study, use or improve.Participation: anyone can participate or innovatewithout asking permission from others.Decentralization: the architecture is distributedand control is shared by many parties."Generativity: we can make new ideas from oldones. As we use, we also hack and innovate.Mark Surman, 3. OR 4. Defining it with examplesgreasemonkeyGNUWikimediaWikipediaCommons jQueryFirefox Wikileaks OpenClipart DVCS OpenStreetMap ApacheCreativeCommons 5. SO 6. The Open Webis about freedom, participation,decentralization and materialized in different ways inour online lives.How can we make people aware of it? How can we make people start to care about it? 7. 1.0 8. 2.0 9. Open Web Badges I do not prevent you to download my contentI give you freedom to reuse my contentBuilt with technologies that you are Free to useYou can participate in the conversationYou can improve or contribute contentI protect your Freedom of speechI respect your privacyI am built with disabled people in mindI give you controlI ease creation of new content... 10. Project's objectives 1. Create a set of badges which help people understand thenature and the benefits of an Open Web.2. Find a unified way to let Open Web enthusiasts proudlydisplay their badges to the rest of the world.3. Find a way to let people award badges to other websitesand gather details about Open Web technologies in use.4. Develop light pieces of software, if required. 5. Reach hundreds of enthusiasts, thousands of websites,and even more average Internet users, to start with. 11. Why it will be adoptedNo matter how childish it can seem, we love tocollect badges.Foursquare, Amazon, Osnapz, Miso, ... Web developers like to know what technologyis used on the websites they browse. Library Detector, Framework Detector 12. Jump In!Give us ideas of badges, detailcriteria to earn them.Comment on other propositionsDraw your badges if you can!