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Different types of Photography Laura D’souza

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Fashion Photography

Different types of PhotographyLaura Dsouza

LandscapeLandscape photography is used to capture as much as you can see with a single lens. It is usually used when capturing an open space such as nature or a man-made building or something. When looking at a landscape picture there is usually something being focused on and then a lot of space around it to fill in the blank space. Landscape photography is useful because you can fit as much as you like into the camera image by how much you zoom in or out.

Laura D'souza

Where we see these imagesWe see landscape images everywhere around us, the most common place we see these images are in travel books/guides when explaining about where to go visit, magazines, on tv, leaflets, college, photography books, posters and many more. Laura D'souza

Associated photographersCharlie Waite

Adam Burton

Helen DixonLaura D'souza

FashionFashion photography is used everyday. It is used to express how people feel or show different styles or trends of clothing, or the type of clothing for that particular season. It is used to show people different clothing, shoes, bags and what looks good. Fashion photography is very big because it gives people an idea of how and what they want to look like.

Laura D'souza

Where we see these images Fashion images are used globally by thousands of people, they will be used on social media by teenagers to how what they like wearing or what they are interested in, they will be used by fashion photographers to document their cat walk and keep a copy of what they designed to show people, you will also see fashion images in big cities on billboards, buses, train stations, adverts, on taxis, fashion photography is so big you will see it everywhere you go, especially magazines.Laura D'souza

Associated photographersSebastian Kim

Jason Kibbler

JanWelterLaura D'souza

Advertising Advertising photography is used to draw the audience and the readers attention to what is being advertised. This is the get the audience interested and want to buy the product. This type of photography is also used to be creative when trying to create and image people will enjoy and will catch their attention. It also makes the product more interesting because of the way the mage may have been taken or staged.

Laura D'souza

Where we see these imagesAdvertising photography is all around us, we see it everyday; even if we arent looking for it. We will see these images on tv, magazines, billboards, newspapers, clothing brands, cars, buses, underground.

Laura D'souza

Associated photographersJonathan Knowles

Riccardo Suriano

Laura D'souza

PortraitPortrait photography can be used in many ways. It can be used to show the way someone is feeling, expressions, and it can make you see the personality of someone. You can take a portrait photo in many different ways, you can be looking at the camera, be side on, looking up, etc. but portrait photography can be taken in different lighting or weather conditions, you can wear the clothing you want to depending on what the image is being used for.

Laura D'souza

Where we see these imagesPortrait photography is used a lot, mostly in photography shoots, either for magazines, posters, newspapers. You may also have these types of images on your social media, they wont be all set up like a professional one would be taken but it will still be a portrait image. Laura D'souza

Associated photographersAngus Thomas

Steve McCurry

Laura D'souza