protection of our lick vegatation in zsáka name of youth group: mirage istván baradács anna barta...

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Slide 2 Protection of our lick vegatation in Zska Name of youth group: MIRAGE Istvn Baradcs Anna Barta Gerda Borbr Fruzsina Gl Anik Nagy Slide 3 Project subject Hungary Slide 4 Zska The National Park of Hortobgy The Landcare Protection Area of Flat of Bihar Slide 5 These are lick meadows from the air. Slide 6 More lick insects: Dragonfly ButterflyMosquito Slide 7 Project objectives On the pictures the children are on field work.They are studying the plants.They are noticing every important results. Slide 8 Gortyna Borellii Lunata Plantago Schwarzenbergiana Peucedanum Officinale Slide 9 Milfoil lick meadow vadszik szikfok szikpadka szikr Slide 10 Project research Aster Sedifolius PlambaginaceaeOrchis LaxifloraCirsium FuriensMatricaira Recutita Clematis Inegrifolia Slide 11 Connection with the television Our study circle We try to pull a wagon. Some kids milk goats. Slide 12 Original trades Shuck dolls Slambuc-Hungarian food EmbroideryClay vocation Special milk-loaf Slide 13 More lick animals: White - tailed eagle Racka sheep Great Bustard White stork Water Buffalo Slide 14 Project action plan: Surface coverage Slide 15 Relative surface coverage of species Shannon diverzits: 1,2961% 1,3554% 0,5454% Egyenletessg: 0,4911% 0,5454% 0,5497% Slide 16 Project summary Slide 17 Mikls Persnyis words: In the nature there arent worse and better worth. There are just worth which are mean our european legacy so we have to handle with it. Slide 18 Thank for your attention! Slide 19