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This quarterly newsletter was sent by mail to more than 20,000 recipients with a donation envelope.


  • 1. Habitat Non Profit Org. US POSTAGE F MILY FOUNDA IONS Fa i t h , Fa m i l y, Fr a m e wo r k for Humanity of Lee County, FL PAID 1288 N. Tamiami Trail Ft. Myers, FL North Fort Myers, Florida 33903 Permit #406 www.habitat4humanity.org Spring 2010 Current Resident or MAILING LABEL MUST COVER THIS TEXTHow You Can Help Did you know by the year 2030, an additional 3 billion people - about 40 percent of the worlds population - will lack access to decent housing. This translates into a demand of 96,150 new affordable homes every day and 4,000 every hour. Help Habitat make safe, decent, affordable housing a priority! Your contribution of SHOP with us For those who travel through Habitats program, its easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new home. Once the thrill wears off, determination kicks There was a joy you just cant believe. in to continue working toward the goal of making that final mortgage payment. safe in. We had a brand new house and then five days later we had a brand new baby girl, she remembers. Today, 18 years later, Joyce is beaming. She just wrote out the last mortgage payment on her home. Without the Lord, I couldnt have hard for, you appreciate more and you try very hard to take care of it, she says. When I asked Joyce what her secret was to paying off her mortgage, she replied, Im Duera Maes daughter. That woman can accomplish anything. I have a strong determination. Im a home time, talent and support helps Habitat help more Joyce Mays shares her story of triumph done this. Theres a joy that you just health aide and you have to have a real families. Find out how to get involved by visiting Find new and used furniture, household and making that last payment. cant believe. Its like the joy of having determination to do that. I would tell www.habitat4humanity.org/getinvolved. items and construction materials in a newborn and seeing they are healthy others that first of all, you need to believeSend your gift today, using the envelope inside or by visiting www.habitat4humanity.org/donate Habitats Thrift Store for a low price It seemed like a natural fit for Joyce to and have all their toes and fingers, she and trust in the Lord because you canor calling (239) 652-0434. while helping a good cause. Every become a Habitat homeowner, after all, testifies. My son and nephew have both do anything with the Lord. And second, dollar you spend with us provides she was living with her mother who was passed now. I only wish they could see have the end in sight, but focus on today.Earth Day (April 22) affordable housing for those in need. also on Habitats Board of Directors at the this right now. They worked so hard to Lastl


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