social media: stop selling & start talking

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  • 1. Stop Selling.Start Talking.
    How Social Media
    Can Grow Your Business

2. Whaaaaaat?
Stop selling!?
Are you crazy?!
3. Heres how you can
Gain expert status
Expand your network
Learn from your competitors
Connect with key influencers
Attract more leads
4. Why Listen To Me?
Wendy Dashwood-Quick
5. Learnt to type on this
6. Learnt to drive in a Mini
7. Mobile phones hadnt been invented!
8. If I can adapt to change...
So Can You
9. What is your understanding of Social Media?
For promoting parties and Social events
Its creepy
Only for teenagers
Waste of time
Connecting with old school friends
Dating Sites
10. Too much emphasis on
Gadgets & Apps
11. This puts a lot of peopleoff embracing Social Media
12. Did you know?

  • In 4 years time 40% of consumers will

buy products & services online

  • So you need to be there!