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  • Spoken English Review

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  • Note:Aspiration varies ---beginning t - definite aspirationmiddle t - tighter aspirationfinal t - very light aspiration

    Do not drop the final t sound in:


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  • The Vowel [] as in Bat Adambackgladmangasbankfactlaughafterbandgrasstanranexactexaminesurpassamblackhavestanddisasterevaporateembarrassmaximumascanlandcatchfantasticmoralearrogantdrasticandchancehandlastbanquetmalicedamageanecdote

  • The Vowel [ ] as in Ball laundrycallfaultaltartallautomaticAugustaudienceauthorcautionlordsorrysausageshortinstallsoughtstrawberryfoughtorbitboughtlawwaltzbaldcausefraudwaterdawnpausewalklawnnormaldaughterpawnstormforestlongdogorangeofficerlosscoughborrowhorroroughtballthoughtalwayssofttaughtalsojawbelongsalthalldraw

  • Note: The unstressed syllables in the following nouns and adjectives are not given this diphthong. Instead, the vowel in bit is used. captainmountaindelicatenecklacechocolatecertaincabbagecottageprivatemenaceaccurateclimatevillagebargainsurfacefountainbandageaveragedamagecollege

  • The Diphthong [ou] as in Go soulchoketonehopenosecolddontoceanconefoldfolkRomemostwrotepolegroansocialghostopenbothhostsoonlyslowholdknowoldrollboldhomeoverfrozennegotiablepatrolelopenobleemotionalonemotorthronecustodianawoketotalpostbaritoneremotemotivegodevoteexposequotientnotableOctoberanecdotedoughnutepisodephonographopponenterroneous

  • Practice Words besthastecrushedpressedrestcastlastlestpestpastreleasedprogressedtestcrestcheststressedtoasttrustcontessedaddressedcaressedfrostfirstthirstdressedcrushedcrashedrefreshedunstressedbreastclashedfastmusttoastrustroast

    The final t sounds after the s sound is also difficult to some students. Practice the following, being careful not to add an s sound after the final t sound.

  • Practice Words pushedwashedcashedbrushedrushedcrashedfishedmashedflashedcrushedwishedfinishedthankedblankedlinkedspankedwinkedblinkedinkedflunkedworkedtalkedsmokedlockedlaughedsnuffedcoughedscoffedsniffedroughedriftsoftThe final t sounds after sh, ngk and f is also a problem to some students. Practice the following, making sure that the final t sound is clearly heard.

  • champagneChicagochandelierchaperonechemisechivalryChopinclichemustacheparachutechauffeurchefThe ch sound spelling equivalent to the sh sound

  • accuracy appreciatecataloguing coherentadminister aspirantcemetery commentedadministrative associateceremony commentingadmirable aviatorcertain comparableadolescence bamboocertainly incomparableagreement benifitedcharacteristic committeeancestors beneficiarycharitable condolenceamicable canarycharacterize contributeapplicable capitalistcircumstances contributinginfamous camouflagespiritual reputabledeficit comfortablerestaurant pedestalbaptism candidacyinestimable practicallydecade formidableintegral preferabledemonstrate governinevitable professor

    Common Words in Which the Accent is Often Misplaced

  • accommodationadministration autobiographyadvantageousaristocraticcontinuitycircumstancecigarettecontradictioncancellationcharacteristicdisobedientdiabolicalemigrationhesitationincomprehensibleinternationalintolerableindependentmonumentalmemorizationnaturalizationexaminationpronunciationoriginalitypsychologicalcrystallizationqualificationoverwhelmingunderstandingrecommendationsuperstitiouscontinuationdiscriminationexaggerationelectrificationpeculiarityevacuationtheoreticalrehabilitationmaterialisticpropaganda

    Secondary Stress in Longer Words

  • Unstressed FormLet her* go.You must help her.Did he pass?Thats his book.We got her to sing.Will you join the group?Shes in her room.They bought his house.Did you solve it?Shall we ask her?Clean your room.Will you join the picnic?Will he sing also?Did he play at all?Are they serious?Stressed and Unstressed PronounsStressed FormHer voice cracked, not mine.I like her, not Clara.Pablo did. He didnt.His is new. Mine is old.Her singing is different.If you come along, too.Her grades improved.His car broke down.No, did you?Dont ask her. Ask her brother.Your room is untidy.Only if you do.He will sing also.He was the hero of the game.They are. Im not.* When unstressed, the h beginnings of pronouns are omitted in rapid speech.

  • Unstressed FormLook at the moon.Shes looking for her book.He comes from the South.The end of the road.Weve nothing to eat.They went into a coffee shop.She saved for Christmas.To whom are you speaking?Those are for the mechanic.The bag is for the maid.The wall of the house.Give it to the guard.Look at the good food.The noise is coming from the streets.Stressed and Unstressed PrepositionsStressed FormWhat are you looking at?Whats the umbrella for?Wheres he from?What of it!To and from.The house was broken into.Whats the gift for?Whom are you speaking to?What re those for?Whats the bag for?Whats it made of?Whom should it be given to?What are you staring at?Where is the noise coming from?

  • Stressed and Unstressed PrepositionsLet her go.-Let er go.Call her up.-Call er up.I know her.-I know er.Stop him.-Stop im.Give it to her.-Give it to er.

  • Mary had a little lamb,Its fleece was white as snow.And, everywhere that Mary went,The lamb was sure to go.There goes the last one.The winners are John, Henry, and Bill.

  • I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!What kind of thing is this?I have told you a hundred times, and the answer is still the same.

  • One of the most striking differences between a cat and a lie is that a cat has only nine lives.Mark TwainSo, Naturalists observe a fleaHas smaller fleas than on him prey; And these have smaller still to bite em:And so proceed ad infinitum.Jonathan Swift

  • I have waited with patience to hear what might be urged against the bill; but i have waited in vain: The truth is, there is no argument that can weigh against it.Lord MansfieldGentlemen may cry, peace, peace! - but there is no peace. The war has actually begun! I know not what course other may take; but, as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!Patrick Henry