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Ambrosia Story behind the brand gives insights about the unused values from a brand who had more opportunities,


  • 1. The Story behind the brand
  • 2. ContentPast Identity of Ambrosia The Heritage of Ambrosia Honey & Herbs wine The love for Ambrosia untill 2005 Whats happened after 2005?Present Why does Ambrosia change? Current situation vs. future situationFuture What is Ambrosia?(Relevance) What are the benefits of Ambrosia What Ambrosia can do for you The meaning of Ambrosia The building blocks of Ambrosia Why these building blocks? Brand Loyalty The brand promise of Ambrosia Mission & Vision of Ambrosia The wine What is in it for her? 2
  • 3. PastThe Heritage of Ambrosia Honey & Herbs wineParticular the Dutch storyAbout more then 30 years ago two Dutchentrepreneurs worked with honey, Propolis andother products from bees.Their research and knowledge about allnecessarily basics for a healthy honey herbs wineproduct was started years before 1979. In the The significance of Ambrosia:beginning of the 70s they started their Ragweed or Ambrosia is the food of the godsexperiences with honey with wine. After a few in ancient mythology, in addition to nectar.years they discovered the opportunities with The power to give immortality is derived fromherbs too. Following the trends of olive oil andthe upcoming use of herbs in families makes it the healing and purifying effect of honey.very interesting to develop also wines with honey In addition, fermented honey (co) rather thanand herbs. wine as entheogen. In Greek meansThis moment (1979) is still the most important Ambrosios immortal.discovery they did on that particular moment. There was also attributed to medical power.The Moment of Truth of Ambrosia.Their research of the brand name was of course apart of the whole concept. They found b.e. thestory of the drinks of the God. 3
  • 4. The love for Ambrosia untill 2005 In the early 80s we discover that Ambrosia was focused on honey users. The end user was not automatically connected with this brand or products. The consumer didnt know the values of Ambrosia Why they loved Ambrosia so much? In that time period (80-99) Consumers like the taste, more ore less sweet and different taste pallets The critical consumer understood that the natural ingredient of Ambrosia are important for preventive - and healthy reasons
  • 5. Whats happened after 2005? The owners on that moment of the company Propol dont actas brand owners with the necessarily upgrading of the brand The brand Ambrosia wasnt develop in the direction of newusers That resulted in a declining demand and the wine was aged ina customer profile stabbing The need to change the whole market approach was bornafter the selling of the company Propol to a new owner (2009) 2011 was the year that we started to investigate theopportunities to continuing and built the basics for a newsuccess story for Ambrosia Nowadays we are develop a total new global brand Ambrosiaapproach for a total new and inspiring consumer target groupsincluded a new distribution channel philosophyThis new approach must realize a continuing success storyabout Ambrosia till 2030 5
  • 6. Present Why does Ambrosia change? Past Future Ambrosia drinkers are dying out Growing demand for new wine Buyer profile often elderly/retired concepts (distribution and target group wines) Too little visibility in stores Distribution channels are searching Distribution penetration of Honey for new wine concepts and Herb Wines is limited Aromatised wine in the Buyer profile gives cause for Netherlands worthy of more concern (rapidly ageing) customer affinity Too little growth potential if policy Ambrosia reinventing itself as a unchanged: no new drinkers brand Unattractive packaging, Making/positioning the Ambrosia Too little added value, brand and proposition stronger and price/product/performance more appealing to distributor and insufficiently clear, end user Too little transparency, Too modest position on shelf
  • 7. Present VS Future Old logo Restyled logo Old bottle New bottle None marketing Uses marketing Focus group: none Focus group: 35+ woman Doesnt interact with the focus Interacts with the focus group groupValues: Values: Traditional Slightly modern Focused on tradition Focused on the costumer Non-commercial
  • 8. Future Working on inner beautyWhat is Ambrosia? (Relevance)o Ambrosia provides a balanced body including the use of lifestyleo By an energy-rich body that provides a multitude of positive effects for environment.o Ambrosia provides faithful loyal, but recognizable and approachable copper group.o Ambrosia provides all suppliers of ingredients and its distribution partners thus anessential role in its business model in appealing returns.o But mainly product for all links between a category that represented a unique propositionand thereby realize the full support and confidence of its merits partners.The effects of Ambrosia: The feelings of Ambrosia:Reassuring, comforting, healing, Feel goodreactivate, proactive, revitalizes, renewed Feel yourself more comfortableenergy amid the stresses of everyday lifeand makes the necessary personal balance. More resistant to the daily pressure and stress Ambrosia wine drinkers are happy and stable people.
  • 9. What are the benefits of Ambrosia The loyalty to Ambrosia, the added A brand that surprised if it were a value in the development of Inside lovely bunch of flowers Out Lifestyle & Tasty Care concept But her guide may be around food & Ambrosia wants to take the role of a drink, beauty tips and nutrition faithful and loyal brand who involves information, but also tasteful himself in the changing role of suggestions about healthy eating mother to boyfriend / girlfriend for and alcohol use awareness, a kind of her children and partner conscience, an oracle, a loyal The physical changes of aging with companion the acceptance there in required but The eating and drinking tips for also the challenges that arise at this cooking, wine tips, health tips, stage menus, books and magazines, tips shops, restaurants, recipes
  • 10. What Ambrosia can do for youWoman Ambrosia Food and cooking Ambrosia thinks along Suggestions from other customers Ambrosia helps woman Actions and extras Meets her expectations and, most Possibility of parts by means the of all, responds alertly to her community demands and desires
  • 11. Who are the customer of Ambrosia? A modern well-educated woman, What transparency, honesty and who works with children at puberty,