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  • 1.Team Beef: How Beef Helps to Fuel You Presented by: Shelley Johnson, RD

2. Overview Why Were Here Importance of Protein How to Give Your Body What It Needs Todays Beef Your Workout Partner & Support Tools 3. Why Were Here Today 4. Everybody Needs Activity 5. And Good Nutrition! 6. Why Protein is an Important Part of a Balanced Diet? 7. It All Starts With Protein Top reasons that protein should be in your diet: Manage Weight Boost Immunity Brain Development Prevent Disease 8. Weight Management The protein in lean beef helps you to control weight by: Building muscle Increasing calorie burning Fueling physical activity Preserving muscle while increasing fat loss Keeping hunger at bay 9. Physical Activity: Fueled by Protein Physical activity is more effective when coupled with a protein-rich diet The closer the lean protein is consumed to the time of exercise, the more lean muscle you build. And helps you maintain muscle while losing fat. 10. Protein for Performance No matter how active you are, lean beef helps to power your performance. The protein and nine other nutrients in beef work together to help build muscles and keep your body healthy. 11. Training & Recovery Nutrition during training is critical to race-day success! Nutrition after your race is just as important to get you back into training mode and maintain your fitness as you gear up for your next race.Adequate protein and other nutrient-rich foods will help you build and repair muscles. 12. How to Give Your Body What it Needs 13. How to Give Your Body What It NeedsEating lean protein multiple times a day helps to build muscle.13 14. A natural source of 10 essential nutrients 15. The Caloric Cost of Plant Protein 16. Todays Beef Is Different 17. The Evolution of Lean Beef Composition of beef has become leaner over time o Total fat 34%* o Saturated fat 17%*Many of your favorite cuts qualify as lean by USDA Definition of Lean


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