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Chapter 19: Reconstruction Section 3: The Davis Administration

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  • 1. Chapter 19:Reconstruction Section 3:The Davis Administration

2. Thinking Question

  • What are some actions the new Republican government in Texas should take to address problems & issues?

3. The Davis Administration

  • Edmund J. Daviselected governor in1869

Edmund J. Davis 4. The Davis Administration

  • Legislature dominated by Republicans
  • 11 African Americans

5. The Davis Administration Matthew Gaines George T. Ruby 6. The Davis Administration

  • Efforts to stop crime in the state:
    • KKK had been threatening & murdering African Americans to keep them from expressing political views
    • Created a state militia & police force

Klu Klux Klan robes 7. The Davis Administration

  • Education:
    • Created a free public school system for ALL children
    • State board of education
    • Common curriculum & teacher certification

8. The Davis Administration

  • Economy:
    • Improvements to the state transportation system
    • Issued bonds for rail lines

9. The Davis Administration

  • The Republican led legislatureraised taxes to pay for schools & roads.

10. Opposition to Reconstruction

  • Scalawag term used for Texans who supported the Republicans

11. Opposition to Reconstruction

  • Carpetbaggers northerners who moved to the South after the war

Carpetbag 12. Opposition to Reconstruction

  • Clashes over state police, militia, & taxes
  • Obnoxious Acts a term used by some Texans for laws passed by the Republican legislature

13. Opposition to Reconstruction

  • Accusations of taking money by fraud
  • Angered when Davis used state police to guard voters in 1872 election
  • 1872 election:Democrats regain control of legislature

14. 15. The End of Reconstruction E.J. Davis Republican Richard Coke Democrat vs. Election of 1873 16. The End of Reconstruction

  • Election of 1873:
    • Davis (42,663 votes)
    • Coke (85,549 votes)
  • Democrats win control of legislature
  • Republicans argue polls closed too early

17. The End of Reconstruction

  • Case makes it to Texas Supreme Court
  • Supreme Court declares constitution unconstitutional
  • Democrats demand control of government

18. The End of Reconstruction

  • Davis allows legislature to meet
  • Fears governors office will be taken by force
  • Calls in armed supporters to take control of first floor of capitol

19. The End of Reconstruction

  • Democrats call in armed supporters to take control of legislative chambers on second floor of capitol
  • Federal troops refuse to intervene
  • Davis steps down

20. End to Republican Rule

  • E.J. Davis last Republican governor for over 100 years
  • 1978:Bill Clements will become the first Republican governor since Reconstruction

Bill Clements 21. The End of Reconstruction

  • Richard Coke Democrat who became governor in 1874, ending Reconstruction in Texas

Richard Coke 22. The End of Reconstruction Rutherford B. Hayes Republican Samuel Tilden Democrat vs. U.S. Presidential election of 1876 23. The End of Reconstruction

  • Both candidates claim victory
  • Compromise of 1877:
    • Democrats accept Hayes
    • Hayes ends involvement of Federal troops in Southern political affairs

24. E.J. Davis Administration Accomplishments Criticisms

  • Creation of a state militia and police force, reduced crime
  • Improvements in public education and administration
  • Improvements in internal transportation
  • Higher taxes
  • Complaints about state debt and spending
  • Accusations of fraud
  • Accusations of using police to intimidate Democrats