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Chapter 5.3: Searching for Cities of Gold

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  • 1. Chapter 5.3: Searching for Cities of Gold

2. The Search for Cities of Gold

  • Cabeza de Vaca returns to Mexico
  • Reports of large cities and gold

Cabeza de Vaca 3. The Search for Cities of Gold Viceroy Royal governor of New Spain 4. The Search for Cities of Gold

  • Fray Marcos de Niza leads expedition
  • Estevanico serves as guide

Fray Marcos de Niza 5. 6. The Search for Cities of Gold

  • Marcos receives word that Estevancio had seen large city
  • People wore gold jewelry and drank from golden cups

Estevanico 7. The Search for Cities of Gold

  • Angered villagers
  • Estevanciokilled by the Zunni in 1539

Estevanico 8. The Search for Cities of Gold

  • Fray Marcos moves to high ground to see city
  • Saw a city that shined in the distance with buildings that sparkled like gold

9. The Search for Cities of Gold

  • Returned to Mexico
  • Spanish officials plan an expedition to claim treasure

10. Coronados Search for Gold

  • Francisco Vasquez de Coronado conquistador leader of expedition
  • Fray Marcos serves as guide

Coronados Expedition 11. 12. Coronados Search for Gold

  • Reach Cibola
  • No gold foundbuildings made of adobe

13. Coronado Hears of Quivira

  • Travels to Tiguex
  • Meets an Indian called the Turk
  • Told of Quirvaa nearby region where the cities were said to be full of gold

14. Coronado Travels Through Texas

  • Traveled across Panhandle
  • Llano Estacado
  • Humpbacked cow

Buffalo 15. Coronado Travels Through Texas

  • Caprock Escarpment
  • Palo Duro Canyon

Palo Duro Canyon 16. Coronado Travels Through Texas

  • Reached Quivira inpresent-day Kansas
  • Found only grass huts and corn

17. Coronado Travels Through Texas

  • Story of Quivira a lie to make explorers leave
  • Coronado executes the Turk
  • 1542: Returns to Mexico, expedition seen as a failure

18. Moscoso Explores East Texas

  • Hernando de Soto explores for Cibola to the East
  • 2 years exploring SE U.S.
  • May 1542:dies of a fever

Hernando de Soto 19. 20. Moscoso Explores East Texas

  • Moscoso Alvarado assumes command
  • Finds no treasure, decides to return to Mexico
  • Led explorers into East Texas where he met Caddo Indians

21. Moscoso Explores East Texas

  • Returned to the Mississipi River and made boats
  • 1543:300 of 600 original explorers reach Mexico
  • Expedition considered a failure

22. Moscoso Explores East Texas

  • Spanish had little interest in Texas afterfailing to find gold

23. De Soto-Moscoco Coronado Fray Marco & Estevanico Results Goals Expedition