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describing techniques and continuity editing


  • 1. CONTINUITY EDITINGDefinition: A system ofcutting used to maintaincontinuous and clearnarrative action byfollowing a set of rules.The Rules:Establishing shotShot/ reverse shot180 rule30 ruleCrosscuttingMatch on ActionEyeline MatchRe-establishing shotThe Benefits: The narrative has structure The shot sequences flowseamlessly into each other Its easy to watch the film!

2. ESTABLISHING SHOTDefinition: A long shot or extreme long shot,usually with loose framing, that shows thespatial relations between the importantfigures, objects and setting in a scene. 3. SHOT / REVERSE SHOTDefinition: Two shots edited together thatalternate characters, typically in aconversation situation. Usually characters inone frame look left, and in the following framelook right. 4. SHOT-REVERSE-SHOT It may not be filmed in the correctorder but will be edited togetherafterwards. Must ensure that the right amount ofshots are filmed to make the shot-reverse-shot sequence work. Exampla 5. IF YOURE SHOOTING TWO CHARACTERSTALKING TO EACH OTHER, HERES HOW TO DOIT. Film it once with a master shot, whichshows both characters Film it again with the camera in closeup onone character Film it again with the camera in closeup onthe second character. Film individual shots of each character inbig closeup when you need to showstrong emotion. You can also include other shots, such asmid shots, if you need them. 6. 180 RULEDefinition: The anglebetween any twoconsecutive shotsshould not exceed180, in order tomaintain spatialrelationshipsbetween peopleand objects in anygiven sequence ofshots. 7. RULES FOR CONTINUITY EDITING180 DEGREE RULE This is a principle which underpins all TV and Film production. Its important not to cross the line of vision between twocharacters. Otherwise the viewer may not be able to make sense of thescene. The same rule applies to a moving subject: keep to one side ofthe direction of motion. 8. 30 RULEThe angle between any two consecutiveshots should not be less than 30, in order tomaintain spatial relationships between).people and objects in any given sequenceof shots. 9. CROSSCUTTINGDefinition: Editing that alternates between shotsoccurring simultaneously in two or more differentlocation. on ActionDefinition: A cut between two shots thatplaces two different framings of the sameaction next to each other, making it seem tocontinue uninterrupted. 10. EYELINE MATCHDefinition: A cutbetween two shots, inwhich the first shotshows a person lookingoff in one direction,and the second shotshows either a spacecontaining what he orshe sees, or a personlooking back in exactlythe opposite direction. 11. RE-ESTABLISHING SHOTDefinition: A shotthat returns to aview of a space orlocation after aseries of close-ups. Re-establishing shot from AmericanBeauty (Sam Mendes, 1999)TASK: CLIP 1: IDENTIFY THE ASPECTS OF CONTINUITYEDITING IN THE SEQUENCE FROM AMERICAN BEAUTY.

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