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Extreme Math Makeover Teaching and Learning for Success Deanne Gonzalez Alexa Kutch New Prairie High School Mathematics Department New Carlisle, IN

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New Prairie High School's (Indiana) Extreme Math Makeover presentation for the HSTW summer conference.


  • 1.Extreme Math MakeoverTeaching and Learning for SuccessDeanne GonzalezAlexa KutchNew Prairie High School MathematicsDepartment

2. Extreme Math Makeover Data Realizing the need for change The turning point Classroom Resources Sample Lesson Remediation Helpful Websites and Phone Numbers 3. The Need for Change 2008-0927% Pass 73% Did Not Pass 4. The Need for100 Change 91 90 85 8069 70 62 62 60Percentageof Students50Passing Freshman39Total Sophomores 40 30 27 20 10 02008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 School Year 5. Realizing the Need forChange School corporation hires an SREBconsultant Negative feelings from the mathdepartment initially Realization that there were no otheroptions and we had nothing to lose Math department became a team andbegan to work together and accept thechange 6. The Turning Point As a result of working with the SREBrepresentative, we began to change Most significant change leave thetextbooks behind and let thestandards dictate the curriculum Math department met often to reorganizethe standards Looked at every standard and put them inan order that would benefit the studentsthe most 7. Classroom ResourcesInteractive Math Notebooks Student generated textbook Includes Important paperwork Table of Contents Notes Homework 8. Classroom ResourcesTi-Nspire Calculators Send and receive documents Immediate feedback Allows for class discussions Can display teacher calculator screenor any/all student screens for entireclass to view 9. Classroom ResourcesPromethean/SMART Boards Student interaction Save notes and lessons for absentstudents Post notes and lessons to teacherwebsiteSample LessonSampleLesson.flipchart 10. Remediation Extensive mandatory after schoolremediation program 4 days per week/1 hour per day Student test data dictates amount ofremediation 11. ECA Core 40 Topic Help MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursday9/12 9/139/149/15EquationsEquations Equations Equations9/19 9/209/219/22EquationsEquations Equations Equations9/26 9/279/289/29LinesLines Lines Lines10/3 10/410/510/6SystemsSystems Systems Systems10/1010/11 10/12 10/13PolynomialsPolynomials Polynomials Polynomials10/1710/18 10/19 10/20PolynomialsPolynomials Polynomials Polynomials10/2410/25 10/26 10/27Quadratics QuadraticsQuadraticsQuadratics10/3111/111/211/3Quadratics QuadraticsQuadraticsQuadraticsECA Core 40 Remediation HelpMonday TuesdayWednesdayThursday11/7 11/811/911/1011/1411/15 11/16 11/1711/2111/22 11/23 11/24 Thanksgiving11/2811/29 11/30 12/112/5 12/612/712/8 Test 12. Helpful Websites and PhoneNumbers Ask Rose Homework Hotline1-877-ASK-ROSEwww.askrose.orgRose-Hulman Institute of Technology (IN)students are waiting to help studentswith homework questions http://www.khanacademy.org/ http://www.mathtv.comThese two websites contain videos ofthousands of worked out examples foran assortment of math classes. 13. Helpful Websites and PhoneNumbers Wolfram AlphaWolframAlpha is a computational knowledgeengine that will solve many math problems;often providing the steps necessary tosolve.http://www.wolframalpha.com/ InterAct MathInterAct Math offers tutorial exercises toaccompany the end-of-section exercises inAddison-Wesley and Prentice Halltextbooks. 14. Poll EverywhereUse this to gather responses from studentselectronically IN PLACE OF purchasingresponse hardware. Students only need acell phone to answer! It is spam free.http://www.polleverywhere.com 15. Thank you!Questions?