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SUMMER TRAINING Project Report 0n “Training and Development” Submitted to University of Jammu In partial fulfillment of the requirement for Award of Master of Business Administration Submitted by MAHANT BACHITTAR SINGH COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY Workshop conducted at: J&K BANK, RAIL HEAD COMPLEX JAMMU

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final project


SUMMER TRAININGProject Report0nTraining and DevelopmentSubmitted toUniversity of JmmuIn prti! fu!fi!!ment of t"e re#uirement for A$rd ofMster of %usiness Administrtion Submitted by

MA&ANT %A'&ITTAR SING& '())EGE (* ENGINEERING AN+TE'&N()(G,-or.s"op conducted t/J01 %AN12 RAI) &EA+ '(MP)E3 JAMMUACKNOWLEDGEMENT%efore $e proceed furt"er2 $e $is" to spend some time in e4pressin5 our 5rtitude to !! t"ose $"o "ve been invo!ved in 5uidin5 us nd "e!pin5 us out durin5 our trinin56-e re 5rtefu! to J01 %AN1 for 5ivin5 us t"e opportunity to under5o t"is summer interns"ip6 -e e4press our deep 5rtitude to our Guide Mr6 ,(GES& S&ARMA for "is time s"red nd coopertion6 -e $ou!d !i.e to e4tend our pprecition to$rds !! emp!oyees of J01 %AN1 $"ose support $s indispensb!e to us in t"is project6*in!!y2 $e $ou!d !i.e to t"n.s t"e mn5ement of our co!!e5e especi!!y +r6%IN+I,A 1(&)I 7&(+ of M%A +eprtment8 $"o "s encour5ed us to $or. in suc"presti5ious or5ni9tion6 -e re !so t"n.fu! to Mrs6 ANITA NE&RU $"o "s "e!ped us to $rite t"e project report insystemtic mnner6 ABSTRACTA project $or. ismndtory re#uirement for t"e Post Grdute +ip!om in %usiness Mn5ement6 T"is type of studyims t e4posin5 t"e youn5 prospective e4ecutive to t"e ctu! business $or!d6 At er!y st5es of t"eir m.in5 in eduction institutions2 not on!y does t"is broden t"eir ment! "ori9ons but !so "e!ps t"em to 5rsp t"e vrious intriccies of t"e business so t"t it stnds t"em "ed $"en t"ey re to occupyt"e e4ecutive positions6 T"ey re ment to 5ivestudent of %usiness sc"oo! t"e re! !ife e4posure for $"t !ies for "im in t"e future2 nd 5iven t"is objective2 our tenure $it" J01 %AN1 is n eye opener for $"t !ies in store for us in future nd it:s our privi!e5e to "ve our summer trinin5 Project in J01 %AN1 &UMAN RES(UR'E +EPARTMENT6RE!ACEMster of %usiness Administrtion iscourse2 $"ic" combines bot" t"eory nd its pp!ictions s its contents of study in t"e fie!d of mn5ement6 As prtnd prce! of t"is course2 every spirnt "s to under5o n ;in< compny trinin5: in n or5ni9tion6 T"e purpose of t"is trinin5 is to e4pose t"e student of mn5ement sciences $it" re! !ife situtions e4istin5 in t"e or5ni9tion nd to provide n insi5"t into t"e vrious functions $"o cn visu!i9e t"in5s $"t t"ey "ve been tu5"tin c!ssrooms6 Actu!!y it is t"e !ife force of mn5ement6 It is in prctic! trinin5 t"t t"e effectiveness of mn5ement itse!f is re!i9ed6-e re fortunte persons t"t I "ve done my summer trinin5 from J01 %AN16 %ein5prt of t"e trinin5 process2 it is compu!sory for ec" student to prepre nd submitproject report correspondin5 to $or. on t"e project6 T"isproject report is n ttempt to present n ccount of prctic! .no$!ed5e nd observtions 5t"ered durin5 t"e trinin5 period6Si5nture of t"e student

Ta"le o# Content$S%NO CONTENTS AGE NO%&% 'NTROD(CT'ON)% BANK RO!'LE*% +(MAN RESO(RCE DE,ELOMENT-% CORORATE SOC'AL RESONS'B'L'T./% OB0ECT',ES1% RESEARC+ MET+ODOLOG.2% RE,'EW O! L'TERAT(RE3% ROLE 'N ORGAN'SAT'ON4% L'M'TAT'ONS&5% DATA ANAL.S'S AND 'NTERRETAT'ON&&% CONCL(S'ONS&)%RECOMMENDAT'ONS&*%B'BL'OGRA+.&-% ANNE6(RE'ntrod78tion A"o7t ro9e8tT"e report emp"si9es t"e ctivities undert.en durin5 t"e t$o mont"s summer trinin56 It is our 5ret opportunity to "ve prctic! e4perience of t"e identifiction2 imp!ementtion nd !e v!ution of Trinin5 pro5rmme6 T"e mjor project on $"ic" I:ve $or.ed $s on ev!utin5 t"e Trinin5 effectiveness nd n!y9in5 t"e needs of trinin5 for t"e emp!oyees6 Ev!ution of Trinin5 pro5rmme is done t"rou5" =uestionnires or Structured intervie$s $it" t"e immedite supervisor of t"e emp!oyees6T"e supervisor is s.ed to rte t"e former trinee on job proficiency $"ic" isre!ted to t"e Trinin5 objective6 Reserc" "s been conducted $it" t"e "e!p of #uestionnire6 T"e project $or. bsic!!y invo!ved t"e concept of convenient smp!in56*or t"e purpose of reserc" n!ysis2 mt"emtic! too! i6e6 pie c"rtis used nd t"en bsed upon it vrious conc!usions re 5iven nd fin!!y vrious su55estions so to increse t"e response of customerRO!'LE O! 0AMM( AND KAS+M'R BANK T"e Jmmu 0 1s"mir bn. $s estb!is"ed on (ct6 >2 >?@A $"i!e it "d strted opertin5 from Ju!y Bt"2 >?@? on$rds6 T"is bn. is speci! becuse of bein5 t"e first stte o$ned bn. of Indi6 T"e J01 %n.2 o$in5 to t"e e4tended centr! !$s of t"e stte of J012 $s dec!red s 5overnment bn. ccordin5 to t"e provisions of t"e Indin 'ompnies Act >?CD6 T"e yer >?E> brou5"t n importnt turn in t"e "istory of t"e Jmmu 0 1s"mir %n. s in t"is yer t"e bn. $s ccorded t"e stture ofSc"edu!ed %n.6At present2 t"e J01 %n. "s round C00 brnc"es cross t"e country nd it "s recent!y becomeF>0 bi!!ion compny6 It is !so!isted t t"e %omby Stoc. E4c"n5e 7%SE8 nd t"e Ntion! Stoc. E4c"n5e 7NSE86 Jmmu 0 1s"mir %n. is t"e on!y %n. in t"e country $it" mjority o$ners"ip invested $it"stte 5overnment G t"e Government of Jmmu 0 1s"mir6 It is t"e so!e to t"e Government of Jmmu 0 1s"mir6M'SS'ON O! T+E BANK(ur mission is t$o"al ar?@ Srinagar% T"e bn. "s deve!oped c"i!drenHs musement pr. in t"e $or!dR0+;@RC0M&>&?0M0>T< 1imalaya=ublishing 1ouse$ Mumbai. !nteraction with thestaff of 'B( bank ';@R>&,+5!CC&! :