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  • 8/2/2019 Idea Prjct




    To find out the telecom market share of different companies

    To make a understanding about the Company IDEA CELLULARLTD.

    To make an understanding about the services which they provide.

    To analyse CSR and advertising strategy followed by the company

    To analysis the marketing strategies.

    CHAPTER 11

  • 8/2/2019 Idea Prjct





    The Indian telecommunications industry is one of the fastest growing in the world and India isprojected to become the second largest telecom market globally.

    According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), the number of telecomsubscribers in the country increased to 562.21 million in December2009, an increase of 3.5 per cent from 543.20 million in November2009. With this the overall teledensity (telephones per 100 people)has touched 47.89.

    The telecom industry notched up US$ 8.56 billion in revenuesduring the quarter ended December 31, 2009 helped by a recoveryin earnings from both mobile and landline services. According toBusiness Monitor International, India is currently adding 8-10million mobile subscribers every month. It is estimated that by mid2012, around half the country's population will own a mobilephone. This would translate into 612 million mobile subscribers,accounting for a tele-density of around 51 per cent by 2012.


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    Moreover, according to a study conducted by Nokia, the communications sector is expected toemerge as the single largest component of the country's GDP with 15.4 per cent by 2014.

    The Indian equipment market was estimated at US$ 24 billion in FY09. Finnish giant Nokia is themarket leader, with over US$ 3.4 billion revenues in 2008-09, followed by Ericsson at US$ 2.11


    With the availability of the 3G spectrum, about 275 million Indian subscribers will use 3G-enabledservices, and the number of 3G-enabled handsets will reach close to 395 million by 2013-end,estimates the latest report by Evalueserve.

    According to a Frost & Sullivan industry analyst, by 2012, fixed line revenues are expected totouch US$ 12.2 billion while mobile revenues will reach US$ 39.8 billion in India.

    Moreover, in an attempt to boost auction of 3G spectrum, the government has allowed prospectivebidders to raise short-term funds from domestic market, which could be refinanced through

    external commercial borrowings (ECBs) within 12 months. The government is expected to mop upUS$ 7.53 billion through the auction of 3G spectrums, which is likely to be completed by March2010. It has fixed the reserve price at US$ 753.74 million.

    State-run telecom operator BSNL has rolled out 3G services in 318 cities with 856,000 subscribers.BSNL has plans to cross 400 cities by March 31, 2010 and this will be increased to 760 cities bySeptember 2010. And even as debate on 3G continues, TRAI has started consultation on the nextlevel of telecom services. Fourth generation or 4G offers download at faster speeds.

    Value-Added Services Market

    Currently, mobile value-added services(MVAS) in India accounts for 10 per cent ofthe operator's revenue, which is expected toreach 18 per cent by 2010. According to astudy by Stanford University and consultingfirm BDA, the Indian MVAS is poised totouch US$ 2.74 billion by 2010.

    In a bid to increase revenue from add-onservices, India's top two mobile firms, BhartiAirtel Limited and Reliance Communicationsboth plan to launch online mobile applicationsstores.


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    Bharti Airtel will provide more than 1,250 applications across 25 categories including games,books and social networking on its applications store.

    Reliance Communications first version of its applications store would go live for GSM customersby the end of February 2010, and by the end of March 2010 an expanded version would be

    available to its code division multiple access (CDMA) customers as well.

    Major Investments

    The booming domestic telecom market has been attracting huge amounts of investment which islikely to accelerate with the entry of new players and launch of new services.

    Norway-based telecom operator Telenor has bought a further 7 per cent in Unitech

    Wireless for a little over US$ 430.70 million. Telenor now holds 67.25 per cent. Last year,it had bought a 60 per cent stake for US$ 1.23 billion. The government has approved the foreign direct investment proposal of the Federal

    Agency for State Property Management of the Russian Federation to buy 20 per cent stakein telecom service provider Sistema-Shyam for US$ 660.1 million.

    Tata Teleservices is planning to invest an additional US$ 1 billion in its recently-launchedGSM service Tata DoCo Mo. It had already committed an investment of US$ 2 billion forthe GSM services when it was launched in June 2009.

    Reliance Infratel, the tower subsidiary of Reliance Communications (RCom), will build56,596 telecom towers by financial year 2010, increasing the total number of towers to100,000.

    BSNL, India's leading telecom company in revenue terms, will put in about US$ 1.16billion in its WiMax project. Vodafone Essar will invest US$ 6 billion over the next three years in a bid to increase its

    mobile subscriber base from 40 million at present to over 100 million.



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    India's telecom equipment manufacturing sector is set to become one of the largest globally.Mobile phone production is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 28.3 per cent from 2006 to 2011,totalling 107 million handsets by 2010. Revenues are estimated to grow at a CAGR of 26.6 percent from 2006 to 2011, touching US$ 13.6 billion.

    Rural Telephony

    Rural India had 76.65 million fixed and Wireless in Local Loop(WLL) connections and 551,064 Village Public Telephones(VPT) as on September 2008. Therefore, 92 per cent of thevillages in India have been covered by the VPTs. UniversalService Obligation (USO) subsidy support scheme is also beingused for sharing wireless infrastructure in rural areas witharound 18,000 towers by 2010.

    Policy Initiatives

    The government has taken many proactive initiatives to facilitate the rapid growth of the Indiantelecom industry.

    100 per cent foreign direct investment (FDI) is permitted through the automatic route intelecom equipment manufacturing.

    FDI ceiling in telecom services has been raised to 74 per cent. Introduction of a unified access licensing regime for telecom services on a pan-India basis.

    Introduction of mobile number portability in a phased manner, starting in the fourth quarter of2008

    The government is implementing a program of connecting 66,822 uncovered villages underthe Bharat Nirman programme.

    The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has stated that foreign telecom companiescan bid for 3G spectrum without partnering with Indian companies. Only after winning abid, would they need to apply for unified access service licence (UASL) and partner withan Indian company in accordance with the FDI regulations.


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    The Road Ahead

    The target for the 11th Plan period (2007-12) is 600 million phone connections with an investmentof US$ 73 billion. Apart from the basic telephone service, there is an enormous potential forvarious value-added services.

    According to the CII Ernst & Young report titled 'India 2012: Telecom growth continues', revenuefrom India's telecom services industry is projected to reach US$ 54 billion in 2012, as against US$31 billion in 2008


    Idea Cellular is a wireless telephony company operating in all the 22 telecom circles in India basedin Mumbai. It is the 3rd largest GSM company in India behind Airtel and Vodafone and ahead ofstate run playerBSNL.

    IDEA Cellular is a publicly listed company, having listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) in March 2007.

    IDEA Cellular is a leading GSM mobile services operator in Indiawith over 58 million subscribers, under brand IDEA. It is a pan Indiaintegrated GSM operator covering the entire telephony landscape ofthe country, and has NLD and ILD operations.A frontrunner in introducing revolutionary tariff plans, IDEA Cellularhas the distinction of offering the most customer friendly andcompetitive Pre Paid offerings, for the first time in India, in an increasingly segmented market.

    From basic voice & Short Message Service (SMS) services to high-end value added & GPRSservices such as Blackberry, Data card, Mobile TV, Games etc - IDEA is seen as an innovative,customer focused brand. IDEA offers affordable and world-class mobile services to varied

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    segments of mobile users. Be it high end users, or low-end, price sensitive consumers - IDEA'stariff plans are designed to suit every pocket.

    With a vision of delighting its customers while meeting their individual communication needsanytime, anywhere, IDEA offers seamless coverage to roaming customers travelling to any part of

    the country, as well as to international travelling customers across over 200 countries. IDEACellular has partnership with over 400 operators to ensure that customers are always connectedwhile on the move, within the country or other parts of the world.

    IDEA is the winner of The Emerging Company of the Year Award' at The Economic TimesCorporate Excellence Awards 2008-09. The company has received several other national andinternational recognitions for its path-breaking innovations in mobile telephony products &services. It won the GSM Association Award for Best Billing and Customer Care Solution for 2consecutive years. It was awarded Mobile Operator of the Year Award - India for 2007 and 2008at the Annual Asian Mobile News Awards

    IDEA Cellular is an Aditya Birla Group Company, India's first truly multinational corporation. Thegroup operates in 25 countries, and is anchored by over 1, 30,000 employees belonging to 30nationalities. The Group has been adjudged the 6th Top Company for Leaders in Asia PacificRegion' in 2009, in a survey conducted by Hewitt Associates, in partnership with The RBL Group,and Fortune. The Group has also been rated The Best Employer in India and among the Top 20 inAsia' by the Hewitt-Economic Times and Wall Street Journal Study 2007

    Our Service Areas

    The Indian telecommunications market for mobile services is divided into 22 "Service Areas"

    classified into "Metro", Category "A", Category "B" and Category "C" service areas by theGovernment of India.

    These classifications are based principally on a Service Area's revenue generating potential. IDEAis a pan-India operator with services being made available in all parts of the country. The telecomservice areas have been divided into Established and New Service Areas.

    Established Service Areas

    The established service areas are Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Haryana, Kerala,

    Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh (West).

    Licenses for the Maharashtra and Gujarat Service Areas were awarded in December 1995, withnetwork rollout and commercial launch achieved in 1997. In January 2001 the mobile operations inAndhra Pradesh Service Area were integrated with IDEA through a merger with Tata CellularLimited.


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    In June 2001, the mobile operations in Madhya Pradesh Service Area were fully integrated withIDEA through an acquisition of RPG Cellcom Limited. In October 2001, the license for DelhiService Area was acquired during the fourth mobile license auction, with network rollout andcommercial launch in November 2002.

    In January 2004, Escotel Mobile Communications Private Limited ("Escotel"), was acquired withits original licenses in the Service Areas of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh (West) and Kerala. All theseService Areas were re-branded and integrated with IDEA in June 2004.

    New Service Areas

    The New Service Areas are Uttar Pradesh (East), Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Mumbai,Karnataka, Punjab, Orissa, Chennai & Tamil Nadu, Jammu & Kashmir, Kolkata & West Bengal, andAssam & North East.

    Licenses for Uttar Pradesh (East), Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh were acquired through the acquisitionof Escotel (Escorts Telecommunications Limited).

    Idea launched its services in Mumbai and Bihar in 2008. The Mumbai launch was the largest Metro Citylaunch in India. In Bihar, Idea acquired 500,000 subscribers in just over 100 days. Brand Idea waslaunched in Karnataka and Punjab, through the acquisition of Spice Communications.

    The company has expanded its pan-India presence through service launches in Orissa, Chennai & TamilNadu, Jammu & Kashmir, Kolkata & West Bengal, and the North East states in FY10


    The chronology of key events of the Company from incorporation is set out below:


    Incorporated as Birla Communications Limited

    Obtained licenses for providing GSM-based services in the Gujarat and MaharashtraCircles following the original GSM license bidding process.


    Changed name to Birla AT&T Communications Limited followingjoint venture between Grasim Industries and AT&T Corporation


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    Commenced operations in the Gujarat and Maharashtra Circles


    Migrated to revenues share license fee regime underNew Telecommunications Policy ("NTP")


    Merged with Tata Cellular Limited, thereby acquiring original licensefor the Andhra Pradesh Circle


    Acquired RPG Cellular Limited and consequently the license for theMadhya Pradesh (including Chhattisgarh) Circle

    Changed name to Birla Tata AT&T Limited

    Obtained license for providing GSM-based services in the DelhiCircle following the fourth operator GSM license bidding proces


    Changed name to Idea Cellular Limited and launched "Idea" brand


    Commenced commercial operations in Delhi Circle

    Reached the one million subscriber mark


    Reached the two million subscriber mark


    Acquired Escotel Mobile Communications Limited (subsequently renamedas Idea Mobile Communications Limited)

    Reached the four million subscriber mark

    First operator in India to commercially launch EDGE services 2005


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    Subscriber base as on December 31, 2005: 6,473,962

    Reached the five million subscriber mark

    Turned Profit Positive

    Won an Award for the "Bill Flash" service at GSM Association Awards in Barcelona,

    Spain Sponsored the International Indian Film Academy Awards


    Subscriber base as on December 31, 2006: 12,442,450

    Became part of the Aditya Birla Group subsequent to the TATA Group transferring itsentire shareholding in the Company to the Aditya Birla Group

    Acquired Escorts Telecommunications Limited (subsequently renamed as IdeaTelecommunications Limited)

    Reached the 10 million subscriber mark

    Received Letter of Intent from the DoT for a new UAS License for the Mumbai Circle.

    Received Letter of Intent from the DoT for a new UAS License for the Bihar Circlethrough Aditya Birla Telecom Limited. ABNL, the parent of Aditya Birla TelecomLimited, pursuant to a letter dated November 22, 2006, agreed to transfer its entireshareholding in Aditya Birla Telecom Limited to the Company for the consideration of Rs.100 million.


    Subscriber base as on December 31, 2007: 21,054,027

    Won an award for the "CARE" service in the "Best Billing or Customer Care Solution" atthe GSM Association Awards in Barcelona, Spain

    Merger of seven subsidiaries with Idea Cellular Limited

    2008 Subscriber base as on December 31, 2008: 40,016,153

    Idea acquired 9 licences for Punjab, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu & Chennai, West Bengal,Orissa, Kolkata, Assam, North East and Jammu & Kashmir

    Acquired Spice Communications with the operating circles of Punjab and Karnataka


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    Launched services in Mumbai metro in the largest single metro city launch, ever

    Launched services in Bihar

    2009 Subscriber base as on December 31, 2009: 57,611,872

    Idea becomes a pan-India operator

    Emerging Company of the Year - fastest growing mobileoperator in the worlds fastest growing telecom market



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    Board of Directors -

    Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla (Chairman)

    Smt. Rajashree Birla

    Mr. Sanjeev Aga (Managing Director)

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    Mr. Arun Thiagarajan

    Ms. Tarjani Vakil

    Mr. Mohan Gyani

    Mr. Gian Prakash Gupta

    Mr. R.C. Bhargava

    Mr. P. Murari

    Mr. Biswajit A. Subramanian

    Dr. Rakesh Jain

    Mr. Juan Villalonga Navarro

    Dr. Hansa Wijayasuriya (Alternate to Mr. Juan Villalonga Navarro)

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    Management Team -

    Corporate Leadership Team

    Mr. Sanjeev Aga, Managing Director

    Mr. Akshaya Moondra, Chief Financial Officer

    Mr. Anil K. Tandan, Chief Technology Officer

    Mr. Prakash K. Paranjape, Chief Information Officer

    Mr. Pradeep Shrivastava, Chief Marketing Officer

    Mr. Navanit Narayan, Chief Service Delivery Officer

    Mr. Vinay K. Razdan, Chief Human Resource Officer

    Mr. Rajat K. Mukarji, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer

    Mr. Rajesh K. Srivastava, Chief Materials & Procurement Officer

    Mr. Ambrish Jain, Director - Operations

    Mr. Himanshu Kapania, Director - Operations


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    The Key players in the Telecom Market in India:-




    M T N L

    M T S Reliance

    Tata Indicom

    B S N L

    B P L


    Vodafone essar in India is a subsidiary of Vodafone group plc and commenced operations in 1994

    when its predecessor Hutchison telecom acquired the cellular license for Mumbai. Vodafone essar

    now has operations in 16 circles covering 86% of Indias mobile customer base, with over 34.1

    million customers.

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    Established in 1985, Bharti has been a pioneering force in the telecom sector with many firsts and

    innovations to its credit, ranging from being the first mobile service in Delhi, first private basic

    telephone service provider in the country, first Indian company to provide comprehensive telecom

    services outside India.


    The Aircel group is a joint venture between Maxis Communications Berhad of Malaysia and

    Sindya Securities & Investments Private Limited, whose current shareholders are the Reddy family

    of Apollo Hospitals Group of India, with Maxis Communications holding a majority stake of 74%.

    Aircel commenced operations in 1999 and became the leading mobile operator in Tamil Nadu

    within 18 months. In December 2003, it launched commercially in Chennai and quickly

    established itself as a market leader a position it has held since.


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    MTNL Was Set Up On 1st April, 1986 By The Government Of India To Upgrade The Quality Of

    Telecom Services, Expand The Telecom Network, Introduce New Services And To Raise Revenue

    For Telecom Development Needs Of India S Key Metros Delhi, The Political Capital And Mumbai, The Business Capital Of India.


    Sistema Shyam teleservices limited is a joint venture company between sistema of Russia and

    Shyam group of India. Currently they operate in the states of Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Kerala,

    Bihar, West Bengal and Jharkhand.

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    Reliance Communications has a reliable, high-capacity, integrated (Both Wireless and Wire line)

    and convergent (Voice, Data and Video) digital network. It is capable of delivering a range of

    services spanning the entire infocomm (Information and Communication) value chain, including

    infrastructure and services for enterprises as well as individuals,applications, and consulting.


    Tata teleservices ltd offers its products and services to customers across India under the name of

    "Tata Indicom". Tata teleservices limited is Indias leading private basic service operator.

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    CHAPTER 2Marketing Mix


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    Products provided Idea are:-



    Net setter data card

    Idea Net setter data card is usb device which can be used in both desktop computer as well aslaptops. Idea Net Setter EG612 USB Modem offers internet connectivity and sms facility on themove.

    Idea Net setter data card works with EDGE and GPRS networks and offers up to 247kbit/s with

    EDGE and 85.6 Kbit/s with GPRS networks.

    But in practical use Idea data card offers very moderate speed.

    Idea Net setter data card Features

    GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850 MHz/900 MHz/1800MHz/1900 MHz

    Global roaming GRPS/EDGE Class1~Class12 Data and SMS capabilities. Plug & Play function, no installation CD required SIM-lock function

    Idea Prepaid Card

    Features of the Idea Prepaid Card:

    You can use it world wide and so it is not necessary that you should change number when youleave your state or your country.You can use the security options that are available in the prepaid card.

    There is a PUK number in the card. When you enable your security option such as PIN number, itprovides only 3 chances for entering the correct PIN number. If in all your 3 chances the PINnumber is wrong, then you should get a PUK number from the customer care to enable your SIMcard. Before providing the PUK number the customer care member will ask you certain questionsand if those are correct, you are provided with your PUK number. So a person who steals yourphone cannot use your SIM.


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    Idea Prepaid card

    To get an Idea Prepaid card, you will require certain documents for verification of your identityand your address as well. When you choose an idea prepaid card, then there is no necessity tochange number when you go to a foreign country because Idea mobile numbers are used world wide.

    What are the necessary documents for buying an Idea Prepaid card?

    Passport Driving License Voters Identification Card Your office identification card or students identity card Ration card which has your name Any other identification card that has your name and photograph.

    Idea Post-paid Card

    Features OF the Idea Post-paid Bill:

    Simplicity, Affordability.

    You can choose your perfect plan by optimizing your usage and it is very reasonable. Idea Post-

    paid Bill is a leading GSM mobile service operator with over 20 million customers. Idea has thelicenses to operate all over India. It covers nearly 45% of India's population and is expecting tocover the 50% of the potential Indian telecom market. It has the flexible tariff plans and thecompany also offers GPRS services along with the value added services. The goal is the innovationand it has the facility of music messaging along with the following services,

    Cellular jockey, Background Tones, Group Talk and, Email services.

    Idea Post-paid Registration & Activation Process:To activate the Idea Post-paid Bill you need to submit the following documents. It include,

    For Identity/Address proof, Document containing photographs, For identity proof only, For Address proof only.


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    Value Added Services

    Just when you thought you had the cake,we made it possible for you to eat it too.Introducing THE IDEA Value AddedServices, a vibrant bouquet of "littleconveniences" "small pleasures" "bits ofhappiness" "dollops of infotainment" andall those "itsy bitsy" wants of yours thattogether make up THE BIG SMILINGPICTURE.

    SMS based services to Voice based ones,the Idea range cuts across all modes ofcommunication to ensure the BESTVALUE for your money.

    So be it downloading the latest ring tones

    or sharing the freshest of blonde jokes, be it checking the status of yourcousin's train arrival time or arranging a pick up for your boss's delayedflight, Idea hands you the power to do it all.

    You could also book a surprise movie ticket or deliver those daintydandelions for your date or access the latest cricket scores or some seriousstock information; or maybe even play downloadable games or chill outwith some zany chats with buddies on-line.


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    Value Added Services - Delhi and NCR:-

    Pre Tones

    Idea GPRS

    Idea FreshSabarimala Pack

    Subscription Service

    Kanippayyur Nakshathram Alarm


    Cricket Updates

    Rail Enquiry - Dial 139Any Time Information ServicesVoice MailSay Idea - 55456Ganesha Speaks - 55181Dialler Tones - 55456Prepaid SMS PackTarot PredictionDaily and Weekly HoroscopeNews UpdatesYahoo Dating, Mail & MessengerSMS Short CodesMissed Call AlertRing Tones, Picture Msg & LogosIdea Buzz - 554560456Horoscope of New Borns

    Dialler Tones

    DIALER TONES will allow Idea subscribers to choosetones/songs of their choice, which would be played totheir callers. The service will be subscription basedservice. Tones/songs can be selected by dialling into our existing Say Idea voice portal, 55456 andsaying "DIALER TONES". After which a menu of songs will be presented and subscriber can

    select the Tone/Song of their choice.

    Product Concept -

    DIALER TONES solution enables subscribers to make their callers listen to their favourite songevery time they call. This service will be available to only those IDEA mobile subscribers whohave subscribed to this service, so the callers to all such mobile with this service subscription willbe able to hear song rather than traditional tring-tring.

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    Voice Mail

    Our Smart Mail Service ensures that you never miss your calls even when your phone is busy,

    switched off, out of coverage or you are simply too busy to take the call. In such a case, Idea SmartMail will greet the caller and record a message which you can retrieve later at your convenience.

    Charges of voice mails

    Prepaid -

    Calls to 55222 is chargeable at Local i2i tariff.*Normally it is Re. 1

    Post Paid -

    1. Calls to 55202 are toll free2. Calls to 55201 are toll free3. Calls coming in to the voice mail would be chargeable for the



    Idea's 3G compatible networks supports GeneralPacket Radio Service (GPRS), which allows you toaccess Internet websites and information portals onyour mobile, making it possible to stay informed andremain truly connected in this dynamically changingand competitive environment

    GPRS compatible handsets ensure that as a user, youare "always on". There is no need for a dial upconnection or any ISP connection.

    Now you can now carry the World Wide Web in their pocket - The Idea World. Read email, getstock quotes, check the weather, read the latest news and even chat with friends and "Buddies" onIdea Network, Yahoo, MSN and ICQ while on the move.

    One of the mind-blowing applications on GPRS is Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). Idea isamong the pioneers in the country to provide MMS.\

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    Marketing Channel

    The marketing channel of Idea Cellular is as below.In this channel first manufacture produce the simcards and then they sent tothe wholesaler as per the order. Wholesalers send to the retailers andshopkeepers and then lastly retailer sales to customer.


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    Brand ambassador

    Idea had decided not to adopt celebrity endorsements in 2002 while its competitors like BhartiAirtel had been using multiple celebrities to promote its brand. !dea was launched as a brand inApril 2002.

    Brand Ambassadors of idea are:-

    1. Abhishek Bachchan

    2. Shriya Saran3. Siddharth

    Abhishek Bachchan

    Idea Cellular, the mobile service provider owned by the AdityaBirla Group, has appointed Abhishek Bachchan as its new brandambassador. The deal between the two is highest ever to takeplace in recent times with Bachchan laughing all the way to

    bank with 30 Crores, it is learnt. Bachchan will allot nine days ayear to Idea for three years to shoot the commercials. He will bepart of the company's television and print media campaigns.

    Shriya Saran

    Actress Shriya Saran is going truly national. No, this time not withfilms but with ads. The drop-dead gorgeous glam girl has beensigned up as brand ambassador for the widely-popular IdeaCellular Company. Shriya joins Abhishek Bachchan as brandambassador of Idea Cellular. No, no they are not doing any ads

    together (though that may not be such a bad IDEA


    Siddharth is the new brand Ambassador for Idea Cellular as perreliable sources. He will shoot for the promos in the comingdays and they will be aired very soon. Siddharth joining the


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    league it will be very much beneficial in South India as many people identify him to be southIndian.

    Idea sponsorships:-

    1. IIFA for 10th Anniversary Awards

    IDEA partners IIFA for 10th Anniversary Awards(Mumbai, April 29, 2009)

    IDEA IIFA Awards to be held at The Venetian Macao on 13th June,2009popular category nominees announced for the IDEA IIFAAwards 2009

    2. Oongli Cricket

    Idea cellular has come up with a new campaign called 'Idea Oongli Cricket', this summer.During this campaign question based on the events and happenings of the ongoing match ofthe day will be asked.

    Idea Oongli Cricket can be played by all mobile phone users by SMSing their answer to9594939291. The number is toll free for Idea subscribers, andstandard messaging rates apply for other mobile subscribers. AllIdea customers who send in the correct answer will get Idea VASPacks for three days and participants using other operators willwin VAS Packs for one day.

    Idea Cellular has planned a complete 360 degree campaign withTV, print, radio, digital and outdoor media. The new teasercampaigns already running on Television have been urging

    people to keep their fingers in good shape as Idea Oongli Cricket is coming. The new


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    format of the Game will allow millions of mobile users in India to participate in thiscampaign. Idea Brand Ambassador Abhishek Bachchan along with other celebrities andcricketers will appear on TV, in this campaign

    3. IDEA Cellular to Sponsor Deccan Chargers Starting IPL

    With the heightening Cricket fervour in the country, this season, PanIndia GSM mobile service operator IDEA Cellular has stepped up thetempo by announcing a multi-year sponsorship agreement with the

    current IPL Champions, The Deccan Chargers of Hyderabad. The pan-India mobile operator, IDEA Cellular will be the Principal Partner ofDeccan Chargers, starting with the third edition of Indian PremierLeague (IPL) T20 Cricket Tournament, scheduled to start from March2010.

    The tie up is unique and significant as it brings together last seasonsIPL Champions and IDEA, which believes in being a Champion,

    Elevating and Humane brand. Further, IDEA is a strong telephony brand in the home ofDeccan Chargers, with over 6 million subscribers in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

    During the upcoming IPL 3 T-20 Tournament, all 27 players of Team Deccan Chargers,along with the Coach and support staff, will be seen sporting the IDEA Cellular logo on thefront of their jersey and trousers.


    Idea Cellular is cashing in on the good performance put up bythe IPL team Mumbai Indians in the ongoing second season ofthe T20 league, recording over 2 million calls on its connectingfans cricket superheroes campaign.

    The GSM operator, which launched its communication

  • 8/2/2019 Idea Prjct


    campaign last week enabling fans to call players of the Mumbai Indian teams, said it hadreceived two million calls and messages with the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar toppingthe list with nearly 50 per cent of the calls, followed by spinner Harbhajan Singh and pacebowler Zaheer Khan.

    5. ODI Cricket tri-series

    IDEA Cellular, the pan-India mobile operator has bagged theTitle sponsorship for the ODICricket tri-series & the Test match series,to be played in Bangladesh, starting January4, 2010. The Cricket tournament which includes a seven match ODI tri-series betweenIndia, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka and two test match series between India and Bangladeshwill be titled 'The IDEA Cup'.

    6. Film fare awards

    Worldwide Media Pvt. Limited, the Times Group- BBCWorldwide joint venture today announced a continuation ofits long term sponsorship agreement on the Film fare awardswith IDEA Cellular Ltd., to present the 55th Idea Film fareAwards. It's time to gear up for this year's most sizzlingevent - The Idea Film fare Awards 2009; a time when yourfavorite stars walk down the red carpet for India's oldest andmost coveted cinema awards.

    Recognizing and honoring the best talents in the Indian filmindustry, this year will mark the 55th year of Film fareAwards and the second year of its association with the pan-India mobile operator, Idea Cellular. The fastest growing mobile company has beenrecently conferred the prestigious ET 'Emerging Company of the Year Award'.


  • 8/2/2019 Idea Prjct


    Scheduled for the 27th February at the famous Yashraj Studios in Mumbai, the 55th IdeaFilm fare Awards looks forward to bringing you yet another dazzling show acknowledgingachievements of our stars withglamour, great performances, suspense, excitement and athoroughly entertaining evening. With a plethora of films lined up to prove their worth to

    the black lady, this year too promises to be a power packed show. Once again, the blacklady will have a touch of yellow, as the Idea logo will continue to don the most covetedFilm fare trophy.

    7. Idea RocksIndia4

    Nine Music Bands selected by leadingmale playback singerShaan, andVasundhara Das, a versatile singer and

    actress, will vie for the coveted title ofBaap of All Bands on the upcomingshow Idea Rocks India 4 to be aired onleading GEC, Colors, starting thisSunday, September 27, 2009.

    The 4th edition of the hugely popularAnnual Musical extravaganza - IdeaRocks India - will be presented by IDEACellular, in a completely different avatarthis year. Shaan and Vasundhara Das willjudge the nine contending teams on the show, along with a number of celebrity judges whowill make special appearances in the 13 episode program on Colors, at 8:00 pm everySunday.

    The show will be anchored by Karan Singh Grover, a TV serial actor, along with femaleco-anchorMansi Parekh an actress who has worked in films, television and theatre.


  • 8/2/2019 Idea Prjct



    "Stay Connected" is a brand promisethat looks at the key purpose of mobiletelephony. It converges with thetangible requirement of 'networkdepth' & at the same time, reflects the

    eternal human need for bonding,kinsman ship, and relationshipforming. This new brand campaignenables Idea to own the biggestcategory benefit of "keeping peopleconnected", through a simple, uniqueand likeable expression of connectivity. And it makes consumersaware that "no one connects betterthan Idea".

    Slated to run through 2004, the campaign utilizes all relevant mainline media to propagatethe message to its audiences with 60-second commercial and its various edits, printcampaign & outdoor publicity. Apart from it, various innovative media / events has beenused to further strengthen the message.

    Advertising by idea is done in 2 ways:-

    1. TV - Campaigns

    2. Print - Campaigns

  • 8/2/2019 Idea Prjct


    TV - Campaigns:-

    Walk when you talk Idea School Use mobile save paper

    IDEA My Gang Card Women's Card

  • 8/2/2019 Idea Prjct


    Idea Network Idea MMS Idea Rocks India

    Print - Campaigns:-

    IDEA Rocks India

    Idea Rocks India Idea Rocks India

    IDEA Women's Card

    Beauty Tips Calls on Zero Balance

  • 8/2/2019 Idea Prjct


    Composite Expert Advice

    Safety Alerts

    Background Tones, IDEA Buzz, In Roamers & Nokia Offer

    Background TonesIDEA Buzz

    In Roamers

    Nokia Offer

  • 8/2/2019 Idea Prjct


    Outgoing Free

    !-Card Static Campaign

    Ecotalk, Talk India, Flexi-charge & Lifetime Static Campaign

  • 8/2/2019 Idea Prjct


    Stay Connected Static Campaigns

  • 8/2/2019 Idea Prjct


    CHAPTER 3Corporate Social Responsibility and

    SWOT analysis

    Corporate Social Responsibility


  • 8/2/2019 Idea Prjct


    Trust / Foundation for CSR:- Aditya Birla Centre for Community Initiatives andRural Development

    CSR Contact Person

    Name of contact person: - Dr. Pragnya Ram

    Designation: - Group Executive President, Corporate Communication

    CSR Area: -

    1. Education

    2. Rural Development

    Corporate Social ResponsibilityThe Company is a responsible corporate citizen,and strives to give back to the community itoperates in. The Corporate Social initiatives, which the Company has identified and implemented,are as under:

    IIM Ahmadabad Idea Telecom Centreof Excellence


  • 8/2/2019 Idea Prjct


    Your Directors wish to inform that, your Company has entered into a tripartite agreement with theIndian Institute of Management, Ahmadabad (IIMA) and the Department ofTelecommunications (DoT), to set-up a Telecom Centre of Excellence at the campus of IIMAknown as IIMA Idea Telecom Centre of Excellence (IITCOE). This Centre of Excellencefocuses on the areas of telecom policies, governance, regulation and

    Management, especially marketing and customer care.

    IITCOE will Identify and capture best practices across countries; will enhance human capitalthrough training and teaching programs for policy makers, regulators and the industry; will bringfresh insights from other countries in telecom and in related sectors, and will find solutions toIndias specific situation, especially in the development of rural telephony.

    Pocket PCO project

    Your Company along with International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of The World BankGroup, has taken an initiative for designing and implementing a Pocket PCO program in India.

    Idea Pocket PCO is easy to use mobile phone that comes with a special Idea SIM having PCOsoftware embedded in it. The device can be used by the individual as a mobile phone for personaluse and as a PCO for business opportunity. The project will helpRural micro-entrepreneurs to create pocket Public Call Offices (PCOs) in Indias under-servedareas. The focus is to provide access to telephony services in rural communities, while creatingincome generating opportunities. Your company is committed to help people to improve their livesby providing high quality access to telecommunications.

    FICCI-Aditya Birla CSR Centre for Excellence

    For the purposes of creating greater awareness andpromoting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), as apart of the corporate mission and values, the Federation ofIndian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI),your Company and other groupcompanies of the Aditya Birla Group, viz., Hindalco

    Industries Limited, Grasim Industries Limited, Aditya Birla Nuvo Limited and Essel Mining andIndustries Limited have set-up a CSR Centre called as FICCI-Aditya Birla CSR Centre forExcellence. The object of setting-up the Centre, amongst others, is to create and develop theculture and concept of CSR among corporates, businesses, industries, organizations as well asother institutions, which benefit employees, their families and the society at large through welfareand training programs


  • 8/2/2019 Idea Prjct




  • 8/2/2019 Idea Prjct


  • 8/2/2019 Idea Prjct


    Chapter 4CONCLUSION:


    But overall Idea commercials have been innovative and good in communicating a social messageto the audience of India.

    What should we think is Idea doing CSR or are they promoting their product as well as



  • 8/2/2019 Idea Prjct


    1. A Perfect Example Of Democracy.

    Recently Idea came out with some innovative ads on theam of democracy.

    People of the worlds largest democracy, India,witnessed a new dimension of the proverbialGovernment Of the People, For the People, and Bythe People while watching the newly launchedmedia campaign of Idea Cellular a leadingtelecoms services provider. The new campaigngives the idea of Participative Management forGovernance where two-way communication isencouraged between government and public.

    The brand tagline What an Idea Sirji! is the

    message given by Brand Ambassador, Abhishek Bachchan, which is echoed by the public at largein the story, and even viewers of the new imaginative ad. The ad explores the idea ofGovernment(s) using mobile service as an efficient tool to gather public opinion and support, whiletaking vital decisions impacting peoples lives.

    The new ad, based on the theme of Democracy is the fourth in the series of IDEAs campaignwith its brand ambassador. The preceding ones carried the message Championing a world withoutcaste; Championing a world in which no one suffers from the disability to communicate; and thethird one based on the theme Education for All.

    The new campaign is a milestone in the journey of IDEAs brand building as it demonstrates the

    power of an Idea by looking at mobile telephony and its benefits in a fresh, imaginative andelevating way. IDEA intends to create brand equity by continuously achieving excellence throughindividual insights that connect with the end consumer thus nurturing a culture of positivediscussion and empathy.

    IDEA connects with consumers beyond transactional offers by looking at mobile telephony asmore than a mere communication device. IDEA aims to convey the message that Mobile is a life-transforming tool for millions. It changes lives!

    2. Walk When You Talk

    This Idea commercial tries to contradict themyth that technology has made man lazy. Ittries to convey that when people walk while


  • 8/2/2019 Idea Prjct


    talking, it helps them maintain their health and hence prevents them from going to a doctor forhealth-related problems. This is the positive angle of looking at the benefits that technology canprovide. This commercial ends with the punch line which has been used in earlier commercial What an Idea Sirji thereby trying to build on the legacy created and take it forward in thiscommercial.

    The Idea commercial Walk when you Talk is a little complicated in terms of execution as notmany people may not be able to get the message properly (in terms of linking fitness andtechnology by talking over mobile phones). They could have perhaps used a simpler way ofcommunicating to the audience the relation between walk and talk.

    3. Education For All"Idea's new campaign addresses a relevant social issue -education for all. The spread of education among girl

    children is a must in today's times. I am pleased to beplaying a part in this campaign," said Abhishek.

    Idea Cellular has unveiled its new campaign calledEducation for all. The campaign has been created byLowe Lintas. The theme of the campaign is based on theidea that the mobile phone can be one of the means ofproviding education in rural areas. The campaign carriesforward the brands positioning, What an idea!

    Brand ambassador Abhishek Bachchan plays the role of the head of an educational institution.

    When he is challenged by the physically bound classrooms in schools that prevent providingeducation to many more children who are in need of education, he uses mobile phones to spreadeducation in villages.

    "By integrating a social message into the new campaign, we are not only reinforcing the differencethat can be made through the use of modern technology, but also the power of a new idea," said R.Balakrishnan, chairman and creative officer, Lowe Lintas.

    4. Save Paper Save Trees

    Every year thousands of trees are ruthlessly

    felled all over the world. Just to satisfy mansnever ending greed! In todays world, paper hasbecome indispensable. We wake up in themorning just to be greeted by the morningnewspaper. Little bits of paper are useful to jotdown small notes. Our kids extensively usenotebooks to do their homework. you can


  • 8/2/2019 Idea Prjct


    seeTheres paper, paper and paper everywhere!! Is there not a solution to this never endingproblem??

    Of course! We have a solution!! claim IDEA in their latest advertisement. The solution is simpleenough! Use your IDEA mobile phone instead of paper. So, we have a middle aged man reading

    the newspaper online, a waiter at a hotel typing the menu in his mobile and a passenger showing asoft copy of his boarding pass!!

    Thats not all, IDEA is trying to show us how a paper less world would be. So, you haveuniversity students attending their graduation ceremony, holding mobile phones displaying theircertificates. A group of musicians replacing their standard song book with a mobile phone havingthe musical notes. A clerk at the judge typing out the judgment rather than writing it.

    The commercial carries a serious message that eggs us to Save Planet hence Save Trees henceSave Paper by USING MOBILES wherever possible. It is done beautifully with a humorous

    undertone that spans the length of the commercial with the punch reserved for the end when thesupervisor comes back the next morning to ask the tree he had warned the other day: "Which Pedare you by the way - Post-Ped or Pre-Ped??" ('Ped' is tree in Hindi.)

    A unique campaign that was such a hit with the viewers! But it seems to have rubbed on the papermakers' forum the wrong end who've objected to its telecast and appealed to the AdvertisingStandards Council of India. Their stand: the advertisement aims to wean away consumers of papertowards the electronic medium by pitching against the usage of paper and damning the industry asa whole for adversely impacting the environment.

    My ex-colleague from Global Green, Pradip Srivastava, who currently is Idea Cellular chief

    Marketing Officer while announcing the withdrawal of the ad says: The campaign is going off-airbecause every ad or campaign is done for a certain period and we have completed the same as perschedule. We will now move on to a new campaign, but this is in no way related to the objectionsraised by the paper industry.

    Whether that is true or not is another issue but this definitely is an anti-climax of sorts to anexcellent IDEA!


    I have learned lot of things through this industrial report. It is a greatexperience of making industrial report on this Company. Idea Cellular is awireless telephony company operating in all the 22 telecom circles in

  • 8/2/2019 Idea Prjct


    India based in Mumbai. It is the 3rd largest GSM company in Indiabehind Airtel and Vodafone and ahead of state run playerBSNL.

    Idea cellular have been publically listed in NSE and BSE in March 2007

    IDEA Cellular is a leading GSM mobile services operator in India withover 58 million subscribers

    Following are the learning about the company from this industrial


    History of the Idea cellular.

    Vision and mission of the Idea cellular.

    Board of the directors of the Idea cellular.

    Products of the Idea cellular.

    Distribution network of the company.

    Competitors of the company.

    Promotion strategies of Idea cellular


    In this project report, while finalizing and for analyzing quality problem in details

    the following Books, Magazines/Journals and Web Sites have been referred. All

  • 8/2/2019 Idea Prjct