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Fun and clever tool for your startup success Russia | 2012 Jane Smorodnikova, CEO [email protected]

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Freshle is a fun and clever startup management tool, based on Business Model Canvas, Lean Startup and collaborative intelligence.For startups:Keeps focused on business model search process.Moves forward using gamification. Helps to decide what to do next using information about what other startups with close or similar business model did in the same situation. For investors:Filters startups according criteriaCompares startup with each otherMonitors startup progress


  • 1. Fun and clever toolfor your startup successRussia | 2012Jane Smorodnikova, CEO [email protected]

2. Whats the problem?Startups:99% startup death. Lack of experience. Poorcommunity outside technology hubs. Not enoughsupport on early stages. The same pitfalls.Investors:Depend on their reference network, because it isthe only way to check commitments of the team.Cant get facts about how this team deliverresults until invest in. Have to believe in stories. 3. Our solution is FreshleFor startups:fun and clever startup management tool, basedon Business Model Canvas, Lean Startup andcollaborative intelligence. Help to stay focused,move faster, give suggestions what to do next.For investors:Smart source of startups to invest in, filtered andbenchmarked by significant criterias, includingtheir progress and ability to deliver results.Tool for monitoring progress of invested startups. 4. Knowledge baseOur main principles: All startups areorganized into groupsaccording to businessmodel elementscombination All startups activity isorganized into a chainof business modelseach steps It is the base for all rest magic 5. Freshle functionalityFor startups: Keeps focused on business model search process Moves forward using gamification Helps to decide what to do next using information about whatother startups with close or similar business model did in the samesituationFor investors: Filters startups according criteria Compares startup with each other Monitors startup progress 6. Startups main pageBechmarked with otherstartups with closebusiness model 7. Suggestions page Steps other startups with close business modelmade to validate it 8. Market and opportunityMarket signals: Startup accelerators count growth. Since 2010 its changed from34 to 64. The venture capital industry raised $5.6 billion in the fourthquarter 2011, 162% more than the year-ago period.Our market: Millions of entrepreneurs all over the world, corporate innovationdepartments, who are searching for new business model. Thousands of business angels and investors.Trends: Many services for startups appeared in 2011 and many of themuse Lean Startup and Business Model approaches, so, market isready and people know about methods we use. 9. Business modelRevenue: Channels: Paid accounts for startups Our russian top Google blog Paid accounts for investors about startups 3500 subscribers Advertisement and analyticsBusiness incubatorsReferral, social media, blogs Traction: Achievements: 100+ entrepreneurs and 20+ MITEF Awards, WebReadyexperts weve talked with 50+ startups from 5 countries 13,5% conversion on our are waiting for our betaComing Soon pageApplied to MassChallenge 83% told us they need it 10. CompetitorsLive help for entrepreneurs: Our advantages: Mentors, experts24/7 access, relevant to Conferences and meetups startups BMC and situation Only in big tech hubsOnly occasionallyPush and engagement by game mechanicsOnline help for entrepreneurs: Blogs and internet sites Services for startups:Speed, progress tracking and,,, etc. Real help and tips from collaborative intelligence No real help 11. ProtectionIt is about first mover advantage: Y Combinator was first in offline. Weare the first in online world. When its a new thing and its needed,target audience will try it easily.And network effects: More users better knowledge base Better knowledge more users And all users are interested everybodyelse to be thereTo repeat it after 2 years is like to repeat Wikipedia 12. Our teamExperienced and passionateProduct development Customer developmentCTO CEOMichael Kechinov Jane Smorodnikova 13. Our plans Alpha, 50 000 free users,2 year 5 000 paid accounts International beta, 500 startups, 1000 users 1 yearClosed beta in Russia,100 startups 0,5 year 14. Invest inYou can be sure in:Call us today! Professional and passionate team Ambisious game changing startup Value for your venture businessYou can give us: Some money) Smart connections Your strategic visionWe can give you: PRYour connections ROI Fast growth 15. Visit our Coming Soon Russia | 2011Jane Smorodnikova [email protected]