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Technology ...What and How? Start to NWOW April 23, 2013

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  • 1. NWOW: Whats in a name? TRUST TIME & PLACE AUTONOMY SELF FULFILLMENT PRODUCTIVITY COLLABORATION OUTPUT DRIVENWatch the video !www.slim-werken.be - www.mieux-travailler.be

2. Open innovation philosophy 3. Learn and share around 3 clustersLEADERSHIPWHY NWOW?RULES OF ENGAGEMENTIN WHAT FRAMEWORKUSER EXPERIENCEHOW TO IMPLEMENT Share best practices Create culture of trust and accountability Prove the business case for NWOW Federal: adapt labor law Regional: economic incentives Internal company policies Legal/fiscal aspects Technology Change management Job & workplace design 4. Happy Birthday ! Succesful partnerships with Vlerick, Mobiliteitsweek, Partnership, AWT, Creative Wallonia,Mediaplanet, CXO Magazine More than 10 speaker opportunities @ third party NWOW events Radiocampaign public channels (now also online) Smart locator app 3 interactive NWOW workshops (Antwerp, Namur, Brussels) 94 NWOW ambassadors 10 shared NWOW cases, 511 Twitter followers, 756 Facebook likesNWOW Coalition Year 1 5. 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 TodayEra of Continuous CloudServices and Multiple Devices.A PC on every deskand in every home! is about adapting to rapid change 6. NWOW 1.5 - TeleworkingNWOW 2.0 Virtual collaborationNWOW 3.0 Virtual teams 7. Rich set of integrated services accessed through an email or phone number on any device