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….the most effective Attack Mitigation System A Short intro to AMS and DefensePro

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Overview of Radware's Attack Mitigation System, and particularly focused on DefensePro for Ddos Security


  • 1. .the most effective AttackMitigation SystemA Short intro toAMS andDefensePro

2. Mapping Security Protection ToolsDoS ProtectionBehavioral AnalysisIPSIP Reputation Large volume network flood attacksWAFNetwork scanIntrusion SYN flood Low & Slow DoS attacks Port scan Brute force attack Intrusion, MalwareHigh & Low rate application DoS attacksWeb application attacks (e.g. XSS, Injections, CSRF) Slide 2 3. Introducing Radware Attack Mitigation System 4. AMS Protection SetDoS Protection Prevent all type of Reputation Enginenetwork DDoS attacks Financial fraudprotection Anti Trojan & PhishingIPS Prevent applicationvulnerability exploits NBAWAF Prevent application Mitigating Web resource misuseapplication threats Prevent zero-minuteand zero-day attacks malware Slide 4 5. OnDemand Switch: Designed for Attacks MitigationDoS Mitigation Engine ASIC based Prevent high volume attacks Up to 25 Million PPS of attack protectionIPS & Reputation Engine ASIC based String Match& RegEx Engine Performs deepNBA Protections & WAFpacket inspectionOnDemand SwitchPlatform Capacity upto 40Gbps (10, 20, 30,& 40Gbps Available) Slide 5 6. Designed to Perform Under Attack Other Solutions handleAttack traffic does attack traffic at thenot impact legitimate expense of legitimate25 Milliontraffic PPS traffic!AttackTrafficAttackAttackMulti-GbpsMulti-Gbps CapacityCapacityAttackLegitimateLegitimateTrafficTraffic Traffic + Attack DefensePro Other Network Security Solutions 7. DefensePro Layers of Defense DME Multi Purpose Multi Cores CPUs L7 RegexDDoS Mitigation Engine Acceleration ASIC(Up to 40 Gbps) (25M PPS) & Reputation Engine Behavioral-based protectionsHardware Architecture Tailored for Attack Mitigation Slide 8. Radware AMS & ERT/SOC Security Operations Center (SOC) Provides weekly and emergency signature updates Maintains on-going application vulnerability protection Emergency Response Team (ERT) Provide 24x7 service for customers under attack Neutralize DoS/DDoS attacks and malware outbreaks Slide 8 9. Radware Security Products PortfolioDefenseProNetwork & Server attack prevention deviceAppWallWeb Application Firewall (WAF)APSolute VisionManagement and security reporting &compliance Slide 9 10. PayPal proof Slide 10 11. Thank