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Robert Hancock VP of Sales MobileSmith July 22, 2013 From Event Apps – to Engagement Apps ting a Portfolio of Event Apps that Drive ROI Year-Round

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Robert HancockVP of SalesMobileSmith

July 22, 2013

From Event Apps to Engagement Apps

Creating a Portfolio of Event Apps that Drive ROI Year-Round

Need to create unique, powerful apps for multiple events, but at low cost?

Want to decentralize app creation in your organization, but keep consistent branding?

Want your apps to outlast the single event and drive engagement year-round?

Think Outside the Booth!


With MobileSmith, You Can:

Create exciting, customized mobile apps designed to maximize engagement and ROI

Rapidly prototype and deploy for iPhone, Android, and iPad no coding!

Send apps over-the-air or submit directly to Apple and Android app stores

Unlimited potential for app reuse and reinvention at low flat cost

Your event app becomes an anchor on users mobile devices for year-round engagement



An enterprise-class cloud platform for rapid development and deployment of custom native apps deliverable across iPhone, Android, and iPad

What is MobileSmith:

A secure cloud-based application management back-office supporting real-time messaging and content updates


MobileSmith Event Apps

Agenda by room Interactive room/venue mapAgenda by dayPersonalize your agenda

Photo profiles of speakers, contest winners, etc.Tap to email; tap to callProfile/contact exchange

Interactive Event Agenda

Participant Profiles


User-Driven Content

Interactive Photo Galleries:

Take photos, upload to gallery

Upload and submit for approval

Approve and publish from MobileSmith CMS in real time

Add geo tags and time stamps

Comment, share, exchange


Customized Engagement Strategies

Communicate in Real Time

Push messagesSchedule notificationsInstantly update content from the MobileSmith CMS

Drive Engagement

Hook to Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, RSSCreate hash tag campaignsFavorites & bookmarksRewards pointsGamification without limits!

Publish articles, lists, galleries, maps, videoEnable search & filteringCarousel viewIn-app video playback

Publish Rich Content

Worldwide Convention 2013

Rapid Prototyping & Review


Build for testing on MobileSmith for iPhone, Android, or iPadSend the prototype over-the-air to yourself or your colleaguesReview; change design or layout; rebuild; test again!Refine the UI/UX at minimum costWant to reinvent your app completely? No problem!

Review prototypes on your device:



From Events to Multifaceted Engagement

One-time use caseLimited functionalityDeleted after eventNo changes are possibleNo further engagement

Event Apps:

Engagement Apps:

Long-term useNo limits on functionalityBecomes an anchor on your users devicesUnlimited reinventionYear-round engagement

Case Study: DigitalNow-2013


Tradeshow event app

Developed custom in 2 weeks

Dynamically managed throughoutthe event via MobileSmith CMS

400+ downloads and 2500+ sessions in 2 days

Client can keep using the app to push content and drive engagement



MobileSmith Platform Functionality

Design Customized Apps

Develop Natively for iPad

Build, Distribute, Version

Powerful CMS on the Cloud


Your App Forge on the Cloud:


Built-in design best practices for each OS: save up to 70% of time at mockup and prototypeNeed to reinvent your app fast? No problem and no additional cost!Streamlined Enterprise App VersioningTraining and Support center in the platform

Enterprise-class security and scalable infrastructureRole-based platform access permissionsSecure integration with your data sources

Create dozens of CUSTOM, native apps at the cost of one


: Where We Fit


Pure Custom App DevelopmentThe most expensive optionRequires development teamHigh long-term costsLong development cycleLimited creative input from stakeholders

Template Based AppPre-set functionality and brandingLimited flexibility within templateNo continued creativityLowest common denominator

MobileSmithYou own the entire process from start to finishRapid prototyping & developmentRobust app versioning and CMSCreativity without limits!Minimal long-term cost