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Welcome to Gab

Welcome to GabHere You Can Speak Freely!

What is Gabs Mission?

Our mission at Gab is to put people first and create an environment where everyone can speak freely online.

We believe that the only valid form of censorship comes with filtering options -an individual's own choice to opt-out.

Gab empowers users to filter and remove unwanted followers, words, phrases, and topics they dont want to see in their feeds to help stop and prevent different forms of harassment.

This is a shortcut to your profile. Roll your mouse over your avatar for a drop down menu where you can access your profile settings, or log out of your account.

This is your feed. This area displays content from gabbers you are following, unless you have them or specific content they share muted. More on feed filter settings later.This is our Explore feature. It offers categories that users can browse to discover new content.

There are two ways to expand posts:

You can click on the timestamp to take you to a new page.

You can click anywhere in the post box to open it in a popup.

On the left side of the page, located under the Explore/Categories column you will find what is trending on the site. These are real time, uncensored trends what people are actually talking about on Gab.

Remember, if you encounter a trend you dont want to see, you can always mute the # in your feed filter settings. This will prevent posts with this tag from showing up in your feed, although the trend itself will remain on the list.

Each user gets 5 invitations to send each week. Enter the email address here and hit enter to send an instant invitation to your friends/family. No waiting in line!

Click on the Support Us button to donate to Gab and support our mission of keeping free speech alive on the internet.

You can compose Gabs by clicking on the Share freely box located on the Homepage, or by clicking on the pink pencil icon located on the left of the search bar at the top.

You have 300 characters to express yourself, keeping in mind our Guidelines that can be found at and are also located at the bottom of the Trending Hashtags column on the left.

Click inside the text box to type a gab. Click send to post. Click on a category icon at the top of the box to categorize your post.

Choosing a category is optional so feel free to post without one this is just a feature we offer users to make it easier to browse new content.Click on the GIF button to browse our GIF library. This is an image upload feature we are beta testing with a select group of users. If you have access to this feature you will be able to upload images from your device to Gab. Images currently have a 3mb max size.Click here to connect your Twitter account which will give you the ability to automatically tweet anything you post to Gab.

Content on Gab runs on a voting system. Up-voting content is essentially liking it. Down-voting is essentially disliking it.

Click on either the up or down arrows next to a post to engage with it and vote for that piece of content.

The numbers you see in between the arrows next to the post represent the total amount of up/down-votes that post has received.

Click the Reply button to engage with other users and comment on their content.

Reposting will share this content with your followers so they can see it as well. This feature is only available for public accounts.

Gab has editing! Find your post on either the homepage or your profile and roll your cursor over the upper right hand corner of the post.

Click on the pencil that appears

A window will pop up with your original Gab and will allow you to edit your post. Click send to save!

If a post has been edited, it will say edited next to the timestamp. Click on this link to see the edit history of the post.

Click here for your notifications.

Notifications can be sorted according to Mentions, Likes, Reposts, or Follows.Clicking on the Spam button will show you all of the notifications that you have set feed filter settings for. For example, muted users, words, trends, etc.

Different colored dots mean different things on your Notifications Page:

Green = Content of yours that has been liked

Pink = Content you have been mentioned in

Purple = Content of yours that has been reposted

Blue = Gabbers who have followed you recently

If the dots are filled in, it means they are new notifications you have not seen yet.

If the dots are not filled in, it means you have already seen those notifications.Click the See Post button to expand the conversation and see what other people have replied.

Click here to view the popular page.Content on the popular page is in real-time and is constantly refreshing.

This page is where you can discover new content and users to connect with. This is a list of suggested accounts/people to follow.

Click on the shortcut to your profile.

Here you will see your cover photo, profile photo, and bio.

Click the camera icons to change your profile and cover photos.

Tip: Profile pictures must be a 1:1 ratio with a 1MB max size. Cover photos must 315 X 850 px with a 3MB max size

Using a cover photo with a ratio of 1700 X 630 will scale it down to 315 X 850

Every time someone up-votes your content, you earn a Frog Point and every time someone down-votes your content a Frog-Point will be taken away.

The sum of these interactions is displayed on your profile page next to the frog emoji.

These tabs display how many posts you have made, how many followers you have, and how many people you are following, respectively.Click the View As button to view Gab through the eyes of another Gabber, based on who they follow and their feed-filter preferences.Click the settings button to change your Name, Username, Bio, etc.

Fields to enter your Name, Username (without the @), email, and short bio.Unchecking the Email notification settings will not send you emails when you get any of these types of notifications.Check these boxes to activate sound alerts and Pulse. More on Pulse Later.From Settings:

Checking this box will make your account private. This means:

Anyone who is not following you will not be able to see your content

You must approve any new followers

Private Gabs will not appear in third-party search engines

Private Gabs are only searchable by you and your followers

Private content cannot be reposted.From Settings:

From Settings:Click here to delete your account.

This will delete your account completely and you will forfeit your @username.

There will be no way to recover your account if you wish to reinstate it in the futureYou can also log-out of your account here.

Searching for a username in the search bar will return results on the right side of the page. If there are no hits this space will be empty.

On the left sidebar:

Under the Trending Hashtags column you will find the feed filter settings button.

This is referred to as #SeeNoEvil and it is the tool we provide our users so they can curate their feed.

Here you will also find links to our Guidelines, Terms of Conditions, and Privacy Policy

Add users & words you do not want to see in your feed to these boxes.

Users you mute will not know they have been muted and you will not unfollow them.Example: I really like @supports content but I dont want to see anything in my feed about the trend #bugfixes.

In this scenario you can add the hashtag #bugfixes to muted words so you will still see @supports content, but nothing about #bugfixes.

This feature works for both words and trending topics.

If you have opted in for Pulse in your settings, then you will see a tab for it at the top of your screen.

Remember, if you have not opted in for Pulse you will not have this button and your content will not be included in the Pulse stream.

This is a snapshot of Pulse. It shows you a stream of what other Gabbers are doing on the site.

You will see a feed of who you are following and what/who they are engaging with, but of course they must be opted in for Pulse or they will not be included in this feature.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQsQ: How do I share images?

A: Currently we are beta testing a feature that allows users to upload images from their devices. This is only available to a small group of users, mostly donors, to get a sense of what it will cost to launch it for the whole community.

Until a full launch is possible, users can share images by using 3rd party sites such as or and copy & pasting the link to the image in their post.

Q: Where can I submit feedback and suggestions?

A: Inside of Gab, users can tag @support in their posts if they have questions or feedback. We appreciate any and all suggestions users may have and we take our goal of putting users first seriously. If users have suggestions they can use the hashtag #GabFeatureRequest or #GabSuggestions in their posts. Please be aware that we are still in beta and have a lot of growing to do. All suggestions are welcome and we also appreciate your patience while we build everyone a great site.


Frequently Asked Questions: FAQsQ: Ive encountered a bug or an error, what should I do?

A: As Gab grows there will be bugs and issues that we need to work out. To report bugs inside of Gab you can tag @support and also use the hashtag #BugReport. Due to the many notifications our @support account receives daily, we ask that you scan through t